Fresh Look Friday(ep. 107): ScorPal or Score Board and Printable Adhesive Fabric 42

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Hey Everyone!

So missed a month of Fresh Look Friday and we are back on track and ready to share share share!

This episode features several cool things that should help ya out and you can have fun with and just wanted to give my opinions to try to help you out all the more!

In this episode:

Also, I wanted to share with you the special offer for the Square One Printable Adhesive Fabric!  If you would like to share this unique product with others, you can actually earn a 20% commission on every sale that you share.  This is something I have signed up for through their affiliate program and you can too.  Doug Sirek is just an awesome guy who contacted me several months ago about this UNIQUE material and I do believe you will find it different and fun for you as well.  You’ll be able to check it out through Club Ruby Designers kits eventually, but for now, you can purchase sheets yourself if you feel its something you would like and if you want to share, don’t hesitate to get your own account and earn 20% commissions! 🙂 Do so by signing up right HERE! 🙂

Disclaimer:  While I am collecting a commission on sales directly from my website for the Square One Viny,  I generally do not receive payment for most products I share.  I share what I believe in and love because I feel its what most BENEFITS you at home! 🙂  From time to time we will have a sponsor for products or manufactures will send me products to test out and give my opinion…rest assured I will share with you my honest opinions and let you know pros and cons as I see them.  Everyone has their own opinions of course, but I like to let you know my thoughts and share the things I REALLY love! 😉  Hope that helps! 🙂

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42 thoughts on “Fresh Look Friday(ep. 107): ScorPal or Score Board and Printable Adhesive Fabric

  • Rj

    Always love checking out you What’s hot Video’s, But unfortunately I had a problem with ordering for you site and never received it not sure I wanna go thru that again

  • Teresa Branch

    You are moving & growing so fast. I’ve been with you for a while now. When did you first start out with Above Ruby? It’s like watching a little bird grow up and take flight. Keep up the good work.
    Till next time. Oh yes my Martha Stewart does give me trouble at times.

  • Jean Moe

    great video, tells a lot and makes me want more stuff!! I am still waiting to find out how to order the paper kits that you feature , Help Plesas,

  • Debby J

    Thank you for your video-I bought the Martha Stewart Score Board and have had nothing but problems with it and don’t even use it any more. I even emailed a comment on her website, but got no response. Luckily, I had a coupon so I didn’t buy it at full price! After viewing your video, I may just get the Scor-Buddy.

  • Linda

    What a fun video. You always have some great tips and you are so energetic it makes it fun to view. I have the Martha Stewart scoring thingy and really like it but I do agree that I have torn my paper a few times. I do like that I can create a great looking envelope with it and I don’t see that you can with the Scor Pal.

  • Marcie Smith

    Loved todays video. Always great to hear someone else’s take on products. I have a request for you and hope maybe you might be able to help. I know that I am not the only one out there who owns and uses several cricut machines. Does anyone have a great method of storing them. I have been thinking about makeing a rolling cart with pull out shelves so that they can all be utilized at the same time, and are still mobile enough to be connected to computer for updates etc. Just thought there must be someone out there that might share (even you)their work/storage space for all their cricuts.

  • Angela W

    Hey Megan,
    Loved the video! I have the Martha Stewart Score Board and when I was first learning how to use it I did have a problem with taring but now after learning how much pressure to use I have no problems. I to do not like the bone folder that comes with it so I use the one that comes in the Cricut tool kit and it works great. Thanks for all the tips and tricks.
    Hope your day is Blessed.

  • Jeannie

    @Marcie Smith, I own a cricut expression and a new eclips. I have both stored on a bakers rack in my scrap room. The one I have has about a 4″ opening on the back of the shelf so the paper has room to pass through the machine when cutting. Also has shelves to store plenty of supplies too. I found it on clearance @ Walmart for $49.95.

