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Remember These Moments?!

Remember These Moments




Super popular post from back in the day was how I restick or refurbish my Cricut Cutting Mats.  I also now do this for a LOT of other mats and making my own cutting mats.  You can use the same sprays to make your Slice Plates, Silhouette Cutting Mats and more sticky again and save you lots of time and money!

Here’s the video and original post below!

YouTube Preview Image


Have you used this?? Do you have a favorite method for refurbishing your cutting mats?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “RTM: Resticking Your Die-Cutting Mats

  • Kris

    Right after you posted this originally, I took 10 really beat up, grubby mats, followed your diections and it worked like a champ! I’m still using those same mats several years later. You’ve saved me a bit of money there, Megan Elizabeth! Thanks so much for reposting! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  • Connie Bragg

    I have been using this for the last couple of years since I saw it on your post long time ago. It works wonders and I love it. Thanks again.

  • Maureen

    Megan do you or anyone know where you can buy the stick away and stick & spray in Canada. I would love to try these two products as my mats look like the one you just cleaned up. Thanks so much.

  • KitnM

    I have done this since your original post and appreciate not having to replace my mats as frequently as I did in the past. I use the large zig glue and even when it doesn’t seem sticky, it holds the paper in place. Thanks, we are always interested in saving money in one area…because we always need….a new embellishment!

  • Soraya

    I have done it and like it. Unfortunately, the first mat I re glued was way too sticky. I have learned now! Thank you for reporting the video. It helped me a ton the first time I saw it.

  • Ranita Standridge

    Is the stick and spray no longer being manufactured? I followed the link and the website is for sale, did other searches and the product is out of stock on all websites?

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      You know I am really not sure – The most recent Spray I purchased is by Elmers – it is a similar type spray that is permanent when adhered immediately and repositionable when you wait for it to start to dry before adhering and works well on mats and stencils.