I Could Use Your Help! 50

Two things actually I could use the help of all my favorite friends here for!  Who’s ready, able and willing to help?


1) Would you all go over to Craft-Attitude and VOTE for the project you like?  I would LOVE if you vote to Me, but feel free to vote away either way you choose!!! Hurry you don’t have long!



2)  I am looking for 5 of my friends to feature in upcoming posts on AboveRubiesStudio.com – if you are interested send an email including a picture of an original project you created to hello (at) aboverubiesstudio.com

I would love to feature things you create – if they utilize Megan Elizabeth projects or things you’ve learned from videos or DVDs that’s awesome too, but certainly not a requirement!!!


Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  Would love to hear what you are up to if you want to leave me a comment today!

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