UPDATED*Cropped Mystery Event SPECIAL OFFERS, DISCOUNTS, and Giveaway 238

*UPDATED!* New Offers and Coupons!


Two whole years, and MONTHS of planning and CroppedEvent is FINALLY here! This weekend hundreds upon hundreds of you decided to join us in the largest scrapbooking online event of 2012 with Mystery Boxes, Challenges, Demos, Prizes and SO MUCH MORE!

While we know not all of you got in on everything happening at Croppedevent.com, we had a few special offers to share with you from many of our event sponsors and I KNOW each of you are going to LOVE them!  These are absolutely amazing and incredible deals that you don’t have long to act on, and these codes are exclusive to AboveRubiesStudio.com in celebration of www.CroppedEvent.com, I’m excited to introduce each one of these to you right now!

  • Craft-e-Corner.com – 10% off your entire non sale item order! Using code CROPPED

    $8.99 for 5 Setsof Megan Elizabeth Chipborad Stickers (Retail Value $17.99) www.Craft-e-Corner.com

    ONLY $14.99 for one of the last Megan Elizabeth Kits you will ever get The Cute As a Button Kit (Retail Value $45.99)
  • Square One Removable, Repositionable, Printable Fabric (that acts like vinyl only BETTER) 20% off  8.5×11 sheets of Printable, Die-Cuttable, Removable, completely repositionable Adhesive Fabric for any crafts and photos. Using code: cropped  at http://www.square1masterpiece.com/
    I have done many videos using this INCREDIBLE Fabric and you can check it out – Video on Home Printer Here and Imagine Here
  • Sili-Crafts  – 20% off your entire order of Silicone based Embellishments and Cuttable Sheets when you use code:  Cropped2012 – www.sili-craftz.com

  • Crafter’s Companion 20% off your entire order of amazing products,(especially that Stick and Spray and Stick Away to refurbish those cutting mats!) when you use code:CPD2012 – www.CraftersCompanion.com (expires 9/30/12)
    Want to see more about how I use Crafter’s Companion and resticking your cutting mats: WATCH HERE
    If you want to see more about the INCREDIBLE Spectrum Noir Alcohol Ink Markers: check this out HERE

      • The Buckle Boutique enjoy 15% off your ENTIRE order of the FABULOUS Rhinestone Adhesive Sheets when you use code: ARS15 – www.thebuckleboutique.com (expires 9/24/12)
      • See how you can use these Rhinestone sheets in your favorite die-cutting machines and totally customize your Blinging look! Watch How HERE
      • Kaboo Bags The most AWESOME code Kaboo Bags have EVER done just for US and we need to thank them GREATLY for giving ALL of you $50.00 OFF any bag when you use code: CroppedEvent50 – www.KabooBags.com (expires 9/24/12)
        Don’t know what a Kaboo Bag is? It’s only the GREATEST Tech Pouch Fashion purse EVER and you can see why I love it so much HERE
      • Glue Arts receive 20% off your entire adhesive order when you use code ME20PR – www.GlueArts.com
        I use my Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro almost exclusively these days as well as the Megan Elizabeth Embellishment combo Kit which has all you need for your dry adhesive needs! Check out THIS video to learn more!
      • Scrapbands a whoppin’ 40% off your entire Scrapbands and accessories order when you use code: Cropped12 – www.Scrapbands.com (expires 9/23/12)
        Check out how GREAT these bands are (HERE)and don’t forget there is the new line of Megan Elizabeth Enjoy the Moments Scrapbands.
      • Tanner Bell Design Stamps 15% off in Tanner’s store, where you can get AMAZING Stamps when you use code: CROPPED – www.TannerBellDesigns.com – (expires 10/3/12)
        Tanner is so completely awesome and has done many videos on AboveRubiesStudio.com watch this one today and get some of his incredible stamps!

We really thank all our sponsors who donated Prizes and provided very special coupon codes just for the Cropped Mystery Challenge Event Weekend! (Make sure you let them know how thankful you are too by Facebook, Their blogs, or when you checkout!


Ok, so I am feeling incredibly generous and CRAZY, but I love you ALL so much! There are over $5,000.00 in prizes and giveaways being given away at Cropped this weekend, I wanted to give something awayhere right now!(You love me right? 😉 lol)

I am going to give away a prize pack from our Sponsors of Cropped Event that will include a few surprises as well as:

  • Megan Elizabeth Embellishment Adhesive Combo Pack
  • Snazzy Tape
  • ZipDry from Beacon Adhesive
  • And you never know what else!

How do you win?

Simply comment on this post with a challenge you face when you create something fabulous 😉

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238 thoughts on “UPDATED*Cropped Mystery Event SPECIAL OFFERS, DISCOUNTS, and Giveaway

  • Vera Albert

    I feel cheated during the event. Although I could see and hear everything, I could not participate. There was nothing telling me I had to sign up for yet another account (Ustream), which I would not had a problem with except in order to complete the sign up, I had to provide my full birthdate, I’m not cool with given all my personal info to a 3rd party. Didn’t think it was going to be this complicated…very dissappointed. Is there another way to participate and surely have a better chance at winning items. It took me quite a while just to upload #1, even after watching the video. I need more help, instructions or something…HELP!

    • Anita W

      Oops missed this bit,
      A challenge that i find is to know when to stop. i will create something Fab and then add a bit more and a bit more. unfortunately i don’t always know when to stop. 🙂

  • Penny Mourer

    One of the biggest challenges I face is sizing. I think it should be one size and that ends up too small or too large. I do not think I have a designer’s brain so it is very helpful to look at projects with instructions. I am very inspired by others and their creativity.

  • Trish S.

    I am very excited to get started with the event this weekend! My biggest challenge is getting sidetracked with looking for that perfect element for my project. I know it’s here somewhere 🙂 LOL!

