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First of all, I need to THANK YOU for all the love and support to AboveRubiesStudio since 2009!

Thursday night with Tanner and Courtney was kinda huge for me!  I left a few “cats out of the bag” and really laid out how important decision making is in the success of blogs and business.  The crazy part of realizing this, is that I hadn’t made a complete decision on my business/hobby/family definitions to some degree myself.  My heart has ALWAYS known exactly what my goals are and I finally decided with absolute certainty what I want to do with, especially now that I have truly as my main business focus that supports my family and helps so many bloggers, business owners and those that want to just change their lives!

Before I dive into telling you all what is happening at – I wanted to share a link with you to the Thursday Night LIVE Event we just had with Tanner Bell and Courtney Chambers of

We had an AMAZING night together and we really hope to offer up a lot of help, encouragement and direction for you!!!
Take a Look!

It truly was an amazing night! We hope you enjoyed it too!
Now, I left a few things out about the direction I’m completely committed to taking with and what that means for!  I wanted to share a little bit more with you in this what I meant.

You can visit these websites or keep reading below!

I first want to welcome you to this very new venture for me!

Again, I do want to thank you for taking your time learn more about what I hope to accomplish here, as I hope it inspires and encourages you today!

I’m inviting long time friends and all new followers a like to come over and take a look at supporting AboveRubiesStudio and help reach, inspire and encourage families who truly want to take their passions in life to the next level but just maybe are a little stuck.

Bottom line, here is the biggest goal in why I decided to take this direction and to raise support through Patreon.  It truly is to love on and bless others in life! Send gifts of love and encouragement out, be there to pay that electric bill so that Momma doesn’t have to worry when or if the lights are going out, help to set up a home-based business for that hard-working, just need the chance and the direction, woman to get her started towards her success. And MUCH Much More!

Patreon is an awesome way to contribute to, the expenses and the time that go into the site to bring you Tuesday Tutorials, TNT Videos and other fun videos and posts.  It would be fun to also bring them back to a higher level of production as well! BUT, here’s the thing. When you become an ARS Patreon, portions of your support go to helping moms especially who really need an extra hand in getting life on their feet or just that encouragement to keep going!

As many of you know, I am now a single mom – I know how scary it can be when life changes and you have kids to support. You don’t want to be a charity case, you really don’t want to use “the system” (though I’m not saying there aren’t times its necessary or a blessing) but you’re ready to take action and truly learn the skills and use the passions in your heart to succeed and support your family! Been there and doing that!!!

So my commitment in and as well – is to really focus on working with these kinds of women and offering special “gifts of love” encouragement and financial support to see true success come!

I would love to have all ARS subscribers become Patreon supporters and come be on board with me. A pledge can be as little as $1.00 a month – or – $100 one time or even $1,000 a month if you’re completely in on this mission! Any amount goes such a long way and provides you with additional benefits as well! You can cancel at anytime with no obligations or hassles from me because I love that you’re here and Enjoy the Moments with me! 

I truly see this as a very unique opportunity to take ARS back to being the hobby I love and got me through so much personally when it first started out – to helping so many others in the long term – all while you get to enjoy hours upon hours of crafting, scrapbooking and diecutting specific videos and all new content as well.

As a Patreon you will get access to all videos I post before the general public!
You also get entered into patreon exclusive giveaways that I will host monthly access to a private facebook group you can request specific videos or help in your craft even the opportunity to support upcoming productions with first looks and insider information!

As Patreon support grows, you will see other benefits come as well.

I would love to bring on additional contributors to the website and pay them for their efforts. I additionally would like to be able to bring out additional production teams to increase the level of quality you see at through that level of support.

Additional rewards and bonuses listed below! Like being entered for a monthly $100 Giftcard, access to request videos you want to see, get featured in the videos – and more!

A little back history, if you don’t know me… started in 2009 truly an outlet for myself – I had just had a baby and postpartum depression was kicking my rear end! I had years of experience in relationship marketing and internet marketing and finally decided I just needed to start a “hobby blog” in crafting and specifically with my Cricut machine. That hobby blog quickly grew into tens of thousands of followers world-wide, the production of 9 DVDs and an entire Scrapbook product line, ByMeganElizabeth. All that to say Above Rubies Studio became a FULL TIME Business. (SO blessed by that Season of life!)

Over the course of the last few years, I have made some signifcant changes to my life and my goals. One goal that has always exisited in me has been to help women find their worth and to truly embrace life feeling beautiful on the inside and out. AND that is one of the reasons why I am here talking to you today! has been transforming over the last few months back into “my hobby” than truly – my business. I’m very happy I made that decision for myself and my family, but I just can’t give it up altogether – I LOVE doing Tutorials, Posts and Videos!

My business is to truly help others (women especially) get up and started, get going, and successful in the life and business of their dreams and I’m blessed to be able to work with hundreds of women daily to do just this.

But where does that leave and all my crafting tutorials?!

Here’s the cool thing – utilizing Patreon and with your help – change the lives of others AND keep this website running and GROWING without it being a business!!  I will still show and share Close to My Heart products as I do love them so very much, but can focus more efforts into the Precious Gems team this way! will continue to be a free blog with hundreds of videos and thousand+ posts all about Crafting, Die-cutting, Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and other DIY projects with a little bit of life encouragement mixed in.

However, with your Patreon support – as little as $1.00/month goes deep!!! 

So – like I said – no Obligations to YOU my Dear ARS Friend! I love you and am SO thankful for you daily! However, I hope you take the time to consider all of the support level options today and start making dreams come true!

Enjoy the Moments and no matter what – KEEP GOING!
All my love,
You can learn more about me and my story here at

And start supporting the Patreon plan at


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One thought on “The Heart, The Mission, The Plan!

  • Kathy Hill

    This is probably a stupid question but how do I find your crafting videos? Am I still going to get them emailed to me like before or do I have to become a patron to have access to them? Just wondering bc I love your videos and am looking forward to some made using the Cricut Explore. Are you still going to make those type of videos? I sure hope so. TIA!