Weekend House Flip, New Craft Space and I’m IN LOVE! 20

I’m IN LOVE!  That’s RIGHT – I SAID IT – I’m In LOVE!  (Ok, not really the way I want to be in love because I don’t really snuggle with it at night – BUTTTT… <3 😉 )

I am going to share a TON of stuff today and a video underneath it – so check it out! 🙂

I’m In Love & Committed!!! 🙂

I had to get on here TODAY and tell you I am truly COMMITTED in a long term relationship with my New Cricut Explore and my iPad Ap!!!  I know I can’t believe it either!  I have been faithful to my Original Expression and my Gypsy for YEARS!  I absolutely abhor working from my computer to craft – I HATE it!  Really!  It’s why I minimally use my Cameo and I never really fell in love with my Pazzles and why I wasn’t all hyped about Cricut Craft Room or even Design Space.  BUT – I spent HOURS upon HOURS now PLAYING with my iPad Ap for my Cricut and have gone wildly in love.  It feels like my Gypsy ONLY a BILLION times upgraded and better – the new Explore is WAY more precise then the original Expression AND has a bazillion more features like Scoring, Writing, Print and Cut, My own designs and fonts, and lots more I am not even going to name.  I explain more in this video my hold up – I wasn’t gung-ho for awhile – even just a few weeks ago in Hawaii I was going – I don’t know I have it – I’ve TRIED to really get into it I haven’t been able to get it to work right (found out WHY) and NOW I’m ALL IN Committed!  Honestly don’t think I will ever need my cameo again ever, my silhouette SD is going to need to find a new home and I’m pretty much the happiest girl ever and can’t WAIT To show you more through tutorials and fun in store!  I am officially a partner with Cricut’s affiliate program as I mentioned in video and I’m not telling you about all of this in hyped up exaggerated Megan form just because of that!
I’m hyped up because I’m in love and I share products that benefit me, you and that I truly can get behind – If I don’t REALLY like it I don’t really talk about it – which is why I kinda didn’t say much about the Explore for so long.  I didn’t even post the 4 videos I did make with it because I was just not really sold sold on it.  The ap working and making my life wonderful – makes me have to tell everyone! 🙂 So I had to tell you!

New Team Members & MORE To Giveaway!

We are welcome a LOT of AMAZING new Team Members to the Precious Gems team this past week with the awesome deal Close to My Heart has happening when you become a consultant – you can literally save more than you spend and walk away with $850.00+ in products (WOAH!) I know people love it – but I have also had a few people who were not able to take advantage of this deal because they’re consultants with other companies or other reasons – Would you like to Win This?so I wanted to say  if you are one of those people – reach out to me and I will see how I can specifically help you and your needs/desires – Please – don’t just think well crap and that’s it – it’s NOT! 😉  Also For those who don’t want to join as a consultant but want to take advantage of this – reach out too – we can discuss how hobbyist enjoy this just as much without building a business!  AND FINALLY – I am also offering a GIVEAWAY of a Workshop on the Go Kit for comments on THIS POST HERE (click to go to it!), I’m also offering loyal customers of mine an opportunity to WIN a Tote or a $100 Shopping Spree with Me – so check that out too!!!

The Flip it and Switch It

Yes I really did FLIP my house upside down like a CRAZY woman this weekend – I thought so many of you are so involved and wanna know what’s happening – here’s a few pics for you too!

I am so excited about this flip because of summer coming the noise level and more – I don’t know why I feel more settled and happy here than I have ever felt and I’ve loved this house since day one moving in.  I’ve said before it’s not everyone’s dream house – but for me – besides a few minor “vain” cosmetics – It’s really perfect! And I love that EVERYTHING is taken care of for me here – snow removal – lawn care – upkeep – you know 🙂  There is still work to do in our switch around – but I am pretty happy with the OVERALL results for a weekend of work!! 🙂


VIP Event Invites!

This event is going to be HUGE with a LOT to share, GIVE and have FUN with!  The event is April 2nd and by Invitation link only so if you would like your own VIP Invite please check it out and join us – HERE! 🙂 Click to JOIN!

ENJOY THE MOMENTS FRIENDS!  And Please make sure you comment, join and check out all the other fun things!! 🙂 See you soon!

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20 thoughts on “Weekend House Flip, New Craft Space and I’m IN LOVE!

  • kitnM

    Do you think they will come out with an app that isn’t Apple related? I don’t do Apple products.
    Love the craft space. Lots of work and you did a great job. I think you all are going to love the weather this week! I didn’t even put on a winter coat today!! Excited for the warm spring sun!!

  • Carmen Elrod

    The rooms look great! I cant believe you did all that in a week end by yourself! Its always fun to have new space and be all organized~ seems to help keep motivated! It looks like I will be saving up to get an explore, because if you will be doing videos, I am confident that I can learn it! I am like you and love my Cricut Expression and felt intimidated by the Silhouette. I had one and never learned how to use it, so I sold it. It had never been turned on! Thanks for the video, Megan~ and so glad you are feeling better~ Enjoy the Spring weather!

  • Becky H

    Thanks so much for the explore info. I respect your honesty. You are definitely the go to girl when it comes to cricut. When I got into the scrapbook world way back when, I found your website and became a fan. I only have the expression and dearly love it. I have only used cricut craft room. I have a tablet. Does cricut have an app for that?

