It’s Our Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my WONDERFUL Husband!  🙂  I can’t believe we have reached another year so fast! Yet I love him more and more everyday!  My husband pushes me to grow and helps me along in every area of my life.  He is such a strong man who has such conviction in his life and not only truly loves me and our kids, He is committed to following Christ.  He leads our family and worries for the hearts of our children.  Sean works daily to protect their little hearts and I see how he wants to keep my heart as well.  It is such a blessing to have such a husband.  I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

When I think of the woman I want to be, and I think of Proverbs 31, verse 11 – “the heart of her husband safely trusts her” – I feel so blessed to have a husband that fully trusts me.  He is the first “step” in becoming the woman I want to be in Proverbs 31, and I once again Praise God that this is true in my life.  Sean is so good at praising me and telling me how he trusts me with our children or our finances or business or whatever it would be.  And I know it’s true, our whole lives are based off of the trust we have in Christ and in each other.

Of course we have our ups and our downs…but the base line remains the same!  We love each other and are so amazed everyday at what God has done in our lives to even bring us together!  We were “friends” for several years before we started “dating”.  As a matter of fact for years even as close as we were, we were adamant “WE are JUST Friends”!  We did not want to date we had no interest in each other (I guess maybe secretly we did, but would never admit it even if it were true) and then one day God really got a hold of hearts.  We started “dating” on June 15th, we then got engaged on August 15th (yes of the same year) and then we were married September 15th. (Also of the same year!)   All this ramble is just to say I really love my husband and I am soooo blessed by God!  Praising Him for this WONDERFUL family!


Just to mention to everyone, I will be taking a break this week from videos (I think!)  I have two that I made over the weekend, but I have to edit and get them up, if I have time I will, but I am planning to spend the entire week with my wonderful husband on a mini staycation! 🙂  See you all soon!

Enjoy the Moments!

<3 Megan

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0 thoughts on “It’s Our Anniversary!

  • marla#3291

    Happy Anniversary!!! Enjoy your time with your hubby. You guys started dating on my Birthday!!! I also have an anniversary this month and it will be 18 years for hubby and I. Congrats and enjoy!!

  • Sharon

    Always remember……” a three chord strand is not easily broken. We are married 45 yrs and it just keeps gettine better. Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple. Your Children will be Blessed. You have a Gem there Megan. What husband would take his wife to Michael’s for their Anniversary…….ha, ha!……I love it!!!! I am sure to your husband that you are that Proverb’s 31 woman.

  • Megan Gravener

    You both are so sweet thanks for the encouragement! Sharon it was great seeing you and we will have to get together very soon! (Even if it is another bump in at M’s or AC! 🙂 )