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Happy 2015 friends!  This video is exciting because it’s something I am so passionate about and I have a special bonus I am offering for those who would like to take advantage – I’ve NEVER done this before but thought it’s one way I can give something really special back to you that aren’t able to!

I am very passionate about helping others achieve their dreams, their goals and I am this way because I have been able to see so many lives change by simply getting very clear about what it is that they want, focusing on positive, staying committed, and taking action with diligence!  Changing the way you think is a huge part of that – and feeding ourselves the RIGHT words – make it THAT much easier.  When you wear words with strong meaning or intention – your focus shifts to that and helps keep you on track….so I want to help make sure you have this one way or another! 🙂

Would you like me to make you one of these metal charms for you?One Word Custom Charms

You can select your One Word or Phrase and I will hand make one for you – ONLY for January!

Here are the details and order form at bottom:

Your Word Charm:

One Word (10 letters or less)           $15.00 includes US Shipping DIY Custom Name Charms

Word Phrase (30 letters or less)     $20.00 includes US Shipping

Add Ons:

16″ matching chain                                                                              +$15.00 ships with charm

Arrow charm                                                                                          +$5.00 ships with charmGlass Tray Pendants Custom Charms Word Phrases Inspiration Jewelry

“&” charm                                                                                               +$5.00 ships with charm

Clear Gem Charm                                                                                 +$5.00 ships with charm

Close to My Heart Plate with Glass Select from Image Below     +$10.00 ships with charm
Journey Style Sheet Icon Options:

(in order from top right to left)
Work in Progress Image Select
Carpe Diem
I’m Creating my Legacy
See the Beauty in the World
Today I’m just ME
Be True
Fly High
Stay Positive
Grateful Heart
Wander Lust
Imagine Create Become
I’ve got Sunshine On a Cloudy Day
When You Wish…
For Keeps
Free Spirit
Live Simply
Fairest of them All
Do Impossible Things
Living the Dream
Just Keep Swimming
Know Thyself
I Choose to Be Awesome Today
I believe in Fairies
Let it BE
My time to SHINE is NOW
Hope Anchors the Soul


You select the words and quantity and any add ons – I design and create it for you and you will receive within 4-6 weeks of placing your order.  Price includes US shipping Canada or other countries may contact me for a ship price ranging $10-$45.00US

Order Supplies to create your own at:




What is YOUR ONE WORD for 2015? 

What are a few of those BIG DREAMS and goals that you’ve desired and haven’t figured out how to break through?  Are you ready for it this year?  Let’s take ACTION together!

Leave a comment below and tell me your WORD or YOUR Goals!


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7 thoughts on “One Word for 2015 Jewelry Charms for You!

  • Sharon

    Thank you for doing this – I just ordered. This is a wonderful thing to anchor our word in jewelry to keep close to our hearts each day.

  • Andrea

    Megan, I love you thought on the arrow. I am looking at arrows in a new way now. Very well thought. Thank you for sharing. I haven’t picked a word for sure yet, but my goal this January is to get more organized and planning ahead for all the events that seem to be swirling around me with 3 active kids and an active husband as well.

  • Kim Hartmann

    I wrote to you last week, and I know you wrote back, but your email got deleted from our server. Sigh. I made an order, however, I couldn’t figure out how to pay. We don’t have PayPal. Is it possible to mail you a check, and once it’s cashed, you could make and send my charm? I wanted the bar charm to say: MOMENTS. Thank you.

  • Alicia Copeland


    I did not get any messages from you till the one I received through facebook today. i am excited to meet with Cricut and see what they are looking for.

    Did you get my order for the one word?

    Let me know.


    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Hey Alicia, Yes, I sent you an email again today – Let me know if you got it 🙂 Excited to get your charm out to you!