I'm Going Shopping! Who's With Me!?!? 10

Hey Everyone

I’m just checking in and I was checking my email, and checking facebook and visiting a few favorite blogs of mine when it came to me….in my inbox….it was the push I needed!  I’m going TODAY to buy the Cricut Flower Shoppe Projects Cartridge! LOL 🙂

I got a Coupon from AC Moore and I’m going to get it right now!  Here is a copy of the coupon for you and I also wanted to share a video with you from Christina Thomas (Creations with Christina) You can view the Flower Shoppe Video right HERE! Pushed me over the edge to get my pattooty to the store 😉 😉 Thanks Christina!!!!  She really does great videos, so if you haven’t checked her out in a while, go today to do that especially if you can’t get to the store! 🙂

Hope I’m not TOOO bad of an influence 😉 😉 LOL  Please don’t give your significant others my phone number when you go shopping – I plead the 5th 😉 hahahaa!

I have sooooo many things piles up on my desk right now of videos I’m trying to complete, things I want to show and share, DVDs that are coming out and just FUN stuff cause I LOVE creating!  I am also DYING to get a group of people together for us all to crop and share together…who’s with me!!??!?!  Who’s in for a ARS Get Together Later this year????? Hmmm????? I keep saying I’m going to do it…..I just need to organize myself enough to pull it off!  Although, a wonderful woman named Joann asked me if SHE could help me pull something off, I may have to take her up on it.  But it will still take serious planning! 😉

Click on the coupons below to enlarge and print – take with you shopping and have a GREAT day!!! 🙂

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