Cut Rhinestones* with Your Cricut Expression 2: Cricut E2 How To Mini Series 28

Welcome to Today’s Cricut Expression 2 Video!

I’m so excited about this video because I am showing a new product from this past CHA that is SO incredibly amazing it is going to change the way you craft!  And talk about BLING – WOW!  Nothing so custom and personal ever with Rhinestones, and its incredible!

What you’ll see in this video:

  • How to cut Rhinestone Adhesive sheets in the Cricut
  • How to use the Deep Cut Cricut Blade and Housing
  • How to Set Paper Size with the Expression 2 (E2)
  • How to use Fit to Page for Multiple Shapes
  • How to use Fit to Page with Any Size Paper
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The Buckle Boutique is where you can get your hands on this FABULOUS Material and GUESS WHAT!?  Cathie has agreed to a SPECIAL COUPON OFFER just for AboveRubiesStudio followers get 15% off your order when youuse code:ARS15

*Please note: there are many sheets of rhinestone adhesive sheets available, 11 designs of the sheets are designed to cut in the Cricut that are thinner.  Please note some of the other designs are thicker and may not cut as well in the Cricut machine, they are marked in the store, but please read all carefully to ensure you get the product you really want. Whether you cut in the die cutting machines or not, you’ll LOVE this stuff!

I KNOW you’re going to go CRAZY over all of the many colors and patterns of this rhinestone adhesive backed sheets!  I seriously want to fill my craft room with it and Rhinestone decor EVERYTHING!  I really want to make some Cell phone bling, a keychain, a rhinestone pattern on my one black hat….the possibilities are endless…unfortunately, funds are not, the common crafter dilemma! LOL

Enjoy the Moments my friends!


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28 thoughts on “Cut Rhinestones* with Your Cricut Expression 2: Cricut E2 How To Mini Series

  • charna scarpati

    Have you read my mind??? LOL I am getting married in April and wanted to make those tank tops,for my girls. But the problem is I have a cricut expression, would that work too??



  • Ferne

    I am also a lover of BLING :O) I looked on the website provided and was trying to see how this attached to fabric and was unable to find anything, could you post something showing how this works??

  • Rosie

    Where are these rhinestone adhesive sheets. Enjoyed your video. I have a Cricut Expression and no deep cut blade. These look like so much fun.

  • Bella

    HI Megan,
    This is going to seem silly but I’m interested in where you got your file box. I’ve been to every store near me and some far and can’t find what I’m looking for. I love that yours is colored and has a lid. Can you tell me the brand so I can look it up online. Please please please!!!
    (Don’t just say it’s a filebox from the store. I need details. 🙂
    Got to get some boxes and bling them up. The “bling” sheets are awesome. Thanks for showing us!

  • Irene Baker

    Interesting concept. I decided “what the heck”, and just ordered two sheets of the rhinestones. Not quite certain what I will use them for…but they will definitely get used!! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    Bella, I have several colored boxes like that, and got mine at JoAnn’s. Check it out.

    Thanks Megan!!

  • Betts Paschke

    Can’t believe I misspelled my own name! Anyway, will they have some that can be use with the Expression? I can think of dozens of different uses for this! Thank you for all your informative videos, they really are fun and you have great ideas and applications.

      • Betts Paschke

        Hip Hip Hurray! Thank you for such a prompt answer. I don’t know how you keep all the “balls in the air,” family, health, and inspiring all of your “videoites.” Thank you again, and Buckle Boutique, here I came!

  • Margi Lunn

    Thank for showing us this great tutorial. I saw those rhinstones sheets at CKC and I love them. I just want to remind you that when you are working with letters you need to be flipped on your cricut before cut them. The “M” came out great but others letters would need to be flipped over. Thanks again for your great tutorial. I love it.

  • Lee

    I caught the late show, Wednesday evening, & so glad I did. I luv luv luv the BB Adhesive Rhinestone sheets! I’ve ordered 3 colors & can’t wait to get them! They are a bit pricey, but I feel so much more confident about cutting them thanks to your very helpful & informative video. Thank you Megan!

    Count me in if you get more info about using this product with fabric – I am very interested.

  • kathy

    I have just covered all my daughters back to school books and folders. her desk looks stunning.
    I got my sheets from can’t really go wrong with them.

  • Shauna

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial. I wanted to point out that if you do go to the Buckle Boutique that at least the Christmas green sheets are not able to be cut in the Cricut, Pazzle, and they named more but I forget what they are. They also said they are getting in some in the Christmas green that WILL be able to be cut in the machines. I assume that’s why those they have now are on sale. I haven’t looked through all the colors yet to see if there are others that you can’t cut in the machines. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case you didn’t see the disclaimer about the cutting.

  • Donna

    I am a newbie to doing rhinestone designs. I wanted to know can I do rhinestone stencils/template on a Cricut Expression. I really wasn’t trying to buy another cricut but if I have to I will. Any ideas?