Sure Cuts A Lot v3 and eBosser 40

Hey Guys,

So I wanted to check in to talk to you all about the NEW SCAL version 3. I know there are a lot of questions about whats going on so you can hear it straight from Dane’s mouth and see that SCAL still works with MANY of the die-cutting machines out there. While Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) version 3 does not support the Cricut machine and version 2 is no longer available. It still is a great software to use, and if you have one of the many other machines it supports you will love the software. You can learn more about SCAL HERE directly and if you have questions, I will try to answer them as they come in. This video is really to give an update to many of my older videos using SCAL. I use SCAL mostly with my eCraft machine, while the eCraft has its own software, I’m already pretty accustom to what SCAL does and is.  I know this is a real bummer for most Cricut users and many of you aren’t going to be buying a new machine just to use SCAL!  LOL  BUT, for those who want to know, this is the info I can give you.  For Cricut users, you are limited to Cartridges, the Gypsy, Design Studio and soon the Cricut Craft Room.  I hope that helps!

Speaking of the eCraft by Craftwell, something they were sharing at this Chicago 2011 Show was their new eBosser and you can listen to Emily tell you a little bit more about this FULLY automated embossing/diecutting machine, SO super Sweet!

Check it all out and let me know your thoughts and questions! 🙂  Have a GREAT day!

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40 thoughts on “Sure Cuts A Lot v3 and eBosser

  • Jennie Barger

    For what it’s worth, I am quite happy with my Cricut, Gypsy, Imagine, Expression 2 and all 155+ cartridges I have! I’ve invested far too much to think about getting a new machine! 🙂 For those of you who have other machines – enjoy! Thanks for the info Megan!

  • karen

    Thanks Megan for the information. I also have almost 190 PLUS cartridges, the original Cricut, the Imagine, the Expression, Design Studio with 3 juke boxes, the Gypsy, the embosser, engraver, the mini gel pen holder and the mini sharpie holder. Way too much to invest in another machine. I love Cricut. For those with the other machines have fun.

  • Debbie K

    I haven’t used my Cricut Expression in a while. I heard about the lawsuit with SCAL. Does this mean my SCAL2 will no longer work as it did with my expression, or does it just mean I will not be able to upgrade to SCAL3? I’d appreciate any responses.

  • Connie Gage

    I don’t buy every new machine that comes along, happy with the cricut for time being. Your microphone kept going up and down and was hard to hear.

  • Angela W

    Hey Megan,
    Thanks for the info. I was one of the lucky ones to have Scal for my cricut. I have an expression for my Scal an another one for my Gypsy. I love learning about the new cutting systems that are out there. I like my expression,but I hate the expense of the cartridges and that you can’t use coupons to purchase them. With the Scal I can make my own designs. I still buy cartridges when they are on sale. Thank for sharing. Hope your day is Blessed

  • Becki Wagner

    @DebbieK, you can still use SCAL 2 with your Cricut you just cannot upgrade the firmware on your machine or to SCAL3. HTH

    I got sold my CE when the lawsuit hit with MTC and bought a Boss Kut Gazelle. It is an awesome machine! I just didn’t want to be tied to cartridges, really expensive even though I love the images on them.

  • patricia

    Happy with my Expression, Gypsy and Design Studio, I also recently purchased the cuttlebug and several folders, LOVE IT! The carts are fun to work with specially using the Gypsy.
    But thank you for the info. As always great job!

  • shari

    will you please please please make a vedio for Sure Cuts A Lot. I love your others and have them all. I work many jobs and do not have the time to practice on everything I have. I sure would love a return email from you concerning this. Thanks, Shari

  • kim

    I love my Cricut Expression and all the cartridges and def my Gypsy, but I do love SCAL. I can make my own stuff, but files from great places like Cutting Cafe. It gives me all kinds of creative fun!!!

  • jill Howland

    How can a get an older version for my cricut?? I would love to get one. It would sure save me money, since I just got into all of this and did not know about it.