  • Patti Dolan

    My biggest roadblock is colors….I just don’t have a good eye for matching papers, ribbons, etc. I spend so much time just trying to pick papers and its so frustrating. That’s why I love your papers that are all coordinated for us already.

  • Debbie Z

    I think the biggest challenge for me is picking the colors to start with. I usually have a design in my head but choosing the base and then add other colors is a challenge. Sometimes the photos have so many colors and it makes it a challenge to decide which to pick! Love that type of challenge.

  • Jeannie L

    I would love a chance to win!!! My biggest challenge is giving something away I made that I’m really proud of. Some projects are works of love and it’s hard letting it go especially if you don’t know how they will treat it. Crazy I know 🙂

  • Janice Gilbertson

    I think my biggest challenge is knowing how many embellishments to add to my cards or layouts to give them a good balance without having things look too bland or too overwhelming.

  • Dawn G

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend! One of the biggest challenges I have is finding time to work on things when my two four-year-old twins want my attention. I just get going on something and Bam! They take my attention and I don’t get back to it for a while. I lose the mojo sometimes! Thanks!

  • monica thomas

    i thinking picking out the correct colors to use with my pictures when scrapbooking. and how to use patterened paper i always feel like it is too busy to use as a background. not always good with embellishments. i totally missed tonights functions. will there be a recorded version to watch? i hate that i may have spent so much money on the box and not be able to participate.

  • Joyce Lodge

    Biggest challenge is selecting which supplies! Even though my craft room is organized, I have too much stuff – how do you say “store quantity”. Actually, it was easier and more productive when I had less.

  • Dodie

    My biggest challenge is cutting the card stock so that it has 90 * corners. (sorry … No degree sign). When I realized that I wasn’t cutting the corners square, I decided to start cutting the rectangle with my E2. Problem solved!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Beth Sparozic

    My main challenge is putting aside the time to be able to scrap and create. l always get interrupted unless I make plans to go out and crop

  • Toni Myers

    One of my challenges is: putting colors together. I even purchased a color wheel but I am not really sure how this helps me? Second, I think that my foam squares or circles are just too high when I am trying to get a good layering look, I can see them from the side. Lastly, I would like to use Mulberry paper (I have a ton of it left over from my sister who stamped 10 years ago) how can I use this light weight paper with an up-to-date look?

  • Julie L

    My main challenge is psyching myself out before I start something that I think is going to be fabulous. I need to work on taking some pressure off myself and not worry so much about the result! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kristina -Photolady

    I loved the CROPPED and I am looking forward to learning all weekend!!
    My Craft Challenge: too much time lining up letters and getting them glued down! Oh, I know that I can just have them jump around, but that doesn’t always look right. You did have this as a tip in a video once, but I can’t find it. (I think that Britten did the video…?)
    My Mental Challenge: finishing that huge scrapbook project that I started…. too long ago.

  • Marissa

    My biggest challenge is time! Not enough of it – there are so many projects floating around in my head, and not enough time to get them done! aaaagggggghhhhhh! 🙂

  • Leslie

    My biggest challenge is trying to design whatever project I’m going to do. It seems like it can take me forever to get my project started. Once I do get an idea, I run with it and it usually turns out just fine. It’s just getting that idea in my head that can take me a while. Thanks for the chance to win Megan.

  • Pam Blowers

    My biggest challenge is knowing what special touches to give to make it look finished. Everyone always says it looks good and I don’t overdo it, but I always feel like something is missing. Pearl pens? Sparkle Lightz?

  • Sue VanDe

    Time Time Time…..oh please give me more of it!! Really…..Organization…or rather lack of it has been my biggest frustration..spend too much time looking for something I know I have. Hopefully, I have overcome this. Been working on this for a while so I’m not embarrased to have others come over to play. Last things I want to do is catalog all my stamps, cuttlebugs, and cricut cartridges. YEAH!! Almost there. At least everything is in its own place and not in boxes or bags.

  • Leslie Reardon

    Argh – blade settings!! If I am smart enough to remember/write down what brand of loose sheets I buy when they are on sale then I can remember to check the Cricut Cutting Guide. Otherwise – it’s a guess 🙂

  • Anita Raffo

    Loving the weekend event … my first ever … definitely worth staying up for here in France! Greatest challenge? Finding the time and space in my head to sit and create … though lucious goodies inspire me! Thanks for another chance for a giveaway.

  • Madonna

    My challenge is sticking with my original idea…it’s like I have ADHD when it come to cardmaking I want to incorporate every tech. I know on one card..incl quilling…which I love to do …..ends up taking me twice as long.EverytimeI learn something new the time gets longer…after Cropped it will prob take me a week to finish one card!!! lol. Thanks Megan and Brit and everyone else that has made this weekend wonderful!!!

  • Jane Dubois

    My challenge is where to start. Sometimes I have an idea for a special card for someone I love and it all comes together in my head and all I have to do is add a few things here and there and I have the perfect card for the perfect person. But there are times when I have to make a card with no idea what I will do. I also am challenged by my having to take all my “stuff” out and the put it back afterwards. While I’m working the kitchen table disappears under everything. Thank you Megan for doing the Cropped Event. What fun!

  • 9kids

    My challenge is TIME!! With a busy homeschooling household, making our food from scratch, and coordinating things for my ailing parents, I have less and less time to sit and create.

    Thanks so much for orchestrating this event…I know you are facing challenges of your own, and yet you are thinking of us. {{{hugs}}}

  • Stephanie Bonin

    My biggest challenge is choosing my perfect papers. Especially when I’m mixing patterns. Thank you for this opportunity. Wish I could be part of the cropped Event. Family priorities and rotator cuff surgery got in the way.

  • kathy

    I just can’t seem to find the time. I wake up in the middle of the night w/ a design in mind but can’t find the time to actually do it and then the idea fizzles!!

