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Hey Everyone!

I know many of you have been following for a LONG time and some of you are brand new and welcome!  Yesterday’s video was SO fun and what awesome feedback from all of you about the Buckle Boutique Adhesive Rhinestone sheets that you can cut in most any die-cutting machine! Make sure you get your coupon code on yesterdays post  (Right Here)!

I’ve been doing videos on Youtube for  4 years now (wow) and the really amazing thing is, I JUST uploaded video #400 the other day! Soo crazy to do over 100 videos a year on crafting and fun and it’s AWESOME! 🙂 It’s what I truly love more than anything, is sitting down with my craft supplies, turning on the camera and then these videos finding their way to you to create and learn fun new things.

Today, I wanted to recap my top 3 most popular Youtube Videos for you: one of them is one of the first videos I EVER created for youtube, and the other is just from earlier this year!

Which of these videos would you call your favorite or use the most?  Do you remember all these from “Back in the day” or are these new to you?

This first video is on how I cut out Letters in vinyl with my Cricut Expression and made Customized Name plates or wall decor:

YouTube Preview Image

This second most popular video is about 8″x8″ scrapbook layout inspiration, I still have this little layout in a frame and love it:

YouTube Preview Image

Finally this one is all about my Smash Book, this was a really quick video I filmed on my own little getaway and its become a fav!

YouTube Preview Image


Enjoy the Moments!

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23 thoughts on “CTO: Megan’s Most Watched…

  • Sharon

    Good morning sunshine! Even without seeing those videos I can honestly tell you that I have never found one that didn’t make me smile! My favorite thing about the way you present your videos is that you are not shy about revealing yourself as being human. You always come across as being sweet, genuine and truly excited about everything. When I found out about all the suffering you’ve gone through it gave me a new sense of awe and respect. Enjoy the moment girlfriend!

  • Iva

    No problem opening the videos here. Enjoyed just like all of them you do. Thank you for taking time to show and explain the “how to’s” for us newbies. Sending prayers for healing your way.
    Thank you.

  • Sandy

    Videos working good for me and yes, I remember these and I cannot pick a favorite because I enjoy all of your videos. Thanks. I can’t even imaginge what making 400 videos is like and I do appreciate it.

  • Joan S

    Thanks for the videos–so enjoyed re-watching them and refreshing my mind of the techniques and tips shared. Now I want to go to you-tube and see some more. Thanks for your sharing.

  • Sandy

    WOW !!!! I guess I don’t miss much when it comes to your videos. I remember everyone. The video was great. And what nice reminders from the past. I forgot about the name plate in wood, so I will be making one soon for a friend who’s baby is named Ilianna. Don’t thinkk I’ll find much premade with that name, LOL Thanks for the reminders,

  • Diane

    Your oldies videos gave/give me the incentive to use my products that often sit untouched until you inspire me! YOU and the readers comments are always feeding me with enthusiasm, creativity and the fun part of crafting. The first video on cutting and using the vinyl option helped me when I was new to the cricut vinyl rolls.

  • Heidi

    Hi Megan, Thanks for the great videos! You were the very first blog I ever followed and believe me, you have helped create a monster. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes simple is really best. It is, after all, the photos we are showcasing! I hope you are feeling better!

  • Crystal Nichols

    I don’t know if I have seen the oldie video before or not. The other ones I have seen. As to a favorite, I can’t do it. They are all great ideas and inspiration for different things. The smash book does remind me of pinterest though. Have an awesome day.

  • Shirley

    I am fairly new to Above Rubies Studio but I learn something new almost ever day. Of the three videos mentioned above, i would be most interested in the vinyl lettering. I have been a little leary of vinyl. But I will go to You Tube and watch this today.

  • Kathi

    Megan I love all your vids but I love the gypsy vids the best… that is what hooked me on you and now I own your paper and ink edgers and hope for more of your fun stuff in the future… Keep up the good work and thanks for the walk down memory lane with you 🙂 Kathi

  • Pam

    Thank you so much for the videos! I got a Composition Book to use as a Smshbook recently. There isn’t anything in it yet, because I wasn’t really sure how to get started. Your video has really inspired me and helped me realize there is no “right” way to do it. I had a few ideas, but wasn’t sure they would work. I am glad to know these ideas are going to work out fine for me. Thanks again, and I hope you are having a great week!

    • facsmom

      I have made several from Composition Books as gifts and have 3, some decorated, some just the composition books, so far. 1st one I made was called Holiday Happenings to journal holiday things, not just Christmas. I have one for papercrafting-ideas, color combos, lists of sentiments, font styles on my Cricut, color charts of my stamping inks and special markers, wish lists, drawings and notes for future projects. I have one devoted to quotes. I have one that is a travel journal beginning with the trip of a lifetime-rving to Alaska. I am getting ready to make another one for a silent auction for a friend far too young to have suffered a stroke. I am in love with what I call Splash Books (Composition Books made into Smashbooks).

  • sue Higgins

    Hi I am a newbie to your blog and now hoping over to you tube to watch videos. contrast on 400th! I only have a little circus create but I am really taken by it….I have refused foe years to see the positives of having one ss I want to design mg way but with the craft room its fabulous. looking forward to more hints and tips. xx

  • Stacey

    When I got my first Cricut for Christmas in 2009, I immediately googled “Cricut” and yours is the very first blog that I found…. and I have been a loyal follower ever since!! Thank you so much for all the videos and everything else that you have done for all of us at home. I have in the past 3 yrs gone back and watched ALL of your videos 🙂
    Hope your are well on your way to being completely healed. You and your family are always in our prayers!
    Stacey H.

  • Deborah R.

    Hi Megan, I am so impressed! I watched the My boy video and couldn’t believe it when you cut 3/4″ letters with your cricut. I’ve never been able to cut anything under 2″ without ripping and tearing. I am so frustrated. I asked the lady who teaches cricut classes at a local store about it and she says the same thing happens to everyone that the cricuit just wasn’t meant to cut small letters. But you did! Could you do a video on the settings for cutting smaller letters or recommend one? Thanks

  • MommyMe

    Megan, I loved revisiting the older videos. My favorite video is the “My Boy” layout, because of the subject matter. But, I enjoy each and every video you make. I appreciate the reminder of this layout: Back to basics. I get so hung up on paper choices and details, I never make any progress. As a result, I’ve abandoned scrapbooking (stress-inducing), for cardmaking (therapy). It’s time to tackle a page with a refreshed eye. Thank you, as always, for your inspiration.
    I hope your recovery is coming along well!