Snow Day Challenge #2 – Valentine’s Day Card 18

Just realized in the whirlwind of life that I haven’t caught up on making several Valentine’s cards.  So for another challenge today, let’s make something valentinesy for someone we love.  This card is something I made for my sister for her bridal shower, but, I am actually going to turn this card into something a little more masculine and write a little story in it for my wonderful hubby.  I think what I’ll use is some K and Company Urban Paper from my paper back and a nice Beige and Chocolate Brown Cardstock for the Once Upon a Time from the Cricut Storybook Cartridge.  I think I’ll also use some Chrome Pearl Pens from Viva and really jazz it up 🙂

For now, this card is my inspiration and what I wanted to turn into a challenge….


Would love to see how you are saying “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day in cardmaking or scrapbooking.  I would love to see a little love themed pages or just tell us a story about something/someone that you love!

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18 thoughts on “Snow Day Challenge #2 – Valentine’s Day Card

  • Sandy Bayles

    I have now made 7 Valentines cards. You asked about a story about someone I love. Here goes:
    My husband the love of my life died in 2001 from a brain tumor at age 50. We were married for 31 years.
    I moved to a small town in Kentucky from living in Atlanta because my parents lived there. I had retired early to take care of my husband who was given 6 months but lived 18 months. We bought a house and moved to Ky and he died 3-days later in the Hospital and never got to come to the house. I decided one year later after my loss that he would not want me to grieve and not live the rest of my life. I went to a old High School Reunion and remet a friend that I had gone to school with from 1st grade up until freshman in High School when we moved to Ohio. We started talking and it was as if 29 years with no contact had been another world and another “Once Upon A Time”. I made him a simple card with the simple word “Love” on the outside and a verse on the inside with small hearts that say “You make me realize how beautiful my life is”. I used the Love Struck” cart. I have the one that you made the “Once Upon A Time” with. I am so new at this but having a great time. Of course I may need “Clean House” sooon. Just kidding. Keep up the great work. I think I sent you my simple card in an e-mail.
    I love your cards and I hope you enjoyed my story.

  • Sandy Bayles

    I get all weepy when I tell the story. It was actually 39 years since we had seen each other. I still to this day miss the love of my life, but glad God Smiled on me with Tom……

  • Peggy1

    I am making cards today and will make a couple for Valentine Day for my children and grandchildren and will try to send it. My story is, I remember last year Valentine Day with my mother who was in the hospital surround by her children, her gifts, the laughter, the joy of seeing her happy, and how strong and brave she was. Also, when my brother gave the Valentine gift he brought for himself to our brother from out-of-town who forgot to buy his wife a gift when he was buying his mom a gift, the smile on her face when he presented it to her was priceless. Thanks for letting me share.

  • Jennie Barger

    I set a goal this year of making birthday cards for everyone in our family! That means about 80 cards by the end of the year!! So far I am on track with 10 cards made and mailed!! I am also making Valentine cards for a few. I have made and mailed 6 to date and you can view those if you want on my blog – . It is so rewarding to give something from my heart!!
    My story is about my wonderful hubby of almost 25 years!! In 2002, I found out that I had breast cancer and he has been by my side as never before! He is the most thoughtful, caring person I know and I am so blessed to have him! I came through my treatments just fine, but his concern for me has never been stronger!! He is always making sure that I am ok and I love him for that! I honestly think the whole cancer experience was harder on him than me! 🙂 We have weathered many storms together and are more in love than ever before! I am so blessed!! Thanks for letting me share!!

  • Anniebee

    Well, I haven’t had time to make Valentine cards as I wanted to do for the grandkids and the layouts I’m working on are not really very Valentine-ish either. But I’ll tell you a short story about someone I love very much and for whom I’ll be forever grateful. My sister, Patty, who is six years my junior was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 6 years ago this coming April. At that time, they gave her approximately 18 months to live. Since that day, she has had a radical mastectomy, a complete syterectomy and several other surgeries to remove malignancies in other parts of her body where the cancer migrated. She is presently undergoing her 5th or 6th round of chemo (I hate to admit it but I have lost track), she has been involved in at least one clinical trial and undergone one cyber-knife (highly concentrated laser) procedure. She has her down times, of course, but she has remained the most positive person I have ever known despite all of this and the inevitable fact that without a miracle or a new discovery, she cannot win the battle with her disease. It will overcome her eventually. I love her more than life itself and if I could trade places with her, I would do it in a heartbeat. She is the most beautiful wife, mother, sister and friend and it’s just not fair for things like this to happen to good people like her. Sorry… I get a little carried away and emotional when I talk about her. Jenny, I understand what you mean about your hubby as my brother-in-law has been the same way with my sister. In fact, he took her to chemo today so she wouldn’t have to drive in this snow and slush we’re having. I’m thankful for him too!

  • InMyStudio2

    Thank you ladies for sharing your stories. It makes each of us appreciate life and those around us,and to know that God has a plan for us— even though it may not be our plan!– and we can trust in Him.