  • Betsy Rowan

    One challenge I face is my dog. She likes to pull stuff off my table and run away. Sometimes the cat is her accomplice by pushing things off the table!

  • Donna Perkins

    Hi, Megan! I am just getting into paper crafting, so just getting ideas to make a card is a challenge. In the past I have done a lot of embellishing clothes and other items, but I have never done scrapbooking or card making. My husband and I are semi-retired, and recently returned from doing a lot of missionary work and I find myself with empty time on my hands, and am trying to get back into crafts. I found your website and have enjoyed your videos. I have and Cricut Expression and want to fully utilize it, and I use Sure Cuts a Lot software which I love. I used my Cricut and the software on the mission field to make decorations, etc. So I am an eager student to learn all I can from you and others about paper crafting, and to know what are the best products use, etc. I am very excited about the Cropped Event and look forward to the rest of the weekend. I’m also hoping I hear my name called as a drawing winner! LOL! God bless you, Megan!

  • Lisa Edwards

    I missed this post until now. Cropped ROCKS! It’s like having a scrapping party! I always have to craft on my own, which I enjoy, but last night was like nothing I have ever experienced Awesome!

  • Lady Fair

    Thanks for the chance to win, Megan. You’re awesome! My biggest challenge is designing. Sometimes ideas come easily and other times my designing mojo just isn’t there.

  • Kathy Tracy

    Hi Megan, my biggest challenge is trying to not complicate my ideas. As an artist, I am my own worst critic so I keep trying to work my projects until I think they are good enough. It’s my goal to “keep it simple” and get inspiration from other crafters like you and your followers who make some awesome projects. Thanks and have a wonderful day today. (Newton 16) .

  • Sue Adams

    My biggest challenge is sitting down to brainstorm and design a project instead of just trying to randomly craft from too many choices of supplies.

  • Angela Womack

    My challenge would be get to finish a project, I am always getting interrupted and when I come back to my project I ether forget what I was doing or deside to go in anther direction. I am so happy for all who get to participate hope yall have a wonderful time!

  • Margaret Hillman

    I make quite a lot of original and themed cards. My problem is what can I do with them? I have severaly shoe boxes full if lovely cards. I think I have to get little bags for them then pass them on to a charity; but I do feel i would really like to sell them too. What should I do?

  • Tricia Fry

    This is so awesome of you! The biggest challenge I face is having first – time – when I start to craft my 6 year old wants to be crafting with mommy so I spend my time getting craft supplies ready and helping him 🙂 lol! which is fun but i just dont get any crafts done 🙂 also trying not to make my project to busy or plain – I have a hard time balancing that!

  • Katie Leavine

    This crop is so exciting!! My biggest challenge is picking the paper. I have so many visions of what I want the project to look like then I stall at picking papers and colors. Once I get past that its all good! Thank you for this fun weekend!!

  • michelle

    The challenges I face are picking my papers and embellishments to get started, either there is too much or not enough and if gets frustrating, I also have trouble running with just one idea. Its hard sometimes to focus on just one set of pictures for a layout.

  • Pamela Rainvile

    My problem is I overthink everything!! I have a basic idea and then once I get started I can’t decide oh which papers, ribbon, embellishments, etc!!! But I have FUN doing it! Friday night was awesome, can’t wait to start today!! THANKS MEGAN!!!

  • Maria ODonnell

    My biggest challenge is overcoming fear and using what I have. I get intimidated at times, by my Cricut and with any new items that come out. But I need to learn to get over that hurdle.

  • Betty Jo Nelson

    I can think of generally what I want to do but am so creatively challenged that I don’t know where to begin. That is why I love your videos with the step by step instructions. I can always find one that helps me accomplish what I want! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Christeen Baker

    Well my biggest challenge this month is not being able to post my creations on Facebook (now that I can’t on Club Ruby anymore either) as everything I have created this month is for my son’s engagement party next month and it is all being kept secret (bride’s orders). It is killing me not being able to “show off” on what I have learnt from Megan and receive all the compliments of how talented I am (sorry Megan for taking the credit lol).

  • Laura Carroll

    My biggest challenge is my own self-confidence. I never think it’s going to look good enough for me! It isn’t until months later when I look back I realize what a great job I did. I never think that immediately.

  • Barbara R

    It was fun yesterday but I could not get on the chat portion. My challenge is to get the right combination and not rush myself to do it. Seeing you do a card in a few minutes shows that you can make something quick that is still beautiful.

  • Ann Fisher

    Love your site. Thank you for giving everyone a chance to win! The biggest challenge for me has to do with titles – I can usually come up with the verbiage but I have a very hard time with what alphas to use, size etc. I can literally spend hours sticking and unsticking alphas, cutting some out on the Cricut and often getting very frustrated.

  • Chris K

    I couldn’t get in the chat portion either. When I tried getting in on my iPad it kept telling me my password was wrong. My biggest challenge is selecting the “perfect” paper combinations. I spend hours, yes hours selecting paper… I can whip us designs in no time.

  • Barbara Hart

    Megan, this cropped event sounds so cool. I love to craft, but here’s my true confession: My biggest challenge when creating is putting stuff back where it belongs and keeping my craft room organized where I can find things and work. I usually end up taking my projects downstairs to the dining room table because I have cluttered my designated work space with projects in progress, and then I pile things up in the dining room until company’s coming. LOL

  • linda

    My biggest challenge is trying to pick out the correct color combination . as well as deciding what to embelish it with. thanks for a great giveaway.

  • Betsy Brown

    I think the biggest challenge I face is choosing papers that coordinate. Even though I use the small paper pads that have coordinating papers/patterns, I still have trouble choosing just the right combination. It takes me FOREVER to choose my paper. Once that’s done, I’m on my way!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I was unable to participate this weekend because of work commitments, but I hope everyone has a ton of fun!!