  • millie

    Hi Megan I want this machine I love that you you can use a whole sheet of paper I want it my husband is shaking his head no but I know i’ll get it sooner or later.Thanks for the info.Hugs.

  • theDude

    Hi Megan, why are we facing the step backwards in SCAL (i.e., SCAL 3 doesn’t support Cricut??) To me the only reason I use SCAL is for my Cricut, and I refuse to upgrade to a software version that would break functionality… I guess I’ll stick to SCAL2 or find a competitor…

  • Jenny

    I just bought my cricut machine and have a cuttlebug. I just can’t imagine investing in another machine. I’m more a stamper and card maker and don’t do scrapbooking so thank goodness do not feel the need for this. I’m definitely a stamping junkie and buy and keep up with latest trends. I have a whole area in my basement set up for my stamping and tons of room for storage, work area, cricut table, cuttlebug area, heat embossing area. I can’t imagine how people have room for all the machines and keeping up with new products…plus the expense! Guess there is something for everyone and you pick and choose. I do love this site and videos and this was the first time I thought…Please this is enough and didn’t watch most of the video.

  • Katrina

    Thanks Megan! I would like to know, since you have probably seen every cutting machine out there that works with SCAL, which one you think is the ultimate cutter, not matter what the cost. I just saw how to make my own rhinestone templates and my darned Cricut won’t cut tiny circles. It cuts them in ovals. I want to start my own business so now I have to sell my Cricut to get a different one and luckily my hubby is behind me. He wants me to get the 18″ Black Cat Cougar. I have to have something that can be used with SCAL.

  • Jeannie

    I have the cricut expression running SCAL2, gypsy, and all accessories with about 50 cartridges. I just got the Sizzix eclips and just love it! SCAL will be available for the eclips in October and Print to Cut first of the year. I’m done supporting ProvoCraft, they don’t listen to their customers and are more concerned with the almighty dollar! I do love my cricut, but done with any more purchases for it. I will run it till it dies then sell the cartridges or donate them to a school.

  • Linda W

    Those of you who already own SCAL 2, just don’t update your Circut firmware. To learn SCAL, Leo and Mary at SVGcuts has terrific videos on how to(s). According to the settlement between PC and SCAL2, new version, SCAL3 will no longer work with Circut machines. But SCAL3 is supporting many other die-cut machines on the market.
    As for me, I’ve upgraded to the Pazzles. Plus, I got such a steal on it in my local AcMoore (I think it was the last one and they’re not carrying it anymore). Lucky Me! I researched this machine extensively and am aware of its learning curve. I can tell you that the software it comes with is a very powerful program. I am having fun playing and learning the software. The Pazzles can cut, (emboss, engrave, pierce and draw with additional accessories). The Pazzles is not a cartridge based machine. For those of you who enjoy creating your own designs, this is the machine. You can still get free files or purchased files on various sites if you so choose. Oh my gosh, I am not trying to pitch an ad campaign. It’s just information I’ve gotten and my own experience with the Pazzles cutter.

  • Carol Pringle

    Thanks Meagan for all the information….I really enjoy seeing what is out there on the market even though I am completely happy with my Expression and Cuttlebug…..have a wonderful week…cheers to all.

  • Marcie Smith

    I bought my first cricut when it first came out, and just never stopped. I have them all as well as over 200 carts, DS, Gypsy, Cuttlebug, Your Story, etc. I also have SCAL. I liked it and thought provocraft was wrong. It didn’t keep me from buying their carts and it really was more of a selling point for the cricut lines to have that added capability. I would not go out and purchase another die cutter thou just to have SCAL, you are still very limited with that also.

  • Chris

    Hi Megan
    I have SCAL and an Expression. I received a Gypsy as a gift. However, I couldn’t use it with my Expression because I would have to upgrade the firmware, making it useless for SCAL. I bit the bullet and bought a little Personal 6″X12″ Cricut. ALthough I had the expense, I can now use both SCAL and my Gypsy, go figure, the things we do to have it all.
    BTW, you are awesome!

