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Here is the beautiful thing about what I am SO VERY Excited about right now!!! It is about Tuesday, and while I have decided I am taking my time in posting Tutorials, and I’m not utilizing AboveRubies as my business, (it’s my hobby again YAY!), it is still something I’m excited to share my passions, life, crafts, and a lot more.  I simply LOVE you guys and I can’t just GO AWAY – but I also hope you understand my thoughts and heart in that this is fun and what I love to share! 😉

Daily Check In & My Journey!

I have been cleaning, organizing, releasing, donating, selling and purging, it’s been emotionally and mentally freeing!  I have been talking about a variety of life topics and sharing encouragement, my journey and ways that you can grow in Business. Life. Balance. on my Enjoy with Megan E YouTube Channel with Daily Check Ins (almost a new video daily) – You can check out the Playlist  Megan Signature

Powerful Planning with Life Above Rubies!

planner addict planning life above rubies I am still anxious to do craft videos, and share new things with everyone here at, but I need to focus where I ned to focus and take a little breath from it right now! 😉 I am still an active Close To My Heart Executive Manager and I will love to share craft projects and new products with you guys – LIKE the AWESOME INCREDIBLE AMAZEBALLS new release on December 1st that actually goes PERFECTLY right alone with what we are talking about ALL month long at – Powerful Planning!!!  COMING November 12, 2015!!!  Get in on the FREE Live Event Now – Reserve Your Spot at Powerful Planning Planner with LifeAbove Rubies

Life Above Rubies has been something deep inside my heart and soul for a very long time, and now one by one lives are changing, goals are being achieved and now – we get to share an incredible live event, course, resources, bonus videos, and even Daily Check In’s on this very topic.  I’m actually working closely with Katina Martinez who is a very detail oriented person and she coaches me often with my BIG PICTURE Dreamer personality – she helps me get things done – reign it in – and POWERFULLY PLAN!!!! I really hope you will join us!

The Close to My Heart November Amazingness!

To share just a little bit of AWESOMENESS for November – I have be playing with and talking for months about the Paper Fundamentals collections with Close To My Heart – well there is an INCREDIBLE November Only Promotion!

Check out some of these AWESOME Projects – the colors POP and SING – the Patterns Dance and Twirl!  Ahhh!  Just Check This out!  There are SOOO Many Bundles Available with a SPECIAL ONLY For November – THIS is INCREDIBLE I am so excited Close to My Heart Started doing this! – It’s AMAZING!  You can select your Bundle Collections right HERE –

You can get your hands on SOOOOO Many new and incredible Close to My Heart products today at

My Essential Oils Craze!

I am about to place an order for my Essential Oils for the month – it’s one of those things that REALLLYYYYY helps me with emotional/hormonal support and a lot of other things = you know = YES I have an oil for that! LOL  I can’t even tell you how simply ECSTATIC I am over the NEW Emotional Support Collection!!!! I just ordered mine! Yes I did and I can’t WAIT to get it! Can. Not. Wait! Emotional Aromatherapy Lineup 792x612


Anyway –  if you need something or have any questions at all, let me know! Otherwise you can pick anything you need up at

There is just many things happening, and My heart and soul is on FIRE with joy and peace like I can’t even begin to express to you!  I share more about this in the Daily Check Ins, of course some here, but really – is just thrilling my soul to take my heart and passions of teaching to a whole new level and help change lives to have Business Life Balance the Way YOU Want it!  THRILLING!

Thank you so much for being a part of every step of the Above Rubies Studio journey and allowing me to share this and the LifeAboveRubies journey too!  So blessed by you!

Enjoy the Moments!


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One thought on “My Current Happenings, Latest Hauls, New Specials!

  • Dee

    I know what you mean about cleaning and purging. I’ve been doing a lot of that with my move and am planning on doing a lot more as I put everything together at the new house. I may be completely crazy by the time I’m through but it feels so good finally getting things done. Then hopefully I will be able to focus on those things I’ve been wanting to do and feel like I’m getting somewhere.