Top 12 Cricut Crafting Video Countdown Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of bringing in 2011 by checking out 2010 favorite Videos!

Todays Video comes from April 2010 and #9 on our Countdown is:  Forever Young Cricut Cartridge Decor

YouTube Preview Image

This video was a Design Team project for back in April and it got so many great reviews – I thought I would repost this one in the Countdown for Video #9.

Don’t forget to weigh in with your Favorite videos and several people will be selected from random comments through out the 12 day countdown! 🙂

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  1. Sandy in Minnesota says:

    I appreciate these videos as you have such great ideas! Thanks. I label my handbooks similar to the way you do but I use letters a – e for the rows and then the numbers for the 10 buttons in the rows. I also label the pad with the letters on the left side and the numbers across the top.

  2. Pattie Weingardt says:

    Love all the help and ideas you share with us.

  3. Love it, yes can wait for Jan 7 2011

  4. yet another great idea… love the forever young cartridge… it is one that I just so want!

  5. Thank you for the video, I have that cartridge ahd love it.

  6. Melanie Bennett says:

    Great project! I love that cartridge. What a great gift idea for my teenage neices! TFS ( Happy New Year!

  7. Tracy Zahm says:

    That is a great page..Now I want this cartridge too :0) TFS!

  8. anita backensto says:

    this is really cute. anita

  9. The handbook labeling idea will save me lots of frustration.
    Thanks for all your great tips!

  10. Kim Swaisgood says:

    These videos are dangerous!! Every time I watch one the balance in my checking account decreases! : ) Thanks for sharing this project again. I just came upon your website and I love all the fabulous video posts!

  11. i love the paper dolls.

  12. Very cute project. I love all the ideas you share. Thanks!

  13. Vickie Lee says:

    Great idea for home decor. Love the patterns in the paper – groovy!

  14. I am going to number all of my pages. Great idea.

  15. I plan to add the numbers to my books this weekend. That will make it much easier to locate what I want to cut. Thanks for the tip.

  16. Very cute way to use this cart. I learned a few tips in this one that I didn’t know. Thanks.

  17. Cathy Wegner says:

    I’m new to the cricut and I’ve really enjoyed your videos. You’ve been really helpful. This is a very cute project but boy watching the videos makes me want more cartridges! Thanks.

  18. Charity Brown says:

    Loved the video and excited to recheck some old favorites out!

  19. Thanks for some more great ideas!

  20. Ahhhhhh, a cartridge that I have but have not used yet. Will have some fun now. Thanks for the idea. Happy New Year.

  21. Edy Grayson says:

    loved the video. I will get that cartridge. Thanks forthe tips.

  22. Very nice! I am going to scraplift your idea, and make a BD card for my grandson’s girlfriend – first I have to buy the cartridge, but I really like the girly stuff! Thx

  23. Such a cute idea!

  24. Love the tip of labelling the handbook pages by row and button numbers!

  25. Forever Young one of my favorite cartridges.

  26. I love that cartridge. Ive used it alot for teen birthdays.

  27. Well, you have convinced me to go get Forever Young. This cart will be perfect to make cards and decor for my daughter and niece! Thanks, Megan. Keep up the great work with all of your wonderful videos.

  28. Tammy Brownlee says:

    I am re-doing my bathroom in a Beach theme. I have the Life’s a Beach cart. What a cute idea to do frames with or without real pictures for home decor! Boy I wish I could think of these things!

  29. ok…now I want this cartridge also!!!

  30. You always have such cute ideas. Very creative!

  31. I loved the idea of picture frames….and that cartridge looks really neat! My neices bday is coming up and I think she would love something like that!
    Thanks so so much for the inspiration, Megan!

  32. I love these videos!

  33. Lovin the viva decor! Thanks for showing again! Happy New Year!

  34. Love it! So glad you are going thru these videos.


  35. Great idea for labeling the buttons on the overlay. Some of them are hard to read. Such a simple idea that solves a lot of headaches!

  36. Love these videos- especially the ones I missed the first time around. Hope you have a Happy New Year. Can’t wait for the first webcast of 2011!

  37. Very cute. Your videos have helped me a lot. TFS

  38. Pattie Weingardt says:

    I loved your project today. I need to get my hands on that Cartridge. Thanks for the ideas.

  39. Love this idea for a teenager. The video I especially like from FY cartridge is the embossed black purse. Thanks for bringing some of the favorite videos back.

  40. Cynthia G. says:

    I haven’t got this cart and it’s one of the fave’s on my wish list…I love the wall art idea. Great Job!