  • Cindy

    I am so confused. I understand that I cannot update my firmware. I have two Cricut machines and two computers. When I update the firmware, am I updating just the Cricut or the Cricut and the computer? If I don’t update the firmware on one of the Cricut machines, will I still be able cut from all of my cartridges (uploaded to the Gypsy), even the new ones? (Chris, you seem to be on the same wavelength as I am; can you help?) I too am very disappointed in the way ProvoCraft is treating their Cricut customers. Many of us have been loyal users/purchasers for many years, but it seems they are not returning that loyalty.

  • Valerie

    Thanks for the info. I am glad that I did not buy SCAL when I was considering it awhile back. I have to agree with a previous comment that Provo Craft does not really care about their customers. I own a small Cricut, an Expression, a Gypsy, a Cuttlebug, and a My Story plus too many carts and folders to mention yet, despite all of this, only some people are “allowed” access to the Craft Room and so many carts are only available to an exclusive few. Maybe if they hear from enough of us, they will think about changing how they do business since we love their products and don’t want to move away from them.

  • Ruby

    Hi megan i have the cricut expression & i was thinking about buying the sure cuts. So i shouldnt buy it cuz it wont work with it at all anymore. Im really counfused,i was really looking forward to buying it cuz cartridges r too expensive & we cant use cupons on the please give me some advise, and i sure cant afford to buy a new machine anytime soon={

  • Jeannie

    Chris and Cindy: What version is your cricut? My expression IS updated to v2.34 and I am able to use SCAL2 v2.041. I was forced to update because my gypsy would not load certain cartridges until I did. I didn’t think I was able to use the SCAL2 either after updating and so the program just sat on my computer. It wasn’t until after talking to a fellow crafter on another craft site that I tried the SCAL2 program and found out that it worked just fine. Just thought I would mention that….

    • Chele R

      You say that you have the gypsy and scal2 on the same comp. and they work just fine. I have not updated my gypsy because I don’t want anything to quit working!

  • Debbie Hodin

    Where I live, I can’t get the video to work can you please put the info in writing so I can read it?


    I can’t afford 200 plus cartridges and I’m sure I’m not alone. I love my scal, I have thousands of free svg files and I’ve cut most of them.
    I worried about the files that were just like the cricut cartridges they were infringing on copyright laws; but why not stop them and let the other svg files be ok?
    I have a friend who wants scal 2, does anyone have a new one they want to sell?


  • Vicki A

    You can have SCAL2 and SCAL3 on the same computer. I’ve had SCAL2 for a couple of years and I got SCAL 3 to use with my eCraft.

    I purchased a “new” slightly-used Expression which I upgraded from 2.0 to 2.34 following the instructions on the SCAL website. The upgrade (done just this past week) did not block the use of SCAL which I was worried about.

    I bought this “backup Expression” because I was worried my current Expression was going to wear out (Okay, I admit I’ve abused it) and I couldn’t stand the thought of not having SCAL to do my crafts with.

    I use my Expression for card making, scrapbooking, all kinds of holiday decorations,and party decorations as well as making gifts. Without it I would limit my craft projects by about 80%.

    I also have a Gypsy which I am using just fine. Although I have not updated it for several months. I will not buy new cartridges just so that I do not have to upgrade. Somehow I don’t think that was the result ProvoCraft wanted. I can get just about any image I want elsewhere. SVGcuts, Lettering Delights to name a couple (just Google svg cutting files) and many crafters share their svg files for free.

    I have Make the Cut and an eCraft as well. I purchased them because of the whole Provocraft/SCAL/MTC lawsuit stuff but, I don’t love either of those. I can’t get my eCraft to cut properly most of the time. A good training video for that would be marvelous. Right now I’m feeling those purchases were a waste of money.