  • Patty

    I see so many talented artists out there and such wonderful creative ideas —– my challenge is finding time to create my own cool stuff sandwiched between the rest of my life!

  • Therese Kent

    hi Megan, more giveaways, wow. I am looking forward to todays event. I am in Australia and went to bed early so I could get up at 2am to join in. unfortunatly I havent been able to sleep so am up already.
    I am one of those who loves embellishments so have trouble knowing when to stop adding them ;}

  • Jenn Raines

    My biggest challenge is getting the idea from my head on to the project. Sometimes I have a brilliant idea in my head and then put in to my scrapbook page- and it is awful, but then there are times when I put it together that it is better then what I imagined!!

  • Andrea W

    I think I have to say my biggest challenge would be finding time. I have soooooo much to accomplish and I have wonderful ideas that I want to attempt, but finding time to do it all is near impossible. When I do end up having time, there is so little of it that I just want to catch up so I don’t get to try out some of my new ideas. Is there any way we can add a few hours to the clock?



  • Kristina O

    Loving CROPPED and looking forward to today! Your Cricut DVD helped me SO much when I was just getting started. Worth its weight in gold! One craft challenge for me is lining up those letters and glueing them down. Seems to stop me cold when doing a layout. Any help would be greatly apprectated!

  • Sharon

    My biggest challenge is lighting. I craft in my basement and it’s a little dingy and cold down there making it difficult to see the paper/cardstock colors at their best so that I know what I’m picking for my project matches correctly. It’s my dream to have my own craft room at some point in my life but for now I make do with the little space I have in my unfinished basement.

  • Mary Gulbrandson

    My biggest challenge is getting started. I get all these great ideas in my head, get myself to the craftroom and then find myself overwhelmed on where to begin. So either I have too much “stuff” in my craftroom or too many things on my “to do” list !

  • Cindy

    I have several types of challenges in scrapbooking but the toughest for me would be figuring out how to use the beautiful printed papers more in my layouts.

  • DianeK from Indiana

    Hello to all! My biggest challenge(s) seem to be selecting pattern and colors that really coordinate with the embellishments and proposed idea at hand. Sometimes I over decorate cards and scrapbook pages. Simple and streamline versus cluttered may be a better direction, for me. With so many options, products, ideas, and themes, I find it challenging to stay on track with a simple design. But, I guess it’s a good way to laugh at oneself and enjoy the moment!

  • Merica

    My challenge is not having enough money for all the really cool stuff that I see and then want. I struggle with
    making sure every thing is lined up right. I think I have it straight then look again and it is off. This weekend sounds like so much fun, wish I could be doing it, but family obligations got in the way. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Lucinda

    My biggest challenge is time. I have to revisit my projects alot to get them exactly like I want. This is difficult when you have a time constraint. Enjoying the crop event, you guys really look like you are having fun!

  • Angel Burton

    I always have a hard time getting started. I know what I want to make, I buy all the supplies and then nothing. I end up working on something else. I wish I could just sit down and do what I plan.

  • Beverly Clemmer

    One of my biggest challenges is not being overly critical of what I’ve done. I always want to improve my skills or techniques, but I have a hard time just enjoying what I accomplished, always finding the “flaws.”

  • Karen Graham

    My greatest challenge is that I have so many different ideas for a project that it”s difficult to choose which one to start with. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a carousel, going round and round, that I just have to stop and pick one. Sometimes it’s not the one I end up with, but at least I got started.

  • allie burns

    Love all the ideas you have posted… my biggest challenge is having time to sit and actually scrap. I buy nice papers and embellishments but need to be better about finding time to use them! 🙂

  • Robin

    My biggest challenge is: “where to begin!” With all the cool products and embellished I feel like a kid in a candy store! Thanks for your ideas and give-a-ways!

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    My challenge is what is the best glue to use when glueing very small items. Some glues are runny, cannot control the flow. Although I use the ATG tape glider a lot for big stuff, finding the right glue has been a challenge. The Scotch quick dry, sometimes dries so fast I have to reapply the glue. What do you suggest is the easiest and best for glueing small letters and embellishments.

  • Carmen Elrod

    Hi Megan~ I had a blast at Cropped last night! It was the first one I have ever attended and I so enjoyed working on the challenges~ I want to say what a joy it is to craft with someone as fun as you! My greatest challenge is that I take too long deciding what to do. Sometimes I spend a couple of days on one card, I just want everything to be so perfect! I sometimes make half a card, go to bed and get up and work on it the next day. My wish is to be able to do two or three cards a day, but I dont see that happening………See you all in a couple of hours! Woot Woot!

  • Sue Brailey

    Thanks so much for the chance to win the goodies and the discount codes! My challenge?? My terrible lack of organization….I have stuff everywhere and can’t find it when I finally have a good idea and want to get it done!
    Thanks again! Lots of inspiration here!
    Sue Brailey

  • Lorri Brown

    My biggest challenge is my hubby! Trying to answer his questions while I am working on a project – like what are you making now?? Why do you need so much paper? Why do you have so many pens? He’s not an artsy craftsy person so he just doesn’t get it sometimes! :] Hope you all have a wonderful crop weekend 😀

  • Amanda Sura

    My biggest challenge is getting started. I want my project to be “just right” and that intimidates me sometimes as to how to get started and make my project look the best that it can.


    Sometimes it is challenging for me to get motivated to create something fabulous. There are times when my ‘creative juices’ and ‘mojo’ just isn’t happening. I always know I can come to Above Rubies Studio to find inspiration and encouragement. Now…gotta go get ready for today’s Challenge! 🙂 Thanks, Megan!

  • Beth Wainright

    Mu challange is to “go outside my box”. I love what I do and I love crafting but my projects all seem to be similar. I read blogs and watch videos yet when it comes time to create I blank out.