  • Diane

    As always, Megan, great information with excellent tips. I love your enthusiasm and vivacious personality. Hopefully, this is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism for the new film crew (!!): we need to see more of the product you are promoting as you give your explanations. It was very difficult to see the comparisons of the score boards and details of your new paper line. Today’s video just glanced off the products very quickly, focusing mostly on you. I love you and learn so much from you, but still would like to see the products, too!
    Thanks so much, keep them coming…

  • Audrey

    Hi Megan,
    Ihave a scoore buddy and really love it! Thanks for the great video on the differnt scoring items.
    Do you ahip internationally? I live in Mexico and I would LOVE to try someof you paper, but shipping can be rather costly so please let me know if you can the different prices for paper and the shipping.
    God Bless

  • Mary Ann Huntington

    Love love my Martha Stewart scoreboard and have never had a problem with it. I use a stylus to score with and it fits perfectly in the holder. The bone folder is pretty flimsy and too thick for the grove.

  • Irene Baker

    Please tell me what cartridge that cute little bear comes from. I just can’t find it. Cute card. Love the cricut caddy. Think these would work great for the seasonal cartridges without boxes. I’ve got my regular cartrides stored in their boxes, alphabetically on a 5 shelf bookcase. Seems to work pretty well.

  • Brandi Abshire

    Hey Megan, Great video. I have the Martha Stewart score board. I wanted to share with you the new Simply Scored by Stampin Up. I recently was able to attend Stampin Up Convention this year where I was able to see this score board. It is awesome, comes with scored placed markers to tag the measurements for you, and it has a stylus with two different sizes so your marks never go out of the grooves in the board. I just hate that when I am trying to put in my score lines. Anyway thought it might be a product you would like to share with fellow crafters. It’s available for purchase Sept 1. check it out at it’s located in the new Holiday Catalog. Thanks for sharing your crafting ideas I love watching all your video’s .

  • Lisa R

    I bought the ScoreBoard and used it to deboss a line around the edge of my son’s wedding invitation. Since I used cardstock, I didn’t have any trouble with tearing. The bone folder, however, is so thin–even the handle is thin, so it cuts into your finger as you hold it. I ended up wearing a glove since I was scoring so many. I wish Martha would rethink the design.

  • Judy G.

    Hey Megan,
    Loved the video. It was very informative. I have the MS scoreboard, and, I will admit that it can cut through your paper – so the key to using it is BE GENTLE with the bone folder. Doing that I never have a problem. Plus, I love the fact that it is scored in 1/8 inch increments. So many of my paper projects are folded in those measurements, and that’s a big help. So, people, don’t give up on Martha!

  • Sean Gravener

    @RJ – Oh! I’m very sorry to hear that you had trouble with your order. We have recently parteren with a new fulfillment company (they do all the shipping for us) to speed up shipping and bring down the shipping and handling charges for our customers…

    Please email us at with your order details and we’ll make sure this gets cleared up right away!

    @Jean – You can get Megan’s kits by becoming a member of Club Ruby ( or in the Club Ruby section at (

  • Linda W

    Thanks for sharing. I also have the MS scoreboard and don’t like the scorer that comes with it. I use an embossing stylus that has a medium ball on it. Since then, I loved using the MS scoreboard because of the 1/8″ measurements.
    PS. I don’t even know where the original scorer that came with the MS scoreboard anymore. LOL

  • Lara

    Love the comparisons of the two score boards, but am interested in what you think of Crafter’s companion and new Stampin’ Up board. Thank you for these videos! They really make my day!

  • Suzanne C.

    Hi Megan, thanks for another great video! I love my MS scoreboard and I have never had any ripping and tearing with it. I too, use a stylus. My EK Success mat fits on top. The only store that has coupons here doesn’t carry Scor Pal products.