  • Christeen Baker

    Thanks everyone all your comments have been helpful. I am only new to all this but purchased a baby bug in April here in Australia and because the cartridges are so expensive here I also got SCAL2 which I absolutely love. I also bought Design Studio but find this software no where near as good as SCAL. I recently bought an Expression V2.34 and was delighted that my SCAL2 still works. I was thinking of buying a gypsy to be able to manipulate my Cricut images how I want but am wondering if I do will that stop me being able to use SCAL2. I only have about 10 cartridges but I have a lot more svg files most of which were free so I am reluctant to do anything that would stop me using SCAL2. Any new machines is out of the question for me and most are not available here anyway.

  • Gina

    I am a diehard SCAL2 user. It is so much more user friendly than Design Studio, which I get so frustrated with. I am still using my Cricut Expressions and am cautious about any updates. I love being able to create my own designs or shop all the great inexpensive sources like SVGcuts or Lettering Delights. I own 35 Cricut cartridges but hundreds of SVG files. When the Expressions dies it will be replaced by a non-ProvoCraft cutter.

  • Madeline Griggs

    I have SCAL2.043 and love it. I also have the personal cricut cutter, Expression (just bought on sale), and Cricut Imagine. I’ved used SCAL on the personal cutter and would like to know where you to get the free svg files. I have found some sites, but I thought that on one of your videos comparing Gypsy to SCAL that you mentioned having some svg files available on your site. Please let me know where that can be located, thank you so much for all of your information. I know that if I update my firmware, the SCAL 2 will not work so I haven’t updated yet. I do have quite a few cartridges.

  • David

    Some tips?

    I’m new, but running Scal 2 on newly purchased Create.
    Your internet must be turned off each time you start Scal but otherwise it is possible to get a computer hooked up to a Cricut. It takes some time, but I own 1 cartridge and don’t need more.
    I also use my sharpie pens in my cricut but with $0.30 O-Rings and some tape.
    It works great.
    Contact paper in wood grain and frosted glass are great for cutting, cost is $8.00 for 18 inches by 25 feet, sometimes 35 feet. You can make all the mistakes you want. Vinyl spray paint works well if you want a new color contact paper!!!
    I found a christmas wraping paper with what I would call a chrome back side. That, spray glued to the frosted glass contact paper was cool for creating chrome letters. It tears easily but it was not expensive.

    Tape off your cricut mats to protect the border and use mild spray adhesive as needed to re-stick the mat.
    Make your mat last longer – flip it over, mark the borders with a dark sharpie. Now spray the back side and use it this way in the machine for a while. Your mats will last almost twice as long.

    Again, I’m new to this machine but it’s fun so far.


  • Duane

    I have “Make The Cut v 3.2” and use it on a Expression by Cricut. After seeing the E Bosser and the die cutter by ECRAFT. I am sold. I got my Expression last year and use it exsclusively with MTC and SVG’s. I am always using Inkscape and then MTC v 3.2 for my projects, but now I am thinking of changing to the ECRAFT cutter and upgrading the MTC software. Now the newest version of MTC almost eliminates using Inkscape. And lets face it “Cricut” wants to be exsclusive to themselves. My wife has a Cricut and lots of cartriges and does not use the computer with hers, so she’s fine with using the Cricut that way. Me, I like to make SVG’s and use the computer to make things. I think that I’ll love not using any mat in the cutter and we watch a first grader sometimes and she loves to emboss and cut things. I think the EBosser will work out better for her (and US too). So keep the demos and tutorials coming!!! P.S. I’m sure SCAL 3 is great also. Good to have more than one third party software out there, it keeps the improvements coming for us.

  • Mykel

    I have a cricut expression running SCAL2…..for my birthday my husband bought me a cameo….and I want to upgrade to SCAL3, but want to give my sister my cricut and SCAL2. Am I able to upgrade and let her run the cricut and SCAL2 on her computer? Im scared to upgrade, afraid it will mess up scal2 for her. Advice?