Snow Day Challenge “Smile Now” 16

I can’t really get into my office right now to make a new video with my kids and the snow.  But I decided to take some pictures of things that I have made and turn them into a challenge for you!  I would LOVE to see what you come up with, so if you have a blog, post the link in the comments, post your facebook page with the pictures on it or email me if you don’t have a blog….


The first thing I would love decided to post is this Smile card!  Sometimes snow makes people smile, like it is for me today, but sometimes snow makes people need to smile.  SO, lets all make Something to Smile About! 🙂

It can be a layout of things that make you Smile, a Card to make someone else Smile, something yummy you bake to make your family smile….anything that makes you or someone you love SMILE today!

If you don’t have time or availability to create the challenge, that’s ok, go ahead and post something that will make everyone who reads it smile!  Post something that you are thankful for today that you can Smile about!


You can find a picture online and post the link and tell us why THAT makes you smile 🙂

Have a Smiling Snowy Day!!!! 🙂

P.S. -I think I’ll post a few more challenges today – think you can handle them????

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