Last Minute Howto Make Pre-Postaged Postcards Beautiful for Christmas 14

I had to make more than 280+ cards to send out this season and I bit off more than I could chew! SO, I had these Pre-paid Postcards from a few years ago (yes I’ll need to add a little more postage) that I thought – wow these would actually make beautiful Christmas Cards with a stamp and a little bling!  You can’t send 3D texture on a postcard – but I did find out that the Viva Decor glitter pen was just what these bad boys needed!

I know I’m using a Stamp set that is no longer available – but – that stamp was TOO perfect for going into 2015 NOT to use!  It’s all about Dreaming and Believing!  We are going to achieve MANY incredible things this year!!!  It’s going to ROCK!

I also ended up making a total of 25 of these AWESOME Necklaces with Base and Bling from Close to My Heart and I metal stamped a few more names for different gifts as well!  It’s been busy!

Just remember – with all the hub-bub – make sure you’re really having fun ENJOYING the Moments! I just posted a video on Instagram of watching/listening Bensen reading The Christmas Angel to Gradyn (you can click to watch because it’s adorbs!)….watching the lit tree, making cards and ornaments to give to others – all of those LITTLE moments to enjoy!  Not stress out if everything is “perfect” – just truly ENJOY the moments – bring JOY to Children – have fun with traditions, but don’t be so bound by them it makes everyone miserable!

(Unless you use the creepy elf – then in my opinion stop the madness! 😉 😉 lol I’m just kidding, only because I seriously am horrified of the thing and I’m THAT MOM who says – NO we will find another way to have fun! LOL MORE power to you if you love your elf!)

I am OBLIGATED to remind you because of the season Close to My Heart IS still running the Deal of the Decade AND One more thing – You know how i used the October Stamp of the Month in THIS video!?!?? Well I’m going to be using the December Stamp of the Month December stamp of the month (Seen over to your right) in several upcoming videos – even if you don’t know what you’ll use it for now – at only $5.00 this dang set is TOO cute not to swipe up DECEMBER 2014 ONLY!  SOOOO With your qualified order of $50 – you get the Stamp of the Month – AND you can select ANY C or D sized stamps for only $10 each!  Saving you almost half on every large sized stamp set you pick up!  It’s REALLY the lowest you can get these at, since consultants can’t even pick them up that cheap!  Seriously – AWESOME so don’t miss out!  Perfect way to utilize your Christmas cash and stock up your craft room for all of 2015!!! OH ONE MORE THING…. Close to My Heart Idea Books can be added to your cart FOR FREE – BUT ONLY for a Limited Time! Limited to One per order – but that is almost a $10 value for FREE with your order too!!!

SHOP HERE and I throw in other Bonus’s from TIME TO TIME

Also – I told you those Roller Bags would go out of stock REALLY quick – and I was right!  They went SUPER Quick!  I will keep you informed when they DO come back in stock but you won’t want to miss picking up BOTH the Roller Bag and the Shoulder Tote from because I WILL send YOU a bonus gift just from me for your amazing loyalty and awesomeness!  Cause I love you!  And BECAUSE they ran out so darn quick – I will make sure to let you know how long you have to get in on MY Exclusive bonus deal!



Wow I went into serious blonde blank out vortex!  I forgot to send notifications of the Grant a Christmas Wish to everyone, THEN, I forgot to announce the winner when I said I would – THEN I told you all I would later in the day and guess what – screwed up and I just inexcusably forgot again!  So I do apologize!  HOWEVER, I did email 4 amazing women so check your inboxes because I chose 4 winners who’s wishes I was actually able to grant this season!!!  I’m so excited to say:

Leslie P. I’m granting the wish you listed!

Carol I’m granting your Workshop on the Go Wish!

Kathy U. your wish is granted


Chris those pink nesting dies you wanted?!!?  As You WISH!

I’m SOOO happy to be able to send these out to you 4 and I wish I could send EVERYONE their Christmas wishes not only now – but all year long!  One day I’ll be completely independently wealthy enough to do more of that and I CAN’T WAIT for that day! 😉 😉 😉 😉


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