  • Danita Dimick

    My husband tells me that once I make a card that looks just right, I should duplicate it and thus make more in a shorter time. Well, with each card I make I have to change it up. I also am challenged in trying to make it Perfect!

  • Michelle

    My biggest challenge is getting started on any particular page- I can pick pics, colors, patterns, but then I get stuck on the layout! Thanks for all your videos and ideas !

  • Lisa Kay

    My BIGGEST challenge is making time for myself to craft… during football season I am so busy with my 10 year old who plays 5 days in the week…being a single mom and working 12 rotating hour shifts…

  • Cheryl Scott

    My biggest challenge is picking out and matching up papers and patterns! uuugg!Thankd for doing this it has been great so far even though the audio has been bad!

  • Kristina

    In scrapbooking, I tend to bog down with lettering and journaling. Any tips on adding these to the pages would be most welcome! Thanks so much for helping to make our crafting a joy!

  • Laurie Van Loh

    I am new to paper crafting so I have lots of challenges in this area. You are an awesome teacher and I have learned from your videos. I guess my biggest challenge is putting it up for the evening. I find myself starting a project and still working till the early morning hours!!! I guess I’m a night owl but it sure makes it hard getting up for work the next morning! But I am learning as I go and having a great time. Thanks for your committment and teaching 🙂

  • Sue LaRue

    What a lovely surprise this Saturday morning. I can’t believe how generous your sponsors (and you) are. I love the new scrapbands; what a great idea!! Thanks for exposing me to it.

  • Sue LaRue

    Oops, I forgot to leave my challenge; I got so excited about scrapbands!! While this may not be a run of the mill challenge, it is a big challenge for me– my wonderful Bengal cat who is fascinated with my scrap and card supplies. My whole scrap room is a playground for this lil explorer! But I have to laugh when she comes into the sunroom with a roll of ribbon in her mouth or a paint brush or a strip of sequins, etc. LOL

  • Michelle Olson

    Megan – you are do amazing! The inspiration you provide is phenomenal – THANK YOU!! My biggest challenge is organization. My intentions are good but when I am in creative mode, I have a hard time putting things back where they belong! The end result is not being able to see the surface of my 5 foot work table! Little by little I am starting to purchase organizational tools so I can keep my “things” together in a logical way. Have fun at the crop!

  • Lee Jayne

    My biggest challenge is time to craft. And right after that it’s sticking to one project at a time. I am easily inspired! And with 4 grandchildren – two that love to craft – I’m always getting pulled into their craft projects.
    I love love love that time with them, but part of me can’t wait till they are old enough to need less supervision. Oh the projects we’ll get done then! LOL

    Thanks for CroppedEvent! Simply amazing!

  • Jan Burch (Scrapin4Hisglory)

    My biggest challenge is organization of my scrapbooking supplies. Not sure how to store things or how to title them- not to specific which would lead to too many storage places and not to broad which would lead to uncertainty of what all is under the title I choose.

  • Mary Schmidt

    My biggest challenge is designing. I usually spend lots of time blog searching for inspiration. Then to come up with what paper and how to embellish it. My projects take a long time to complete. It shouldn’t be so hard. I am so thankful for the internet to be able to view all the projects online.

  • Sandyrw

    My biggest challenge is not having a place to craft/create that is totally mine and have to keep putting things away and dragging them out again. It’s time consumming and a real deterrent to getting much accomplished. I love it when you show new products. I never go to the craft store with a coupon.

  • Dolly Walter

    My biggest problem is finding time to do my scrapping and when I do I don’t know which project to get into first! So I make the mistake of starting so many things because I don’t know which one I want to do the most. But thank goodness for sites like this because it helps me pull it all together and get my projects done!

  • Jennifer Diaz

    Thanks for all the inspiration you give us Megan. Your ideas, information and videos really help so much. I think my biggest challenge is finishing the card. I get started then get interrupted and find that when I get back to the card I have changed my mind on the layout or colors or something! 🙂

  • Shirley E.

    Do I keep it? If yes, what will I do with it?
    Do I give it away? If yes, who do I give it to and will they appreciate the work I put into it and cherish it?

    By the way Megan, I’m loving the copped event immenseley so far

  • Sherry Lovely

    Wow,this is so kind of you Megan to give us this chance to win some amazing prizes! TY!! 🙂
    My biggest challenge is always trying to decide on what background papers to start with! It can take me literally an hour just to make my final decision,lol! Once I have conquered that part,then everything else falls into place. 🙂

  • Cathy

    My biggest challenges are simply finding the time! When I do find the time, I need ideas, helpful hints. I love to be creative, but I am not very imaginative. I so love all the products, colors, designs, just need help putting it all together! What an awesome community the scrapbookers are! So giving and sharing…..
    thank you all!

  • shannon

    My biggest challenge is just getting started. I have to draw everthing out and once I get started I can go for days. It’s the looking at the blank page effect….just put something on it and things will start falling into place.

  • Ruth D

    My biggest challenge is trying to not redo pages after I get them completed. I look at them a couple of days/weeks later and think it’s not good enough!! redo. However given time constraints I am learning to be content with what I’ve done so I can get more accomplished! Redoing is time I don’t have!!!!

  • Audrey Walker

    My biggest problem is COLOR. My next biggest problem is:Sizing My next biggest problem: Is being so in love with all I can do that I am almost mad-matic. I am new to cricut and am so amazed at all I can do. I have about 5 projects to finish my the middle of Oct. Megan you are a big inspiration and help to this retired, mother of 2 and grandmother to 3.

  • Angela M.

    My biggest challenge is deciding how I want to make something. I know I want to make a birthday card, but what technique or style do I use this time. I want to make the recepient a different type of card each time. So, I guess i need help with inspiration.