  41. Thanks for bringing back old videos.

  42. Jennifer Carr says:

    Love this frame. Thanks for sharing these videos again.

  43. love the idea of framing, way to go

  44. Yep – you have twisted my arm – this cartridge has been bumped up to my next cartridge to buy!
    Loved this project. Thanks heaps for sharing.

  45. What a cute idea to use for something for my granddaughter. Forever Young is now on my “wish” list.

  46. Virginia S. Waddy says:

    Love this cartridge, I got it so I can make things for my grand daughter. Also the idea on overlay labeling too. Thank you for all of your videos.

  47. This is very cute. I think my granddaughter would like this. Another idea on how to use this cart! Thanks.

  48. Debby Jensen says:

    Love the picture frame idea. Thanks for the tip of numbering the handbook.

  49. Shirley E. says:

    Another winner. Love the idea of doing something to frame. What a great idea to number your rows and columns.

  50. Linda Jamme says:

    Pretty cute. I can’t wait to get those Viva Decor Glitter Liners. I looked for them tonight at Archivers but, no go.

  51. Love your creativity; thanks for sharing it with us. If I had girls in my life to give gifts to, I would definitely get that cart. My life is surrounded by males, instead.

  52. Great new ideas. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  53. I remember that one but the second time through was just as informative. Thank you Megan

  54. Wow, another great project. You are so creative!

  55. Evein’ Megan, Cute project … don’t have this cartridge … enjoyed watching though. Thank you.

  56. Another cute card with Forever Young! Love it!

  57. Would never have thought of the simple framing idea. My nieces would love these. Love the fashionable outfit you gave her. Love love love these videos.

  58. You have given me an awesome idea for my girl friends new craftroom that she is recorating and organizing!

  59. What a cute idea…I have got to get that cartridge!!!!!

  60. Love the new cartridge, can’t wait to get that one.
    I have done the page labeling as you suggested, with all my cartridges. What a time saver and an excellent idea.

  61. This is such a great cartridge and there are so many things that you can do with it. Thanks for sharing!!

  62. Just got the Forever Young cartridge for Christmas. Wasn’t sure if I would use it or not. You are giving me some ideas to work with. Thanks. Checking in each day to see the new videos. Can’t wait til next Friday for your live message!! Happy New Year.

  63. I really like this project. Thanks.

  64. I couldn’t justify this cartridge for my purposes, but this project doesn’t help me hold fast to that notion. I LOVE that little purse! (Of course, that just makes me long for an Expression for larger projects! Maybe me New Year’s resolution should be: Be satisfied with what you have; utilizing creativity to make the most of it! Happy New Year!

  65. I absolutely LOVE this cartridge!!! I have just been waiting to buy it!

  66. Moira Efird says:

    You have done it again. I love this card. What is interesting is how much it helps to have the right tools, and with someone like you, “paving the way” to experiment helps. Thank you Megan. Love your work. I am learning alot.

  67. just have to agree..what a cute idea for my teenage nieces, will be putting this cartridge and the xryon machine on my “wish list”

  68. Stacey Halbgewachs says:

    How cute! My “must have” list is getting very long…and that is just items that i have seen here on your videos!!!

  69. Edwina Brown says:

    Very Nice! This will be great to use for my nieces.

  70. Numbering the handbooks helps a lot. The little designs on the keyboard plastic get hard to see, esp. for a grandma. Thanks for all you do.
    sc gma

  71. jenny mcmahon says:

    good tips…thanks!

  72. I love how creative you are! From cards, to scrapbook layouts, to pictures like this one! So great 🙂

  73. great project! Th Amy Butler paper was perfect for this!

  74. I have this cartridge and need to use it more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  75. Sheryl Smith says:

    You are tempting me again! I don’t have this cartridge yet!

  76. I received a cricut for Christmas so looking forward to implementing your tips

  77. Ok I love that paper you used.

  78. I remember this video too. I love that Forever Young cartridge.

  79. Great video–learned something new!

  80. Yet another Great video! Love it!!!

  81. Another great use for the Forever Young cartridge. I am telling you it really is one of my favorites.

  82. Gloria Kountz says:


  83. ann deery says:

    Can’t wait for the live webcast!

  84. Thanx so much for the ideas and inspiration you so generously give.

  85. Once again another cute design! TFS!

  86. You are so very creative. Thanks for all your work.

  87. I didn’t think I would like this cartridge, but after watching this video, I had to order it!! I would have never thought to number my pages like you do, awesome item!!!!

