How To Update Cricut Firmware 21

So you have Design Studio or Sure Cuts a Lot, or you are thinking about purchasing it?

Here is the video you will need to watch!  This video walks you through step by step how to update your Cricut’s Firmware to the correct version to run with the software (Cricut Design Studio or Sure Cuts A Lot) you want to work with.

Please ask me any questions you may have on this post and I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.  You can also visit the FAQ video on Sure Cuts a Lot on my site to learn more about SCAL.

Hope this really helps you in an easy manner!

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21 thoughts on “How To Update Cricut Firmware

  • Ann

    I watched your video and did everything you said. When I go back to try and cut something from design studio I still get an error telling me my firmware is updated. Im going crazy, any help you give me would be appreciated. Thanks Ann

  • Evelyn

    Hi Megan I love all your info I have learned so much Trying to update my cricut its not working pls help I have already downloaded the Design Studio full version I bought years ago

  • Evelyn

    I forgot to tell you I have never upgraded my cricut I downloaded my bought ver of Design Studio and then I went to and they told me to uninstall and install the new one so Idid that and still nothing it just won’t upgrade the cricut Thank you sooo much

  • Ellen

    I need help! I downloaded the trial version of the Cricut Design Studio… Followed your video to update the firmware on my Expression… I run Windows XP on my pc… It states that I need USB drivers for the pc to communicate with the cricut. Where might I find that info?


  • Kimber

    I need help. I purchased Sweet Treats and Locker Talk and updated my design studio…was able to add Locker Talk to my library, but Sweet Treats is not showing up in the main library….anyone know what I need to do….

  • ada


    I followed the instructions to obtain the Cricut Cutting Guide but when I click to confirm my email it does respond.


    This guide will help you prevent ripping/tearing paper, beacuse how frustrating is that? There are over 450 cuts done on all different paper brands, fabrics and all the cutting materials I could pack in!

    Click here to download the Cricut Cutting Guide for FREE!

  • Katie

    I just bought the design studio software and tried to do the link up with my machine. At first my computer would not read my machine, I got that fixed and now I can’t get my machine to update. I’m hoping that I can get everything to work tonight because the 40+ minutes of hold time to talk to a real rep at Provo for less than 5 minutes was not a good time. My cricut is all lit up and frozen- any tips to get it back to original status so I can start the update filmwear to work?

  • Jean Moe

    How do I know when my imagine is updated, can’t make anything work, did design studio updates, did gypsy update, and nothing is working right. I don’t know if the update worked or not on the imagine what version should I have showing, when I go to settings it says it is version 1 . Please help me!!! Jean

  • Jean Murison

    How do I know when my imagine is updated, can’t make anything work, did design studio updates, did gypsy update, and nothing is working right. We have done many downloads but does not seem to download. The download does not give the sequesce as illustrated on the instructions… I have been trying now for about a week… Please help. We have Windows XP on the PC and Windows 7 on the laptop. No success. Jean

  • Carlos

    I say hi from Guatemala, I tried to update the firmware, but now the display window doesn’t light up. I try and try so many time, but the machine neveer goes up on the display window. What can I do??

  • Amber

    Ok. I am late in the game here but, i have SCAL 2, but my firmware on the crucit is 2.4… Higher than I need for my program. How can i downgrade my firmware?

    Please HELP!! Thanks, Amber

  • Christy

    I have run the update twice and my cricut still says 2.0 when restarted. The cricut design studio free trail says that my cricut requires a 2nd update pass. I redo the steps but the message never changes. Design studio still says it needs a 2nd pass and my cricut still says its running 2.0. PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I’ve been working on all of this for 6+ hours and still haven’t cut the first thing.

  • Tina

    Ok, i have cricut create with firm ware 1.50 and I need firmware 1.5.1 and I have SCAL 2.0 – Where in the world do you find this update file of 1.5.1 does ANYBODY have a link that you can email me? I’m going nuts trying to figure this out. I’m work on day 2 and it’s really getting the best of my, I have searched high and dry over the internet and still nothing – can you please help us????


  • Jerry

    Hi great site you have here, quick question any chance you have a 1.51 firmware or a design studio laying around somewhere trying to update the create to 1.51 thank you in advance

    • nikki

      Hi, I was wondering if you had the chance of updating your Cricut Create? Ive been looking to update our Cricut Create so my son can use it.. Thank you!