Challenge Accepted!!! Can You Do It? 3

I am taking on this challenge that Deborah Mussack posted on Facebook today….she asked:

Can you think of 100 positive things about your life?

So here it goes! I am going to list just 100 of the most positive things in my life….They are going to be in random order and not by priority or obviousness I would guess – – – I would LOVE to see how many of you would accept this challenge – and I’m EXTRA excited about this challenge because the kids and I have been doing our own little “experiment” at home for the past few months – Jena and I will explain it a little better in this video below and then we will go into my 100 things 😉  (Jena did admit her attitude during video was pretty stinky after she got up from her nap. 😉 Thankfully momma made it to nap time and I think this really showed the kids something awesome – Can not wait to see what happens to the rice!)  

My life is NOT perfect!  I could list 100 things that are struggles, fears and problems (many I’ve created) if I chose to – the point of this isn’t to say everything is great – and this isn’t even a list of everything thankful for – though many cross over – these are things that create a positive energy, vibe, smile, feeling and push towards BETTER – being thankful helps a TON with that!!!  What you focus on does expand!  I’ve spun my wheels many times in the “oh crap this sucks” cycles of life – there IS always getting out of it though!  There IS always positives through the storms of life!  Find them! Know them – Grow with them!  That is my commitment – focus on my 3 TOP Positives! 1) My Love and Relationship with God 2) My Love and Training of my Children and 3) Providing for my family through whatever working means God blesses with!

I’m expanding those each and everyday and its such a blessing!!!

Check out the video either before or after the 100 Positive things!

So here it goes….In no particular order (with exception to the 3 I listed above)!
  1. Happy Music that I am blessed to listen to anywhere in my house, car, walks, bath, anywhere!
  2. Smiles from my new healthy baby Gradyn (one of the happiest things when all my kids smile!)
  3. Awesome space to craft and work in
  4. Amazing home to live, play and love in
  5. LOVE
  6. Prayer!
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Ability to pursue the dreams that God placed in my heart
  9. Chocolate
  10. Bensen’s sensitivity, cuddles and creative mind
  11. Jenavieve’s outgoing leadership and determination (She’s a mini me and I pray I can direct her positively in the faults)
  12. My Bible and Bible APP that pops up encouragement all day long
  13. ARS Followers and Friends – Comments, Support, Community
  14. Fruit and Veggies tasting so good to nurture me
  15. Health
  16. Abilities and Desires
  17. Lush Bubble Baths
  18. Friends – the TRUE friends – who encourage you to be the best you you can be
  19. Understanding
  20. Awesome “baby tools” that add some time and assistance to daily routines
  21. Insurance!
  22. Assurance of God’s love and Gift
  23. Smiles
  24. Scrapbooks and Pics of memories
  25. Opportunities waiting for me
  26. Life in Truth by TRUSTING
  27. Mustaches and Chevron – they give me happy positive vibes 😉
  28. Hand made cards from friends
  29. Exercise and ability even just to dance
  30. Wisdom and discernment in life’s situations –
  31. Dani Johnson’s website/videos
  32. My sparkle water cup/my inspirational coffee cup
  33. My parents loving faith
  34. Candle scents that make you feel
  35. Life changing happenings with Nerium International for me, my skin and so many friends
  36. Proverbs 31
  37. Well stocked ability to create – and create with my kids
  38. Memories we build in love
  39. Sunlight that shines beautifully in our main living area
  40. Pictures and Words around the house and verses on the walls
  41. Love of Life – Love for Christ – Because of Christ
  42. Simple Moments
  43. Water – cold – clean water
  44. Beautifully writing pens and open pages to fill in journals
  45. Business Networking and Friendships
  46. Tools that make business easier! LOVE and Helpful
  47. My church family
  48. Dinners around the table together
  49. The Secret
  50. Cleanliness and Decluttered areas in home
  51. Comedians
  52. Experiences had and to come
  53. Strength of my 2 month old and awareness and responsiveness and just how EASY a baby he is!
  54. Hair that does pretty much anything I want it to do with effort and never looks the same twice! Love that!
  55. Wise and Godly Mentors
  56. Shade and cool breezes
  57. Safe and Friendly play areas with/for kids
  58. Crazy fun dancing and singing
  59. Bensen’s Kindergarten teacher and class
  60. Jenavieve’s Pre-K teacher and class
  61. Provisions
  62. Clarity
  63. Peace
  64. I could list 100 different Bible verses alone that are positives to my life!
  65. Light
  66. Visits to amazing places
  67. Open hearts and minds
  68. Ted Mosby 🙂 (He’s my little teacup yorkie for those who don’t know!) (Honest though – he can be a PITA too!)
  69. A strangers kindness
  70. Glasses/contacts for the ability to see clearly
  71. Technology
  72. Warmth of a hug or encouraging touch
  73. Restful sleep
  74. Glitter and Sparkle – “Like Faith Trust and Pixie Dust” 😉
  75. True beauty
  76. A Dad believing in me to do ANYTHING
  77. A Mother homeschooling me to achieve amazing things
  78. EFT, Mindfulness and Psych-K
  79. Strength
  80. Goal Board/Vision/Dream Wall and desire to create and achieve it
  81. Comfortable and cute clothes and shoes
  82. Fleece Blankets
  83. Coffee
  84. Swinging on a playground
  85. Freedom
  86. Nearly 14,000 Facebook Followers
  87. Nearly 23,500 Youtube Subscribers
  88. And over 50,000 friends total between Twitter, ARS Blog Email, Pinterest, Instagram etc… (YOU ALL ROCK!)
  89. Like-mindedness with a select few people in my life – AMAZING
  90. Patriotism
  91. Close to My Heart family, team, friends and customers
  92. Sundays
  93. Favorite Movies
  94. Sounds vain but….certain peaces of jewelry I own – They inspire me!
  95. Jokes and Song made up by my kids
  96. Rainy days in bed or snuggled on sofa
  97. Icecream treats
  98. Some amazing books on my shelves
  99. Serving hearts
  100. Phone and Computer – Used properly 😉


I need to say just one thing! I am actually really surprised – I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do this quickly without getting stuck really thinking about my answers – especially past like 50 – but I really got to 100 off the top of my head very quickly – maybe not all my answers make the most sense – but really these are positive encouragements to my heart and soul and I hope to hear some or all 100 of yours!  Leave your 100 in the comments or portions of – OR post a link to your blog and take up the challenge too!

This was fun – thanks for indulging me!


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3 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!!! Can You Do It?

  • Jo

    The experiment you and the kids are doing with the jars is pretty amazing! I really like that idea and I’d love to do this with my ten year old daughter too. Would you share with me, where you originally found out about this experiment? And by the way, Jena is adorable!!!! I love when she said, ” I don’t have an attitude”! Such cuteness!!!!

    And I must say that I am inspired to give this challenge a try. Reading your 100 positives made me smile… it truly did… and it made me realize that life doesn’t have to be hard or negative .. that a person has the ability to control their life and make it fun, exciting and positive. So thank you for being a positive in my life and for putting a smile on my face!!

  • Sue

    I love this idea, will be taking it to my church womens auxiliary. Think maybe may give them each a little gratitude journal (tiny purse size notebook) to put their answers in so they can refer to it when they feel down. thanks so much love your site and work.