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Weekend is coming and lots and lots of awesome stuff happening, even though I’m technically on moderate bed rest this weekend….Here is a baby update!

Thursday landed me in the hospital on monitors all day with contractions every 7 minutes, my blood pressure has been high and my iron is low.  So, contractions have finally stopped after some meds at the hospital, I’m on all kinds of home medications for the BP, Iron and Contractions….Lots of water and laptop at the recliner is basically what I am up to!  I’m thankful for my job that I can still work from the computer, even if I can’t get into the craft room for a little while – lots I can still do!  Baby is doing EXCELLENT! Measuring at 30 weeks and his heartbeat has been super strong! He is insanely active!  So much so the Dr said I should get a t-shirt that says “My Uterus is a Dojo” (for those who don’t know what that is, it’s a martial arts training gym/hall I suppose. LOL!

Thankful for the baby’s family just picking up and helping out, giving my kids rides, coming to the hospital with me, doing laundry and making meals….My family is all in Pennsylvania and I miss my Mom a ton right now, but I’m thankful she’s home and able to get rest SHE needs to with all she is medically dealing with!

So that’s the update on the personal side of my life – all good – but still needing rest and careful considerations to all choices I’m making right now for the health of me and baby boy!

I promise not to let this be an excuse to keep me from taking actions towards my goals…though my top ultimate goal and purpose right now is to take care of my health and this baby’s health, doesn’t make me totally helpless and I hope that encourages many of you as well!!  No matter what you are going through, what limitations you have, you can still find purpose, things to be thankful for, and take small action steps in! 😉 You can do it! 😉

I thought I would share a little peak video of just a FEW things coming out very soon with Close To My Heart – there is a whole new Idea Book coming out February 2014, but there are certain things you can do RIGHT NOW to enjoy the goodies!

CTMH January 2014

January has an awesome special on the Cloud Nine kit which really excites me!  There is a VERY CUTE “hip-hip-horray” mustache stamp that you can cut out with the Artiste Cricut Cartridge – soooooo cute!!

There are several ways to get your hands on this card making kit, but the most beneficial way I’m going to suggest you anyone interested in becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant, now is the PERFECT time! Here are a few reason why:

  1. You get this Cloud Nine Kit (above)Free with qualifying salesCTMH-ss-new-consultant-kit
  2. You get the BRAND NEW Consultant kit (pictured here) of products being released this February, 2014 and you can see a little bit of in video below….
  3. You get to become a part of the brand new website completely for FREE as long as you are an active CTMH Consultant in my Team!
  4. It’s a great way to have a starting point for creative business from home and earn an extra income!
  5. It’s also a great time to get that discount (22%) on the Cricut Cartridges and all new crafting goodies!


Pretty darn excited about all this stuff!

Winter SaleAlso, if you’re on the backstage email list, you received an email from me earlier about how thankful I am for each of you and some other things going on….

I want to make sure everyone checking out the blog knows that is having a Winter Blues Sale with up to 70% off many items – especially since all of the products will be discontinued and OUT OF STOCK this year most likely…. This sale goes on until January 31, 2014 so keep warm with these HOT DEALS too!


Alright – so here is my no-makeup, hair in a frizzy pony-tail, sweatpants from kitchen chair, real-life Megan video sharing just a little bit of whats coming, but do not forget, now really is the perfect time to get your hands on the new consultant kit….AND because things change all the time, make sure you get anything from the 2013 Idea Book RIGHT NOW before it’s too late on those WONDERFUL lines!

YouTube Preview Image

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15 thoughts on “Baby Update and Brand New Close to My Heart 2014

  • Colleen

    Megan, hope you take care of yourself and that baby. I know exactly what you are going through. I was on strict bed rest (could only get up for bathroom) from 22 weeks-28 weeks with my twins 13 years ago. Unfortunately they were born 3 months premature at 28 weeks and had to spend over 2 months in the NICU. Very scary time, but they are well today, so worth the aggravation of bed rest and all of the unGodly tests and medications they give to you. Your little guy is already 2 weeks past what my twins made it to, and Im sure your doctors have told you every day on the inside counts, at least until 34 weeks when lungs are considered fully developed; so hang in there; you are getting closer everyday!!

  • Tami Moss

    Megan, I have to confess my sin. I’ve been coveting the CTMH consultant kit for a long time. I fell in love with CTMH when they came out with the Art Philosophy. thought one was $99 and the smaller one for $49. Maybe I have it confused with Square 1Masterpiece. Going to have serious prayer and thought.

  • Robin

    Megan- You are such a blessing to all of us in internet land!! I am sure that your sweet spirit is a joy to be around! Blessings to you, your baby, and family! I am thinking about the CTMH offering!

  • Sue

    Hi Megan: I have been watching your you tube videos and I must say that I have enjoyed them immensely. I am now a “follower” of your blog also. Had no idea you were having such issues with pregnancy. I am nearly 55 now and my son is now 30, he was 2 weeks premature and is doing fine. He was 6.2 pounds and long! I remember like it was yesterday 🙂
    Wanted to say, how proud I am that there is another gal out there with the great outlook on life and what you choose to do with it!! You are truly inspiration to a lot of people, including myself. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and battled the big C back in 2010, so no matter how tough the road gets there are always choices to make. You look after yourself and this baby and don’t get “overtired”, that can have nasty results! I now suffer from chronic pain but that doesn’t stop me from gathering my things and accumulating more to accomplish my goals. I am trying to get the “equipment” to make my crafting easier on myself and it’s working. Big Shot is next purchase and then I am on my way. I am also a knitter, weaver and beginning sewing! take care

  • Deborah Horn

    You are so blessed to have so many people helping you. I am keeping you and your little one in my heart,
    thoughts and many prayers. Now is the time for you to rest and take of of the two of you. I know from
    experience God has a way of slowing us down, even when we think we do not need it. You are a real
    go getter and it sounds like this little boy is anxious to take after his mommy. LOL!

    We all love you, and want the very best for you. Take the time, and if you need to stop for awhile, we will
    be here waiting on you with open arms. But for now the two of you are most important.
    Don’t make us gals come and duct tape you to the bed so you will rest. LOL!
    You are very special to all of us . Take care sweetie!

    Debbie Horn

  • Carole T

    Megan dear, just take care of yourself and the baby, EVERYTHING else will keep. I’m happy to here that you have loving family to help. Remember that accepting help when it is needed is a blessing also to the one who helps. You are in my prayers, Hugs, Carole

  • Linda

    Megan, take care and stay well, you are caring for two right now. Both you and baby boy are in my prayers. Accept all the help you need now, because of the person you are, I know you will pay it forward one day.

  • Debi West

    Thankful everything is okay with you and your baby. While we really enjoy everything you do, don’t let us keep you from taking care of both of you guys 😉

  • Connie

    Megan, I am a nurse and work with mom’s having problems with pregnancy…early rupture, elevated blood pressures, preterm labor, etc. I have also spent 12-1/2 years working in the NICU. PLEASE listen to your doctor and do all you can to rest. Your health and the health of that precious little one should be your first priority now. Give him at least 4 more weeks to get the best chance of a healthy life. We love your posts, but know he has to come first. I do CTMH, too, and love the product. Take Care!!!