  • Judy

    My biggest challenge is determining what products to use on my project. As with everyone I guess inspiration is a challenge more times then not! Loving the Cropped Mystery Event- great job Megan!!!

  • Brandy V Flores

    My biggest challenge is knowing when to stop with embellishments. Sometimes I can over embellish things and it could look tacky. Thank goodness I have my daughters to tell me to stop adding. LOL!!

  • Ann

    First of all, I feel so blessed to have you, your creativity and your encouragement in my life! I am time management challenged. I plan to work on a project and allow 18 other activities creep into that time. I need to ‘just do it’!

  • Kathy Schowalter

    I think my biggest challenge is having the confidence to know that whatever I create it will be fabulous because I did it myself and it is unique to my family. It doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s. I also have to remember I don’t have to get it all done right now. I have many years of scrapbooking ahead and it will all come together eventually. Thanks Megan!

  • Joan RS

    My main frustration when scrapbooking seems to be with adding embellishments—when to know the point of knowing it’s time to stop—-when I have enough and not that next step making it “overboard”. I’m a very visual oriented person and especially have difficulty when not using a visual sample to “clue me in”. I am picking up a few basic design techniques which are helping–a learning process, I guess. I think at times, I’m my own worst enemy.

  • Karon H

    My challenge in crafting – is keeping my mojo going – what do I do next, what shall I try and create. My solution visit all my bloggie friends, enter some challenges and that seems to get me in the right frame of mind again. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

  • StampinFranni

    I have a lot of challenges, and I don’t know which is the greatest! LOL My first would be choosing just the right colors. Once I decide that, the next challenge is deciding when to stop. Sometimes I think my designs could use more embellishments; but, at other times, I think the technique is so involved that the fewer the embellishments, the better. I usually start off with a simple idea in mind, but it always ends up being complicated because I feel compelled to keep adding to it. I guess keeping things simple is my greatest challenge.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some prizes, Megan!

  • Joana

    Wow!!!! I am missing out 🙁 I hope I can join next time for the Cropped Event. By the way Thank You Megan. I just started watching your videos. The hard part is finding the time. I have been caring for my mother-in-law who is paralyzed (from stroke) and with her doc appts and also my son its just sometimes impossible. I sneak a little craft time on the weekends if I can ;D while doing laundry Lol!

  • Jennifer Carr

    Such exciting things happening with your site. My challenge is keeping myself motivated to craft. I get on the computer and lose track of what I am doing and wind up not crafting. There are way too may enablers out there and I wind up shopping more than crafting. Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes.

  • keatra

    Hello Megan
    Love love love your talent , I have the worse time getting the right measurement no matter what I do cards layoutsI always mess up the first time. Help me 😀

  • Sherry L.

    The most challenging part for me is when I have to choose the background paper to start off with! It can take me a very long time before choosing. Once I have accomplished that,then everything else seems to come together on what I select to add to my pages or cards. Thanks so much for this chance to win some amazing prizes! 🙂

  • Deborah

    I read several replies and it seems many of us have the same problem. Mixing our papers, patterns, strips, dots, what all looks right together. One thing we all have is paper. Heeeeelp Megan please show us how to chose what works together.

  • Sarah

    I always feel when I am done a project I should have followed Coco Chanel’s rule “after you dress remove one item”. I feel the same way a lot of the time with my crafts; That I wished I hadn’t put that last finishing touch on it! I must admit it’s usually glitter glue – I love things that GLITTER!

  • Charlotte Clark

    My biggest challenge is actually using what I buy. I think I collect more than use. Once I get started, it seems to flow pretty well. I just need to discipline my purchasing new items until I use some of what I already have. 🙂

  • Liz in PA

    My biggest challenge is actually using up the products I love! I know it sounds dumb, but I end having papers or embellishments that I just love and want to use them to create, but don’t want to use them up and not have them anymore! Silly, right? 🙂

    • Crystal Nichols

      Liz in PA, I know exactly how you feel, even up to being silly about wanting something but then don’t want to use it because then it will be gone. It’s so nice to have company when you feel a little crazy.

  • D

    My challenge to creating is always finding the time! Between 2 teenage boys who can never find anything, catching moments with my also too busy husband, cooking, cleaning, helping at the church, etc I’m usually too tired when I finally find a few minutes alone. I’ve started scheduling an hour a day of “me” time to combat that. I’ve actually gotten a few Christmas cards finished already!
    Thank you so much to the sponsors & Megan for the chance to win!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Safia Seavey

    My biggest challenge is figuring out new papers to use together. I get stuck using the same combinations a lot and really get frustrated with myself for not being able to think of new ways to use them.

  • Valerie

    My biggest challenge is knowing exactly what I need but either not being able to find it (like a particular Cricut cut) or not having it at all.

  • Kim Thompson

    What a fabulous weekend you have planned. The biggest problem I face when I create is colours, I am fine if I have a paper pad and can use different papers from it but it comes to colouring an image I never know which colours to pick from the paper or how to co-ordinate them.
    Kim xXx

  • Luria

    My biggest challenge when creating is that I have to clean up even if I am not done with the project as I do not have a scrap room I have a small corner in my dining room. boo hook.
    Maybe one day I will have a room of my own? I can’t wait.

  • Tammy McKeever

    Sadly, my biggest challenge is just getting started! I get so excited to start but then feel overwhelmed and insecure about where to start, what I am going to do design wise, and insecurities as to the look of my work. One thing I have found to be very helpful is to take the time to watch at least one of your videos if not more! Thanks for your help in building confidence as well as skill! (hmmm of course I am sure a prize package would spur me on even more! tee hee!) 😀

  • LeeAnn from Nc

    My biggest challenge is finding the time and energy to do the fabulous projects that pop into my head. Most of the ideas make it as far as a notebook that I keep for project ideas and don’t get farther than that. I have fibromyalgia and am always so TIRED that I don’t use my wonderful crafting toys as much as I’d like to.

