Enjoying Life’s Moments:What’s a Girl to Do?

Starbucks and Favorite Snack

I was on Facebook (as usual lol) and this was a comment from Lori B. that I had to share and expand upon: What do you do when it feels like your mojo is gone? Went to my craft room and stared for 45 minutes. Nothing.  Here’s a deeper look into my answer: I have been there more times than I can count! Especially recently.  Sometimes it’s just hard to find the motivation and mojo to feel and be creative even {Read More}

CHA Ustream Winter 2013 Giveaway!

I’m BACK from CHA! And I have goodies to share! Last night I did a quick Ustream to share ALL the goodies from CHA that I brought home and I have a giveaway for you!!! I hope you enjoy this fun little video and SPECIAL Announcement!!! Video streaming by Ustream   Just leave a comment and share this post with your friends to be entered to WIN! Videos from CHA will be posted all week long and I hope you {Read More}

CHA is Here Which Means It’s Time to Dance “Crafter’s Style”

Header Sheet

My very own Gangnum Style Parody all for you Crafter’s Kicking off this years 2013 CHA Winter show!   Every year crafters gather one place that they all know They’ll see and they’ll find all the latest for their craft rooms They’ll learn all the new techniques and play with all the goodies like a Hot Glue gun, Rhinestones, Flowers   See Bo Bunny there, they have the hottest pattern paper You’ll see Glue Arts there for all your favorite {Read More}

New Year, New Blog, New You?

2013 new year sparkler

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS!!!! I’m so thankful and blessed by each one of you and all of the new followers we have this 2013 year!!!!  I hope you have a healthy and blessed year – it’s 2013!!!!! I love the new year!  I love celebrating what was and looking forward to what will be!  I know there really isn’t anything truly magical to the stroke of midnight – but it feels like there is!!! God promises each new day {Read More}

Looking for Something Sweet? Megan’s Favorite Christmas Breakfast

Hey Everyone   So today I had to share with you a quick video I filmed the night before Thanksgiving.  This is my favorite recipe to make for special occasions and holidays and I just had to share with you!  I hope you enjoy it! It’s so super easy!   Ingredients: Two Loaves frozen bread – defrost until soft and risen 1 stick Butter 2 Tbs of Milk 1 pack of Vanilla Cook and Serve Pudding 1-2 Tbs of Vanilla {Read More}

Life’s Moments: Cool Apps, Awesome Store, Christmas Time

Hey Everyone! Well I just got back from St. Cloud Minnesota and had a GREAT time at Crafts Direct and the weekend event that my wonderful friend Genna Migala hosted.  We got a massive snow storm so the second part of my trip ended up canceled and I came home early. I was actually kinda happy about it,though it did take me an extra 3.5 hours to make it home safely. I learned a LOT at this last event and {Read More}

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

So very very very much to be Thankful for and I wish you all the JOY and THANKFULNESS in each heart today from us to you!!! I can’t believe my little guy Ben turns FIVE today too!  He was born on Thanksgiving day in 2007 and now he gets to turn 5 on Thanksgiving and it is so very much fun!  We are so blessed and my whole family is thankful for each one of you!  Your comments, your support, {Read More}

Megan Update on Teeth and THANK YOU!

Hey All!   I’m laying in bed taking it easy, lots of pain and swelling, seems much worse second day than first, hopefully start feeling better soon, this is not fun.   But here is the really cool thing!  I’ve been SOOO encouraged by your reaching out, and others reaching out going through the SAME thing!  I heard from a woman named Lesa Marie, and she just had all her top teeth removed and is going through it just as {Read More}

Megan’s Birthday and Winner

All the kids

Hey Everyone! This post is a day late – I’m so sorry! Friday AND Saturday were SUCH great Birthday Celebrations!!! Thank you ALL for SO MANY kind and wonderful comments!  Over 200 on the blog and 450 on Facebook!  I felt so much LOVE! It was SO great having two days of “partying” and fun!  It was a MUCH needed break from working and everything else!  My house is quite the mess and I’m behind on my video list, BUT, {Read More}

Enjoying Life’s Moments: Life Changes and Little Smiles

Enjoying Lifes Moments

Hey Everyone Happy Sunday! If you read Friday’s post – I said I’d be sharing some of Enjoying Life’s Moments with you, and today is the PERFECT day to start because I have some major changes in my lifestyle that I need to start TODAY!  I’m definitely going to need the support and encouragement of my friends and family here at AboveRubiesStudio and I HOPE that this may encourage a few of you as well! Without getting into TONS of {Read More}