Cropped Day 2 and the Die Cutting Machine Debate: Sharing 9

Hey Everyone


So I have posted on the videos from the weekend event and I thought I would share a few hours straight of the event from Day 2 with everyone here.  It’s just a little chatting, some prizes that were given away and some of the fun we had.  The weekend was jammed pack full and I a could not get everything to edit down so I just decided I’ll post it all!  Why not!?!?  Now keep in mind, those that were “live” with us, were chatting and asking questions the entire time with our team, Carrie, Britten, Shawn, Karlee, and Abbey did an AMAZING job as well as Court and Tanner answering questions that I couldn’t read while I was chatting.  I just thought you’d enjoy book marking this to watch several hours of fun!  First video is just the first 2 hours of day one, the second video we talked mostly about Die-Cutting machines…. Enjoy!


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

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9 thoughts on “Cropped Day 2 and the Die Cutting Machine Debate: Sharing

  • Susan Polack

    Love the machine comparison video, 2 things, I have the first cricut A to Z video, is the new one new content or the same? Also would really LOVE the new book in a printed format over computer format for easy reference, I don’t want to have to run to my computer every time I want to reference a topic! Thanks!!


  • Cheryl Scott

    The Cropped Event was awesome please tell me you will be Hosting another one! I still have not gotten my prize package from the event. I have emailed and posted several request inquiring about it, will you please check on it and let me know where my prize package is.

    Have a great day!

  • Maryann Gerber


    I was wondering on why my matt for the cricut exspression. I’ve used it twice. and it’s bran new and after the first time I’ve used it. It doesn’t really stick good anymore. have they changed the matts?


  • Crystal Nichols

    I love the video. I have an expression, expression2 and a silhouette cameo. I love my expression beacuase it is easy to just cut and go, but my original I have not upgraded because I used a 3rd party software with it til I got my cameo. I now use my cameo as much as my expression 2(especially since they did a software upgrade where I only have to select cut once). I never use my original expression now and would like to sell it but my husband says keep it, so praying for him to let me sell it. But for someone new who just wants to cut and go the cricut is my recommendation for that person. Someone who can or is willing to work with the learning curve of another machine I love my silhouette cameo. I also want to own an e-craft machine, & pazzle. Just my 2 cents.

  • Melissa

    Glad, I was able to see the crop event. I am hoping for a copy of that new A to Z book you talked about. I really would like it only on the E2,if that’s possible My BF gave me an E2 for my B-Day. LOve him! .I have the Expression and I have LOVED it but I am giving to my dear friend, so she can join us in the Cricut world.

  • jenny

    Ladies, I’ve often heard the “original Expression plus my Gypsy” response to that “which one, if only one” question. But here’s MY question: I have had the baby bug for a while and would love to upgrade just for the ability to cut 12×12. In my research, I’m hearing nothing but complaints about the Gypsy, and rumors that it’s being discontinued and will become harder and harder to find (problematic if the “my Gypsy has died five times and I’ve had PC replace it” complaints are true). If I DON’T plan to get a Gypsy, would I be better off with an original E or an E2?