How to Make an Envelope and an Easy Valentine’s Day Card with Cricut 15

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been working with for quite some time now and we are doing some really special things coming up with some of my DVDs especially the Cricut Cards for Every Occasion and also the Cricut A to Z DVD…

We thought today it MIGHT be kind of fun to share with you all just a tasting of what is included inside these DVDs.

Let’s start with Cricut Cards for Every Occasion:

In this DVD I go through start to finish making 10 different cards for major holidays and events plus show you tons of other cards ideas all using your Cricut machines.  For today, I thought sharing the Valentine’s Day Card we made would be a perfect example, since Valentine’s day is the NUMBER 1 holiday (even over Christmas) that people make handmade cards for and so here is something for you!


YouTube Preview Image


Now if you’re going to give a handmade card, why not a handmade envelope?  Did you know that the Cricut makes envelope making a snappy breeze??? This video is from my Original Signature Series Cricut A to Z 1st Edition.

It is so super easy to cut out and assemble a basic envelope for almost any size card with your Cricut Expression, wanna learn how to make an envelope with the Cricut? Here ya go!

YouTube Preview Image


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15 thoughts on “How to Make an Envelope and an Easy Valentine’s Day Card with Cricut

  • Sue Anderson

    Very cute card! Not too “girly”, but very cute! Also love the easy envelope / card set. Easy to do but a fancy result. I love it! Thanks for sharing. <3

  • Kathleen

    Megan very good video. was the one you cut considered a A2 card? I saw that you scrolled different card sizes in your video but not sure what size your example was in respect to A1- A2 etc. Also do you know if it the same rules for anycartridge you are using that has a card and envelope button?

    Thanks for doing this video.

  • Judy Miller

    wondering which size you used for the card. One area said 5 inches another 6 inches. Would be good to know which you used to fit the 6 inch envelope. Thanks for your good videos.

    • Melanie

      I want to thank you for putting in your precious time to produce this wonderful
      tutorial. I want to share with ppl that sometimes I have to watch videos twice to
      make sure of measurements and things. You showed us how to do the envelope
      and card just fine and we also received the measurements. I’m not trying to be
      rude just giving some advice on something I had to learn myself. I have actually
      found the 2nd viewing is always much better than the 1st. I also want to mention
      that even though some of your videos has lacked some lately I really appreciate the
      time and effort you put in. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I for 1
      still enjoyed the videos and I still learned from them.