  • PAB

    My biggest challenged is keeping my eyes focused. They see double images and it is hard for me to layer things. It is even harder since I can not seem to find a good paper cutter that will cut straight lines.

  • Cherie

    I am inspired by many ideas and when I find a project that calls to me, I go for it and spend hours working on it. It’s the initial boost that is hard to get the imagination flowing and of course, having the right tools is key to keep it going. I love your simple tips that inspire me to create with the things I have, but can always use new things to bump my projects to the next level.

  • TiffanyT

    My biggest challenge is definitely TIME!!! I seldom have the time to sit and work on my projects and especially uninterrupted time… Scrapbook pages require a lot of concentration and time for me so I only work on them when I do have some time. (Which is very seldom- ill probably never be caught up!) As far as other projects, if I have a specific plan it doesn’t take nearly as long so I can usually get those done. Anyway, with a lot goin on, just getting into my craft room to work is a challenge.

  • bernadine stahl

    my biggest challenge is finding time to craft. also finding things in my craft room that are perfect for the project. also too many projects going at once.

  • Kelli E.

    I am so super excited for this weekend! I didn’t get to join because finances are too tight right now, but I will be following along in spirit and looking for some great inspiration! My biggest challenge that I face when trying to create something is where to get started! I LOVE challenges and things like that because they TELL you where to start…. and once I get started the creative juices start flowing and then I get some cool ideas.

    Thank you for getting some deals for those of use who couldn’t join you!

  • Dorothy Breitenstein

    My biggest challenge is being creative on my own. I really enjoy making things but search for ideas in magazines and books. Also time to craft. I have enough materials and keep thinking I will get started but most of it sits. I need to just START and I think I will be fine.

  • Sassy

    Finding things i like to put together. Have a hard time getting sizing items with my mini cricut and expression. Love to scrapbook. MOST of all wish i had a friend to share this with!!!!!

  • Sharon McDonald

    I got a call last night that my sister was admitted into the hospital. Rather than panic, I went through my scrapping supplies, put together a little “scrapping kit” for her and spent the day talking and scrapping. We could have been all stressed out and anxious for test results, instead we got creative and laughed. Unfortunately, I missed today’s events but the sister bonding was well worth it.

  • susan wainwright

    My biddest problems is that I see sooo many products and so few are available in my area to try. I know that interenet sources are there but it is not like being able to get my hands on them when I am ready to use them . My hands itch to get started with them .LOL

  • TiffanyNMo

    I find it challenging to ‘finish’ a scrapbook page. I can get the pictures laid out pretty much how I want them, and the journaling is usually not too hard for me either. But embellishments and finishing touches take me some time. Thanks to the tutorials and tips however, that’s becoming much easier! Thanks Megan! I enjoy learning from you!

  • Annette

    My biggest challenge when creating something is deciding on one idea. When making cards for instance I have so many ideas in my head I have a hard time picking just one. I am my own worst enemy sometimes because I think TOO much because I want to make so many things. I love ARS and have been a fan of Megan’s for a long time. Your videos are super and so informative. Thanks for sharing all your tips and ideas.

  • Morgandr

    My biggest challenge is deciding what is the best way to use the materials in my project. Thank you, Megan, for your tutorials because they have helped me so much and the event has showed me so many other products and ways to use different materials. I am so excited and am really looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Pam Brouillard

    Hi! I find that my biggest challenge on any project is to just trust myself and my own instincts on the subject or the colors to use. I love to craft, but I am not very sure of myself, unless I have a pattern to go by or some kind of instructions to follow. Thank you, Pam

  • Audrey

    Just deciding on my layout to start with is my biggest challenge. There are so many options it can be hard to narrow it down. So many choices, so many pretty things, so many decisions! That’s why it takes me all day to do a layout!

  • Shana

    Finding the _____________. ( Fill in the blank.) Time, space, paper, stamp, scissors, adhesive, etc….
    Enjoy the inspiration that you provide. Hope you are having a great time this weekend! Wish I was there!

  • Paula Sanchez

    The biggest challenge I have is starting out with one idea, then changing my design several times before I finally finish my project. Not a problem—-except I spend an hour making a 15 minute card!

  • Jennifer Martin

    Love Love Love Above Rubies and all your great tutorials! 🙂 My greatest challenge is getting started. I walk in and out of my scraproom over and over…. too many supplies and too many options.

  • Monica L.

    I always feel that I over think things when I’m crafting:)lol. It’s always a challenge for me to determine which papers I should use and if I should lay my embellishments one way or another, I think it takes me way too long to decided:)lol.

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.

  • Donna S

    My biggest challenge is just getting started with an idea of how to use the pictures and what title to give it. I’m never sure how to use patterned paper either.

  • Sharon Huffman

    My biggest challeng now is finding space in my much smaller craft space. Love having my daughter and SIL move in with us, just a challenge to downsize. We’ll get to craft together though and it’ll be worth it!

  • Donelda McCoy

    My biggest challenge with crafting is Choosing Pictures for my albums and layouts !! It is hard to pick only a selected few pictures to print and include in each project. My family is so darn cute — I want to scrap every picture of them !! LOL !!! Congratulations Megan on organizing such an amazing event 🙂

  • Aliss

    A challenge I see myself getting into quite often when I’m creating something is that I have trouble using the right kind of adhesive the first time. Should it be a glue gun, a glue dot, a dimensional I find myself wasting adhesive till I figure what material works best with which adhesive. I guess I will eventually figure it out 🙂

  • Kathy

    First I have to say luv luv luv you Megan. My biggest challenge is choosing the right or appropriate colors to make my project fabulous as you put it. Thats always difficult for me so I do alot of monochramatic (did I spell it right?) projects but would really like to venture out of comfort zone. Thanks for all you do.