  • Carol Pringle

    Wow, thanks for all the information on this new video….always helpful ……with your bright and cheerful presentations…..much appreciated……you are doing wonders thank you for sharing……

  • Maree

    Thanks for sharing your opinions on the different products although I agree with Dianne and her constructive feedback. I love your tips and tricks however I would really prefer to see more of the products you are reviewing (as much as I think Sean loves videoing you ha ha). I kept having to pause the video to get a good look at the different scoreboards to know what you were talking about and as a result wasn’t really able to take in what you said at the time. Just like any good review, I hope you take this onboard for your future videos.

  • Mommyme

    I love your evaluation of various products! Currently, I use the cutting groove on my paper trimmer to score my projects. This is not ideal. I think you’ve managed to guide me to my next craft purchase. Thank you!

  • Cindy

    I’m interested in the Cricut cartridge container, but in the video I did not see any of the overlya mats. Would you please tell me where you store them. Thanks for all the information!

  • Joyce

    Hi Megan,
    I really love your videos and all the information you give us on new products and use of products…
    I do not have a Score Board, so this review was very informative!!! I only wish that during your comparison of the new and old Score-Buddy, the film crew had actually focused in on the product and not you. We could not see the comparisons that you were pointing out. Hopefully in future videos, the film crew will take this into consideration and film more of the product(s) that you are promoting.
    Love you… love your videos/information… love your web-site….
    Keep it up!!! You are an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    I always enjoy the Fresh Look Friday videos!
    Could you have a video showing how to “easily” use Paper Layerz with the Expression 2? I have tried using my Gypsy, but find it faster to pull out my original Expression when cutting Paper Layerz. I love my Expression 2, but using Paper Layerz with it seems so time consuming. Do you have an upcoming DVD or some hints that will help everyone who has had this problem?

  • Kathy Tracy

    Hi Megan, Thanks for all the great information. I just attended a stampin up workshop and tried their new “Simply Scored” board and I love it. It is so easy to use and there is a stylus tool to create the scoring marks. The stylus just glided over the paper and the added feature of the moveable place markers was awesome. I own the MS score board and have experienced the same issues you have so my plan is to replace it with the new stampin up version.

  • Annette

    Good info shared in this video. I have both the Scor-Pal and MS score board. I have trouble with the thick grooves not making a straight line for folding my cards. They are off a little bit every time. I bought the MS board(with a 40% off coupon to try & like it better due to the thinner lines. I have not had trouble with tearing. I made my Cricut cart storage with the Snapware containers for ribbon and plastic canvas that I cut. Works real well. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Have a great day:)

  • Julie

    I love my MS scoreboard. I use this almost everytime I craft and have never torn my paper. I do use a round tipped or ball shaped tool for scoring when I don’t want deep grooves. Otherwise I use the MS score tool that came with the board. It is easy to use and I love the envelope template that came with it.
    I was wondering if you know anything about the Cricut Craft Room? I have been waiting for ever (since they announce it would be out in APril) to be able to use this, but Provocraft doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get this out to all the Cricut users. Any word as to when it will be available for us?

  • Vickie H.

    So glad you have created the Paper Layers. I thought about printing “squares” myself using my printer but this is MUCH better. Also better because I’m slightly color blind and this way I can’t go wrong!

  • cynthia

    I really enjoy you. I am a retired teacher and I must say you are very engaging. Thank you. I do have a question about storing the Cricut cartridge boxes. I am interested in the storage boxes you suggest but what to do with the original boxes. Also, do you think if a cartridge is retired is there ever a chance to get one. I am looking for the box tags and more cartridge. Anyway thanks again.

  • Yolanda b.

    I LOVE your site. I stumbled upon it when I was looking for more in-depth info regarding my Cricut Expression and I found and purchesed your DVD (awesome!). I see that I can buy your LOVELY kits but I am confused on the wording in regards to membership and kit membership, hopefully you can help clarify this for me. What is the difference between Club Rubies Designers, Club Rubies Desinger Advantage Membership, and what is Kit Membership? I went to the but it says its not available to new members. I would like to be really take full advantage of what you have to offer but I am really unclear on the wording and what I can be a “member” of. Any help is appreciated 🙂