  88. WOW I like this one.

  89. This would make a cute gift for some of my creative friends!

  90. I love this cartridge. I like the way you make the clothes with printed paper. tfs

  91. Sarah Joy says:

    Great one!! Love the FOrever YOung CArt- it is my fav 🙂


  92. That was a fantastic tip with the Xyron for all those little pieces! Pinkalicious hugs, Jonnie

  93. I LOVE Amy Butler fabrics for my sewing projects! I was so happy to see this AB pad to use for my paper crafts! Yay!

  94. PS…. you’ve sold me on the Forever cartridge! I NEED it!

  95. I enjoy all that you teach in these videos.

  96. That is to cute! I don’t have the Forever Young cartridge yet, but it is on my list.

  97. One of my favorite too.

  98. I love this cartridge and your project!!!

  99. Forever Young is one of my favorites! Sandra

  100. Tina Voss says:

    I love the card…now I need the forever young cart!

  101. Cool! Reminds me of old-fashioned paperdolls from years ago…I spent many, many hours cutting my own paperdolls out by hand, now this is so much easier and quicker, just think of the many different outfits I could make now! Thanks!

  102. Having boys, I’m not sure this cart is right for me at this time. But thanks for another review of it.

  103. So So So cute!! You’ve nudged me toward the forever young cart!

  104. I have this Cart too and gonna try it today. Thanks for your sharing

  105. Cynthia Guy says:

    this is cute!

  106. Sue Stroud says:

    Cute, I have this cartridge but havent used it yet. Guess I’ll have to get busy. Thanks Megan.

  107. I’ve got a tv night planned with all my cartridge guides and a pen for labeling the pages. What a great idea. It’s the little things that make life even more wonderful.

  108. I just got Forever Young and I can’t wait to try it.

  109. I am going to have to look at this cartridge again. This frame is so so cute.

  110. too cute!!!

  111. penny reinhart says:

    thanks for the inspirational videos not only does it help beginners with how to use the tools, but it also provides wonderful ideas for paper crafting outside of cards and scrapbook pages.

  112. At first glance this cartridge didnt strike as one that I needed but I am going to explore that idea further. Thanks for the great videos!

  113. love it

  114. Kathy Stutzman says:

    Can’t get over your creativity. Keep them coming!

  115. Deana Hayes says:

    Okay,you’ve almost sold me on the cartridge

  116. ShawnfromMN` says:

    The Forever Young cartridge is one of my favorites. It is nice to see you using it in videos – great inspiration!

  117. Donna Thomas says:

    I love this cartridge. Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  118. I LOVE this project. I think I will have to get the Forever Young Cart. My daughters will have lots of fun with it too. Thanks for a great idea.


  120. Judy Spencer says:

    You make cartidges that I never thought I would use.. sooooo appealing !!

  121. Putting this Cart on my wish list for all my 12 grand daughters. I have one that is absolutely loves loves shoes, scarves, clothes, and accesories.

  122. Marcie Smith says:

    Loved the framed art deco. Have this cart but haven’t used it much. Might have to re-visit it.

  123. Daphne Held says:

    Love the retro looking paper!

  124. Janice P. says:

    This is so cute. You have made me want this cartridge. Thanks for the project.

  125. Annette S says:

    I love this cartridge! Thanks for sharing!

  126. GrannyCharlotte says:

    Too Cute!!! Great gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

  127. Love this, one of my favorites!

  128. Super Cute!!

  129. That outfit was way funky, but it turned out very cute in the end.

  130. Catching up on all your videos. Thank you for the great ideas!

  131. Lynn McNally says:

    thank you for sharing your awesome ideas!

  132. kim sh jones says:

    so cute! gotta try it!

  133. Kimberly R. says:

    Another great idea!

  134. Jackie "B" says:

    Love this video. “Forever Young” is one of my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  135. TFS! I am really loving the Forever Young cart!

  136. So cute – love the frame and I also appreciate the idea to label my booklets with rows and columns!

  137. Super TFS

  138. Connie Gage says:

    Just love everything you do on here. THANK YOU.

  139. SOOOOO CUTE and I LOVE that Cartridge! 🙂

  140. great. I;m going to order this cartridge.

  141. I just purchased this cartridge, but haven’t used it yet. I have a teenage daughter, and thought she would like it. Now I have at least one idea on how to use it effectively. THANKS!

  142. Luv the cart! and luv those glitter liners 🙂

  143. Soooooooooo cute.

  144. dolores weitzman says:

    i just love your demonstration of the forever young cricut cartridge, fabulous!!!