  • Nuchi Draiman

    My biggest challenge is knowing when to stop! I tend to want to do “a little more” or try to make it “a little more perfect” and have trouble deciding when I’ve done enough!!
    Thanks for all you do, Meg!

  • carmen lucero

    My biggest challenge when I scrap is coordinating my embellies -drives me nuts! Thanks for the chance and thanks to the sponsors!!
    Hugs, Carmen
    Cal 8007 at AOL dot com

  • Ellen Williams

    My biggest challenge is I want to do crafts but just don’t know where to start on certain projects. Alot of times it is just making sure that I have all the materials, then going out to get the ones that I need. By then, it gets to late to start something.

  • Peggy Crawford

    biggest challenge is color coordination, I spend alot of time tryng to decide what colors to use with some pictures and to coordinate emebellishments. Thanks for the opportunity to win, I couldn’t participate, just got a new grandson and spending lot of wonderful time with him and family-love it! Maybe next year. 🙂

  • Colleen

    My biggest challenge is not being organized enough, I try but for some reason my craft area always ends up looking like it was hit by a tornado and I haven’t even completed one card yet. I think I need a bigger area or more organizing supplies. I wish I could have participated in this wonderful event, but family comes first with me also and they have really needed me for the last couple of months so could not join you. Thanks for the opportunity to win, you are a very special person Megan. Keep up all your good work!!!

  • Margaret K

    I wish I had an easier time putting to paper what is in my mind to craft. I get an idea but then trying to recreate is another thing. Had a great time this weekend despite the technocal problems. Would have been fun to win something but here is another chance, thanks Megan.

  • Kim Brownfield

    My biggest challenge to fabulous creations is finding the time, or I guess making myself a priority, so I can take the time for myself to do what I love to do – scrapbooking and making cards. I’m torn, because I don’t want to miss my kids in their sports, and unfortunately I do work full time, and don’t sleep enough as it is. So, I’m my own biggest challenge! Thanks for the Cropped weekend. I was able to log in now and again, but spent most of the weekend out of the house so I didn’t participate in a single challenge 🙁 Sad for me, but happy for all of your followers that had a blast!

  • Vanessa

    My biggest challenge is… me! It is so hard for me to just craft and not try to make everything perfect! Nothing crooked, everything aligned right, perfectly cut….

  • Shirl

    My challenge is that I am a total no nothing when it comes to making things. I really have a hard time with measurements and machinery. I am just learning to use the cricut original. It is fun but sometimes mind blowing but I am sticking with it cause I love it.

  • Emily

    My biggest challenge is keeping the top of my scrapbook desk organized so when I do find the time to crop, I’m not spending an hour cleaning and organizing before I get to crop!

  • Jessica Green

    I have trouble with keeping color schemes in my pages. I alsolove lot of embellishments which tend to spend alot of time on. That’s what takes so long for me to scrap pages!

  • Shirley Barker

    I always debate with myself on exactly what to put on the inside of a card I make! When I buy one its all there for me, but when I make one I have to come up with something! lol But the person I give it to always loves it!

  • Roni

    My biggest challenge is finding the time to create anything. But when I do, I always want it to be perfect, but of course it never is! So it’s challenging for me to be satisfied, even if it’s not perfect.

  • robin breault

    I do have a hurdle that is a ‘toughy’ . I can seem to be creative until I go to make something for some one very close and personal to me. So I can sit down any night of the week and make 5 cards, then its a friends special day and I hit a stumbling block or just make mistakes in general with the item! I tend to have lots of cards on hand, that I can choose from, just so I don’t go through this each time.
    I wonder if anyone else has this problem?
    Robin from Canada

  • Pam Reedh

    My biggest challenge is narrowing down my ideas. There are so many great products and tools available to crafters that sometimes I get lost in the maze. So many ideas and so many way to implement. I then have to stop and focus on what i really want to convey and what do i truly need to complete my project.

  • KitnM

    Biggest challenge is color combo’s. I may have a couple ideas in mind but have a hard time pulling it together if i don’t have the right ribbon. I also have a harder time working with patterned paper; but there are so many that I love, so I am trying to do a better job with pattern papers.

  • Crystal Nichols

    My challenge is scrapbooking, from creating the layout to putting together my embellishments. I love my color wheel for picking color combinations. I love to scrapbook, and I have discovered I love kits. They are great all the colors match and the embelishments go together. So now I have all this scrapbook stuff I have collected over time and now I need kits to make scrapbooking easier for me, but I first have to use up all my masses of paper :0 I totally agree with Liz in PA that it is hard to use up some stuff because then it will be gone. Everyones comments are so great & I love seeing that a lot of us have the same challenges.

  • Debbie

    My greatest challenge is getting started. I can sit in my craft room for hours trying to figure out which items will go together. I’m fine if I have an example in front of me but trying to create something of my own from scratch is difficult. Once I finally decide, I start second guessing my choices.

  • elizabeth cumberland

    love all your videos and have some of your products love paper layers enjoy making greeting cards but am now having problems with my expression. need to e-mail them about it i guess because i can’t find a phone # in my paper work. so right now i’m not able to use it very often. the problem is the screen does not light up half the time when being turned on. sorry i vented on you but i get frustrated and needed to vent to someone. will buy a mini machine if the expression can’t be repaired its 4 yrs old. can’t afford the expense of a new expression or exp 2 do you have videos on the mini or know much about how it performs? just incase i have to resort it that machine. hope you and your lovely family are doing well thanks betty

  • Lee

    My biggest challenge is confidence, I never think it looks good enough. I want the cards I make to make people smile but I worry that they will think they are corny.

  • linda

    thanks for a great giveaway. My greatest challenge is finding the time to craft and also finding the right colors to go together.on a project but paper layers helps.