  • ke8

    I have owned the Cricut Expression and Gypsy since they both came out. I have been eyeing the Explore for a while but was told it wasn’t compatable with the Gypsy. As I don’t own an ipad and never will, hope they have an android app soon so I can upgrade to the Explore

  • Laurie H.


    It is so exciting to hear that you will be getting on the band wagon for the Explore. I look forward to watching your videos and learning along with you. Thanks for all your help.

  • Suzanne

    I love my Explore with iPad app also. I agree that being tied to a computer to do my crafting was a turn off! I can now sit with the family and design projects. I only have to leave the room to load a mat into the machine. It cuts like a dream!

  • Barbara

    I to love my expression and I learned from you how to use my gypsy and my imagine thru your DVD I now have explore air I am looking forward to your Tuesday tutorials on how to use it I hope cricut can get an app for android users

  • sandie scott

    I had wondered why you hadn’t started to do videos with the Explore. It is just so much better as a machine. I was amazed. I was fortunate enough to meet Ashish in Nashville and he is amazing.They are well aware of the number of Android tablet users wanting an app and it will happen eventually. It is a much more difficult undertaking because of all the different products involved. Really looking forward to those videos of yours.

  • Patty Shipley

    i just bought the explore and to be honest with you I am afraid of it. It boggles my mind. I really look forward to your videos on it. So glad you have it. I learn a lot from you. Thanks so much for what you do.

  • Sarah O across the sea

    So glad you are back and feeling better.
    I have an Explore and it is SO much better than the Expression, not wasting paper/card any more.
    Love the fact I can use my pens to write (Marvey Le Plume II).
    Looking forward to your tutorials you have always been the one I turned to with the Expression -your cutting guide saved me so much heart ache.
    Take care Megan.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Andrea

    I hear you Megan, I still prefer not to use my computer for crafting, however my second Expression died of the same problem and I had to replace it with the Explore (rather than risk a used one that could also end up with the same problem.) I have been very impressed with its performance, but there are some things that I can’t figure out how to do in the design space, like fill the page with one image without having to copy and paste 20 times! I don’t think I am a natural at navigating software, so it’s frustrating. There are a lot of things I like better about the explore though.

  • Gail

    I got the Explore a few months ago and have used it with my laptop and loved that! I know I’m going to enjoy using my iPad to design projects – anywhere anytime! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it, Megan – to learn from your work.

  • Kathy Hill

    Finally Megan!!!! I remember you mentioning that you got an Explore and I have been waiting very patiently for your videos w/ it!!!! I love my Explore and I also have the Expression and gypsy which I loved loved loved but the Explore makes things soooo much easier. I don’t have an ipad yet but am seriously thinking about it bc I would love to b in living room w/ hubby while designing….I kno I can do it w/ my laptop toooo but kinda bulky to carry back an forth an to get comfy while on the sofa. LMBO! Thanks for the video and will b looking forward to more!

  • Sharon Harrison

    I have been debating on the Explore for awhile now. I have all the other machines from the original baby to he expression. Guess it is time for the Explore. I would like to take advantage of the current special regarding joining the CTMH consultants. I don’t have a desire to start a business but would like to take part in the special. I didn’t know how that would work without starting a business and hosting parties. Please let me know how I can do this.

  • Jo Ann Weiss

    I have been watching you for some time and knew you were a Cricut Girl ~ so glad you are an Explore user also!!! Two questions: I am an ANDROID person and always will be……WHEN are they going to have an app for us??? Also, I just received my Explore Air have quite a few cartridges on my BROKEN GYPSY (which I can not afford to replace for the third time!) I’d like to know if I will be able to load my cartridges that are already on my Gypsy??? Please advise ~ thanks in advance!
    Take care and keep those videos coming ~ we love them!!!!

  • Vickie Bracken

    I have had the Explore for almost a year. I took it out of the box once and was not able to make it work. I would love to see more video’s. I have been following your site for a few years now. I know if anyone can help me it would be you!! Sorry you are having health problems. I too have a chronic illness and understand a lot of what you are going through. I also have a Gypsy, never taken out of the box if anyone is interested. I will look forward to learning more about my Explore. Can’t say thanks enough!!

  • Irene Ryther

    Have had the Explore for about a year and can’t figure it out. So happy that you will
    show how to use it. I did make two of the free card projects and really liked how they look. But it took five months to do that much. We go to Arizona for he winter months from Utah–brought the explore and haven’t even used it. Wishing I had brought my
    expression I have an Apple I-pad, so can I use it in place of a Gypsy that I purchased many years ago and have never used? I love the videos you have made in the past and the help you have been. Hope you can continue to be well and happy.

  • Dorothy Breitenstein

    Hoping those who will remain with the Expression and gypsy will not be forgotten in the tutorials. Not ready for Explore at this time.

  • Wanda M.

    Bought the original Cricut Explore that came with the Bluetooth adapter and love it. I’ve not had a problem. There are a lot of blogs that really explain how to use Cricut Explore, for those that have mentioned they are having a problem. That is how I learn. Megan, I know that you have always been a Cricut user and I am excited that you will be doing videos using the explore. I have learned a lot from you in the past. Thank you for sharing your talent. Glad you are feeling better.