  145. Very cute idea with the picture frames. But I also appreciate the tip for labeling your cricut books in the corner with the row and button #’s. Thanks for a great tip!

  146. love love love the tip for labeling thehandbooks

  147. Debi Nelson says:

    I love all the help and ideas you share to inspire all us to craft. Thank you Megan


  148. What a great idea for frames! Thanks so much for your ideas and inspiration!

  149. Very cute project. Perhaps this cartridge would be useful….. 🙂

  150. I only have a few cartridges so far. It is so helpful to see how different cartridges can be put to use! I am trying to decide which ones to get to add a little variety to my stock 🙂

  151. Love the tips!

  152. Marianne B. says:

    You’re so creative and coordinated. Love the video.

  153. finally broke down and bought this cart recently – great timing for the video!! Have been lettering/numbering my books for a while now and it is so much easier. Thanks.

  154. Hi Megan, soooo cute, thank you for sharing all you do

  155. Love this cartridge….put it on my wish list….very clever way of colour coordinating the clothes……thanks once again……CP

  156. really cute idea. love the viva decor pens

  157. Barbara Gil says:

    I love this cartridge, too! Great tip about writing the button location on the page! Thanks so much!

  158. Wow I love your ideas. I have not used this cartridge much, but I am going to take a look at it again.

  159. Barbara Greenwell says:

    Such a cute idea for a gift! Thanks for sharing.

  160. Jan Kessell says:

    I just got a 5″ Xyron for Christmas…I wonder if that’s a bit of overkill, or if I’ll love it? I’d better stop doing computer work and go play with it to find out!

  161. Thanks for the videos.

  162. I just might have to get this cartridge also. I to label my pages with letters and numbers. Thanks for all your videos.

  163. Christine Bowens says:

    Love how you label your book. Thanks for the info.

  164. reneeleeak says:

    I really like the tip on how you number your cartridge book pages and the project is so cute! What a great gift to give a teenage girl.

  165. I didn’t know how I was going to use this cartridge, thanks for another wonderful idea!!

  166. Tina Campbell says:

    Thanks for the great ideas on numbering the booklet and the use of the Xyron. Now I know a use for the Xyron that should get it out the box that I bought a few years ago and never used, I don’t think I even opened the box, LOL. Thanks, Tina

  167. Terrific! Love it.

  168. Your videos are soooo great. always make you take a second look at your cartridges. love love love

  169. Donna Sullivan says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying all your videos! And now I am in love with yet another cartridge I didn’t know about! So cute!

  170. I so love this super cute idea!!!! I love your little machine too… I may have to get one of
    Thanks again for all your hard work.

  171. So cute! That Forever Young cartridge is next on my list! Thanks for this darling video!

  172. Phyllisnanatotwo says:

    Very elegant looking, nice cartridge.

  173. Love it! I really want this cartridge!

  174. I love making those “dolls”. I will age myself here and say that it brings back great memories of playing paper dolls.

  175. Again great video. I have that cartridge and just love it. TFS

  176. very nice!

  177. I have got to make this for my nieces birthday!!

  178. Crystal Nichols says:

    Thanks for the idea! I love this cartridge, I will have to find some of this paper.

  179. I really like this cart…need to get myself one.

  180. Very nice. TFS. Thanks for inspiring me to use this cartridge that I have never used. This is one of my goals for 2011…to use all of my cartridges at least once.

  181. Garianne Fuentes says:

    I think now I will get this cartridge. Thanks

  182. Another cartridge I have to have. Really darling card.

  183. Christina says:

    Love all these videos and such a cute idea.

  184. Super cute idea, love it!!!

  185. Inga Klaus says:

    Very cute idea thank you for sharing.

  186. Salley Schwartz says:

    Wish I had the 12 x 12.

  187. I think the Forever Young cartridge is so pretty. I guess I will have to get it too since I saw what you did with it. Meghan, you are hard on the finances. We are in a recession, you know.

  188. Oh so cute! After seeing this video, I have to get this cartridge!

  189. kathie buckner says:

    i love this video.thanks so much

  190. It looks like I’ll be adding Forever Young to my list of must haves!

  191. This idea made me think twice about forever young cartridge.

  192. What a fun project!

  193. This cart is so versital- you can use it for a birthday or achievement card or as a wedding card or layout, too!

  194. Stacy Blankenbaker says:

    This is one of my favorite cartridges and I have used it many times for several different layouts! Thanks again for all your great ideas!

  195. really love this project thankyou.Barb

  196. Thanks so much for all the work you put into making these projects, look sssssooo EASY.

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