New Year, New Calendar, New Workshops, New Goals! 14

Happy New Year my PRECIOUS Friends!

How thankful I am you are here and that we get to celebrate an ALL NEW YEAR together! I actually wanted to do a Long post filled with all the joys and blessings of this year – filled with a story of what 2014 looked like – instead – I’m going to do that in a fun little video after our special bit of news – – –

I have a LOT of news to fill you up with and PUMP you up for your new year – so pay attention – I’ll be quick!


1)  I am doing a FREE 30 minute New Year New You workshop New Year’s Day at 9:30pm EST It’s just what you need to start the New Year off right and I’m excited to share how it all starts with your thinking and your vision and FINDING what that looks like! Join that FREE at Livestream!

Dreams come true


2) An all new 30 day challenge will start January 5th with and that was SOOOO powerful in September – we are taking it even further in 2015!  This 30 days is for MEMBERS of ByMeganElizabeth ONLY and open enrollment is closing soon – this is one of your last opportunities to join, find purpose, balance and achievement in the desires you want!

30 day challenge

3) Let’s create an ALL NEW 2015 custom, personalized DIY calendars!!!  I teamed up with Katina Martinez as she creates a 12 Page DIY Calendar – You can see Katina’s post – HERE at Join the mailing list for updates and exclusive information – this is a VERY Crafty workshop that I know you’re going to have so much fun with!  I get to create for February, April, June, August, October, and December!CalendarWorkshopBanner

You can pick up your calendar right now – HERE and get Katina’s Supplies HERE!

Follow along with us and post your calendars or ideas for pages you would like to see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and use #LovingHomemadeCalendars  @katina_martinez & @ByMeganE

That video I was talking about – You’ll see it after you join us for the New Year workshop!

But – before that happens – would you leave a comment with ONE thing you’re thankful for from 2014!  What about one thing you learned?  Or one thing you are excited to change!!


My Top 14 Events and Blessings of 2014:

  1. Birth of Gradyn Everet
  2. Another year of Valley Christian School for My Kids
  3. Another year of lessons and reminders of ALL God has done and does for us
  4. Visits to PA to see my family
  5. Amazing growth and changes for incredible women with
  6. Earning the Hawaii Trip with Close to My Heart
  7. Growing an INCREDIBLE Precious Gems team
  8. The blessing of being signed with AMTC
  9. Jena and Bensen learning so much and softening hearts towards incredible character
  10. The health gift of really starting to use Essential Oils and what it has done for use and so many others we love
  11. New Camera and Microphone (silly but was really exciting for me this year)
  12. Friendships that deepen and clarity on what is important
  13. Being able to give more to my church family this year than last year
  14. LIFE  = Every Moment – Every Trial – Every Blessing – Every Miracle = THANKFUL!

New Year means NEW starts – but don’t be like 95% of those who start out with intentions of a New Years resolution or goals and don’t follow through – let me help build you up with the necessary tools, skills and tech support you need to succeed!  Let’s ROCK 2015!!!!

Enjoy the Moments!

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14 thoughts on “New Year, New Calendar, New Workshops, New Goals!

  • Katie Davis

    Happy New Year Megan!
    I am excited for your new 30 Days, I learned so much from the past 30 Day Challenge!

    Looking forward to the Livestream tomorrow! I will definitely be checking out the new DIY Calendar Thank You Katina.

    I will be getting more specific with my goals this year, I will be focusing on my music, faith, family and health goals!

    Excited for 2015!


  • Cathy huckingham

    I am thankful for my emotionally strong husband who helped me through some pretty tough times. I am thankful for the police who protect us and I am thankfu for the ability to take care of ourselves and others.

  • Angela

    I’m grateful for so much. I can’t just have one. My faith and relationship with Jehovah. My husband, without him I’d be lost. And although my health is not the best, i’m happy. Thanks for bringing doterra essential oils to you audience. We love them and can’t wait to try the recipes you shared.

  • Joy

    I’m thankful for God, His Son, Grace and new mercies that He gives everyday, my son and his sweet tender loving heart, his love for Jesus and others regardless of the emence amount of emotional pain and loss he has experiences in his short 6yrs of life, my husband who walked into our lives and instantly became a father figure for my son who had lost his father to cancer at the age of 3, God’s provision for a second year at a private Christian school where my son is growing and learning so much, health — I never take it for granted after watching my late husband battle for 2 long years and eventually lost his battle with cancer, my church family and laughter. Life is so much easier when you can laugh at the small things. Laughter is the best medicine.

  • Dorothy Breitenstein

    Happy New Year Megan!

    I am very grateful for four healthy grandchildren. It is difficult to see them during the school year but hopefully we can see each other more often in 2015.

    Of course as always a goal is to get to a more healthy weight and maintain a fitness program. I want to do more crafting and card making along with my sewing. Learn more on my Cricut too.

    Looking forward to new tutorials to motivate me.

  • Andrea

    I am thankful that God never stops working in us believers. There may be slow or dry times but it usually turns out that He is still weaving us into a new creation and that some things take more precision such that we just can’t see it at the time. Thank you God for Your faithfulness even in our faithlesness.

  • Merica

    I am so thankful that my little sister moved to the same town where I live. Since being adults, we have never lived close together. I am ready to put aside my excuses for not starting my blog and my business, Merica’s Place.

  • Denise

    This year I am thankful for my family, its been a long time since I have had the pleasure of a family gathering for Christmas. Usually its just me, just another day. This year my kids are home and my spouse is wonderful. My family is healthy and my grandson is healthy AND smart. I love my family and the gift of joy it brings to my heart. So this year I have decided to try and get healthy, lose weight exercise kind of thing. Not going to try and be a supermodel just get healthy. Thank you Meagan you have give us so many ideas, inspiration and hope. You are wonderful, an angel in disguise. Bless you and your family this coming year.

  • Vicky Hale

    Thankful for two lessons I learned in 2014! Megan taught me that I don’t have to be stuck and I listened. I joined Jamberry Nails and revamped my pet sitting service, Elite Pet Sitting. Also, God taught me that I can stand up for myself and not be scared! The very person I looked up to in education was the very person who attacked me professionally. I had to muster up my strength and stand up to her in from of our principal. I was shaking, half crying, sounding like a rooster just figuring out how to crow, but I did it!!!!!!! This non-confrontational woman, who would never make waves or cause any trouble, stood there and defended myself!!!! A month later and I’m still haunted by that day because I was so hurt but rejoicing because I found my voice and it sounded really GOOD!

  • Debbie

    I am thankful for getting closer to my family this year. We’ve worked together to help other members of our family making a tighter bond with all of us. Megan you’ve inspired me to speak up and say what’s on my mind, thank you!

  • Betty Jo Nelson

    I am most thankful for the gift of salvation and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in my life. My resolution is to continue my Bible study followed by getting back to working on my scrapbook pages with my many printed pictures. Thank you for your help by giving me ideas and inspiration.