Baby Update and Brand New Close to My Heart 2014

Weekend is coming and lots and lots of awesome stuff happening, even though I’m technically on moderate bed rest this weekend….Here is a baby update! Thursday landed me in the hospital on monitors all day with contractions every 7 minutes, my blood pressure has been high and my iron is low.  So, contractions have finally stopped after some meds at the hospital, I’m on all kinds of home medications for the BP, Iron and Contractions….Lots of water and laptop at {Read More}

It Is Time To Change Your Life! JOIN ME!

 *EDITED POST* – EVENT OCCURRED LAST NIGHT RECORDED VERSION EMBEDDED BELOW! I am so excited about tonight and lots of things I have to share with your on my NEW Website and all new channel that is motivational, inspirational and a ton of fun! One of the number one questions I get asked is how did get started and how can I start earning money crafting and having a business that fits me and not be a slave to? Well, {Read More}

What Will It BEE???? Find out LIVE Tonight!

9:30pm Eastern Time at   Find out what it will BEE!!! 🙂

EXCITING NEWS! I Need You Though!!!

WOW! What an amazing awesome honor to be selected as one of the 4 nominees for this Months’ Youtube On The Rise competition!  This is such an honor and a big deal that I take very seriously, but I need the help and loyalty of my friends and family of AboveRubiesStudio to actually WIN for the month of November! It’s really easy!  All you need to do is visit THIS LINK and VOTE!  Of course I would ask you click {Read More}

I Could Use Your Help!

Two things actually I could use the help of all my favorite friends here for!  Who’s ready, able and willing to help?   1) Would you all go over to Craft-Attitude and VOTE for the project you like?  I would LOVE if you vote to Me, but feel free to vote away either way you choose!!! Hurry you don’t have long!   2)  I am looking for 5 of my friends to feature in upcoming posts on – {Read More}

Happy 4th of July! Specials and More!

    Happy 4th of July!  I hope you all are enjoying summer relaxing, fireworks, family, friends parades and most importantly (in the USA) Thanks for our Freedom and celebration of what that means to us here! 🙂 There has been lots and lots happening this week I thought I would post the few videos that I recorded from my cell phone this week so you guys can catch up on whats up!  I have a few VERY special sales {Read More}

Official Launch Crafts Television Series and Win an iPad Mini!

There is so much happening in my circle of friends right now and I need to share all of it with you! First has much more to do with me and this incredible blessing I have of working with Ambient Light and Brooklyn Bridge Films and a Kickstarter Campaign that they JUST launched and we so much need you for! Here is the Link Here are a little more details from me!     Ambient Light, Brooklyn Bridge Films {Read More}

National Scrapbook Day 2013 LIVE VIDEO!

Thanks for joining us those who could make it live – those who missed it you can watch the recorded version below or watch from Video streaming by Ustream Here is a LINK to the Giveaways for National Scrapbook Day! a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway AND SUPER EXCITING! In the meantime – this is something I WILL be sharing a LOT about tonight so check it out and we need your support! We have started {Read More}

You’re In Right? National Scrapbook 2013

May the Fourth Be with You on National Scrapbook Day!  I’m so very excited! Tonight at 9:30pm EST we will be doing a LIVE Ustream at: What’s on the Agenda: Come chat LIVE with Megan News and Updates with Megan Elizabeth Special NEW Product Announcements Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Scrapbooking Creating Pinwheels and other fun trends Info on how you can get involved in a HUGE upcoming project Prizes and Giveaways Secrets and other fun along the way! Can’t {Read More}

What’s This All About? Who is so Confused

I have seen many comments on Facebook and even Twitter recently where some of you feel you maybe out of the loop a little bit. I hate to keep folks in the dark though I can’t reveal EVERYTHING happening, I can share little bits and pieces here and there! Let me start by sharing some of the pics you’ve seen floating around and explain a little more details to some very exciting things that are, well, they are thanks to {Read More}