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Many of you who have followed AboveRubiesStudio.com for a long time – know me pretty well and how I operate and believe in asking in faith and believing even when you don’t know the how – just know your why with faith and somehow you’re blessed with the desires of your heart.  Now I don’t mean this as strange magic….I don’t mean this as wishful thinking – And actually I’m going to stop myself before I go too deep into my entire feelings and mindset behind this and just share MY story of utter thanks and appreciation this week!

I hope it encourages you and gives you a little glimpse into something you can say – “that’s so cool – I’m ready to see that stuff happen in my life by taking action – getting clear – and believing with my all!” (I hope thats you!)

So here’s my story!  It may seem like a pretty small  – but to me – it’s HUGE – and its a HUGE example of just how far even the “little things” matter!

I start out every year by creating a Vision/Goal board, a photo slide show/screen saver and I do my daily 3s (I teach all about this at LifeAboveRubies.com but most of you I’m sure can gather, it’s focused on the what’s and the why’s of the desires in my heart that I believe were placed there for a reason.  I write or find pictures of everything that inspires me to the character traits I want to build a work on, the people I want to help, the things I want to do with my kids, and even “little things” like – for example – Inspiration Jewelry – Here’s a screen shot of some of the things in my 2015 Vision/Goal Board…..

2015 Goals



Yes, this is very personal and for real, but I believe in sharing it, if it can help someone else in any small way or encourage someone to take steps themselves!  Sooo, if you look here you will see some specific things that I want/desire and work towards with intention – including the Dream Bracelet you see above.

I loved that bracelet sometime in 2014 when I first saw it….instead of just quickly rushing out to buy it (I really commit to not just buying things I want on impulse) I put it in my goal board.

It inspired me to look at and it encouraged me often and I thought about wearing that bracelet as well as the believe ring many times even though I didn’t really plan on buying it for now or making one of my own.  Instead I knew, I knew I wanted it, and just waited a little.

Here’s the ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS COOL THING that happened that I’m OUT OF MY MIND excited about and THANKFUL for!

Just a few short weeks ago, I was hanging out on Pinterest (shocker right?!) and I saw those bracelets AGAIN…I clicked on it, thinking I would share it, and the website GoModestly.com was offering a special, the last day of the special mind you, pick any 3 of their bracelets $15.00 or less – FOR FREE!  YES! FREE!

I about jumped out of my skin and fell off my chair and THANKED GOD immediately!  To me, HE met such a small desire of my heart in such a BIG way.  Something that seemly many would say, so what go buy a $15.00 bracelet – but instead – Thanks to the WONDERFUL people at www.GoModestly.com and I believe Devine direction – I didn’t get ONE of these awesome inspiration jewelry pieces, I got 3!!!!  Yes THREE without paying $45 – instead FREE!  Here they are!

GoModestly Bracelets

“WOW that’s so cool and thats great Megan – but – what are you talking about?!?!”

Basically what I am trying to say it – it doesn’t matter how BIG or SMALL your dreams, desires or thoughts are…..if you’re clear about them, if you have faith in them, if you take action with complete commitment, it’s amazing how the HOW doesn’t matter and how it literally can just show up when you’re so stinking thankful!

I KNOW I am so out of my mind THANKFUL For these Bracelets!  I will be wearing one of them Thursday Night April 2, –

Do you know what for???

LifeAboveRubies.com is about ready to open up (actually at 9:30pm eastern April 2, 2015) to give MORE to you on examples of this kind of thing in my life, the lives of many others and how you can start seeing blessings, miracles, the desires of your heart come to life and enjoy every moment with purpose! Not only do we really dig deep on getting clear about WHAT you want and WHY you want it, but we also give you real action steps you can take towards the “how” even when it doesn’t seem possible! I REALLY hope you’ll come join us it’s going to be amazing I just know it!





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