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Hey Everyone!

Today is another “non-tutorial” tutorial day!  I’m excited to share something else I created using Square1 Masterpiece adhesive fabric!  This is really such a passion of mine to get behind because it has unlimited uses and is beautiful, safe and so fun! I decided I wanted to add a little inspiration to my Kuerig coffee maker for brightening my mornings.

Now, I am NOT a pun girl, BUT I couldn’t resist for some crazy reason doing this!  🙂  I hope you like the saying.

Here’s some cool things about Square1 I had to share:

  • Use it LIKE Vinyl, but it’s not vinyl at all. It is a PVC Free and Environmentally SAFE Product because it is actually a tightly woven fabric.
  • Comes in printable sheets or pre-colored sheets
  • Is completely Removable, Repositionable, and REUSABLE product
  • You do not have to use transfer tape with this product
  • You can use the product itself as transfer tape because it does not stick to itself! No waste of the product that you have to scrap because it didn’t cooperate with you!
  • No worry about “bubbles” you can’t get out like with vinyl
  • Save the project you create for use over and over again (up to 50 times restickable power!)
  • Easy “weeding” for great lettering and home decor projects
  • Sticks to just about anything you can imagine, even brick and textured walls
  • Will not damage surfaces, removes completely clean for most any surface.
  • Safe to use in hospitals, dorm rooms, schools, anywhere
  • Did I mention its super fun?  There is a LOT more I can add to this list, but you’ll have to follow me and the rest of the Square1 Design team at and on FACEBOOK Here.


YouTube Preview Image

In this Video:

  • Using the Gypsy with the Cricut Mini
  • Using the Cricut Alphabet Cartridge
  • Decorating appliances with personal customizations
  • How to transfer vinyl letters (But remember this isn’t vinyl so watch for the special secret that no real vinyl out there would ever allow you to do! That’s what so cool about this video!)
  • How to remove and reposition Square1 on any surface!

Thanks for watching and I really do hope you find a Latte Joy in Today! 😉

You can browse the color collections and more at today here.

Enjoy the Moments!

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