Provo Craft Gypsy

Ok Everyone, I found this video on Youtube and I want to know what you all think!

YouTube Preview Image

Originally I really didn’t think I wanted the Gypsy at all!  However, after spending further time “getting to know it” I think I would really enjoy it for traveling to all the crops and classes I do.  I love my laptop for Sure Cuts A Lot and my carts are great when I am at home, so I don’t really have any complaints or feel the urgent NEED to run out and get it.  But it would be a really nice gift someday! 🙂  haha!

I was told that it doesn’t allow you to continue to use your Cricut Cartridges after you upload them to the Gypsy, but I’m waiting to understand more on that.  This video says something different than what they explained at Michael’s.  I know I wouldn’t buy it if it emptied my carts, but if that isn’t really the case, then once again….Someday someway I will get it eventually!

What do you think?  Tell me tell me please!

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0 thoughts on “Provo Craft Gypsy

  • Amy

    The way I understand it is, once you’ve “linked” YOUR cartridges to YOUR Gypsy that you could not “link” said cartridges to another Gypsy. The cartridges are still intact with their images/shapes and still can be used in the cricut machine as usual. Also, you can plug the Gypsy into your cricut or anyone elses for that matter and cut images that you’ve created…as long as you remember to bring the USB cables! LOL