Enjoying Lifes Moments: August 2012 25

Enjoying Life’s Moments:


I have so much I’m thankful for and I enjoy everyday, even through craziness and struggles.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, my life is far from perfect. I complain a LOT (especially to those closest to me), I get upset and angry, I cry, BUT, there is still so much I am thankful for.  There are moments EVERY single day to enjoy! I want to share some of the things that have made me smile since my surgery on August 2nd – maybe they will bring smiles to your faces and encourage you to think about some moments that you’re thankful for and enjoy in the everyday!

This perfect Sunset was what I drove home to after dropping my kids off at Dean and Carrie’s to spend the night before the first part of my surgery.  Dean and Carrie Duehring have been beyond words the most amazing help and support these past few months.  They have gone so far above and beyond doing anything a friend should do.  I saw a Home decor project that said “Dark nights turn into new mornings and friends turn into family, that’s what you are” – That’s what THEY are!  I don’t know how God put them into  my life like He did, but I couldn’t be more thankful for how He works everything here in Wisconsin for me and the kids, but WOW! It’s huge!

The kids playing in the tree while we were getting the van fixed in a last minute trouble we had when I had to drive Britten back to Chicago. Again, timing I could not have planned myself but wow if I can’t say I’m not thankful how that worked out and we were kept safe!!!


I’ve been “Culverized” since moving to Wisconsin, and their icecream (minus the toppings right now) are the bestest thing in the world to recover from any kind of surgery, but especially the tooth kind!  Carrie took me for my surgery and I’m pretty sure the first thing I said to her when I was in recovery was “Can we go get Culver’s now?” lol The sweet friend that she is, took me right over and we enjoyed Mint Chip Milkshakes…Oh Yeah Baby! 😉  Sean even went out the one night while he was here just to get me a Culver’s Root Beer Float…if you know Culvers, they have even BETTER Root Beer than ice cream and that’s saying a LOT and certainly something to enjoy!


The other awesome blessing and certainly yummy one has been from my church family, Community Church of Oshkosh, WI they brought over SO MUCH FOOD for us to enjoy through recovery and they kept it all soft and just wonderful!  This was some SUPER YUMMY chicken Enchiladas that I had to chop up super fine to swallow down, but it was sooo worth it!  Just awesome how they really don’t know me that well, but just came to do this.  My church family in PA would do meals as well especially after having new babies, but this was just so nice!


These actually SAY “Enjoy the Moments” The new Scrapbands came out that are the Enjoy the Moments Collection in my FAV colors and they are awesome!  Michelle and Stacy are the wonderful ladies that own the Scrapbands company, we had a fabulous meal together in Chicago after CHA and we realized we are no longer business partners but now Scrappin’ Family.  They are awesome and such an encouragement to me and I’m so thankful that this collection is something that they did! I just LOVE it and I’m sure you will too! 🙂 You can check it out at www.ScrapBands.com There are 4 Large bands in the collection that are just so perfectly ME! hehee 🙂

There had been a LOT of catching up to do with the business side of AboveRubiesStudio.com – and its been almost too much to handle some days right now so I’m trying to step back from certain things and focus on what I love to do most, but today, during the kids last day of VBS, and really my first REAL time out of the house, I went to Starbucks to work!  I haven’t had a good: “Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte in a Venti Cup with a Pump of Toffee Nut and extra Whip” (*insert breath) in a LONNGGG time, I have only had two of these since moving to WI! (and yes I know a Diva order if there ever was one LOL) It was so nice to sit there, in the bustle of a Coffee shop with my fav drink a yummy peaches and cream muffin and my work answering Customer Service emails and catching up where I can! Doing a stressful thing it was least stressful there in that moment and I enjoyed it a lot!

I am getting SO SUPER DUPER UPER excited for Cropped Event!  We have so much stuff that I just know is going to be chatting with each of you during the event, posting pics and new videos of different creations from so many awesome and talented designers!  We just have so much planned and so many prizes that are going to be given out!  There is still SO much work to do its crazy, but with a little more time (just over a month away) it’s all coming together and the Mystery Boxes are almost Sold Out! If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can visit www.CroppedEvent.com.  I’m just excited and Britten is coming back up to WI and Carrie and Melissa and Karlee and so many friends will be here having so much fun together!  Can’t wait to see you there!

The LAST thing I have to say I’m thankful for and I SO enjoy is:

Comments from YOU all that bring me to absolute tears and joy and thankfulness! I do read these comments and they mean the world to me!  Even though they are TO me, I have to repost the link to these comments HERE: It’s beyond words I want to thank EACH one of you that provided the smile gifts – they more than brought smiles and it will be used for nothing but GOOD to those who need it! THANK YOU – You know what you did! 🙂


I really would LOVE to see pics of things that YOU are thankful for and that you enjoy!  You can post them on facebook  and tag Above Rubies Studio or use my inlinkz form below! 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Enjoying Lifes Moments: August 2012

  • Betsy

    Just ordered two of the scrapbands ~ “Enjoy the Moments” and “Stop and Smell the Flowers”. Love them!!
    Glad you’re feeling a little better! You’ll be back to full speed in no time!

  • Vivian Ramos

    Very beautiful. How many beautiful things for which we must thank God. Thank you very much for reminding me through your thoughts

  • Lea

    LOL Megan u love that ice-cream so much because it’s really frozen custard! Glad u r enjoying our Wisconsin dairy moments! Think I need a moment of that stuff pretty soon myself!

  • Joan Smith

    What a great piece and yep everything happens for a reason and you get that too many people don’t and we feel sorry for them. Yep again you did it right to stop and smell the roses and not dwell and you thanked Jesus for it all how wonderful there’s no better feeling in the world to know he’s there for you! Your life is definitely more blest and richer than ever and you’re in a place right now that’s heading to be better than ever and you’ll be raising your hands and arms to the Lord and doing what I call “my thank you Jesus happy dance” I’m so glad you’re feeling better and your pictures are great. Have a blest week-end!

  • Susan Rude

    Megan what a beautiful post. I woke up today feeling so overwelmed with everything that has to be done for a wedding next Saturday, working all week, company right in the middle of it and the hundred other things we need to do. Your post has lightened my steps today with all the beautiful things you said and pictures you posted. I opened my eyes to the new day and am off to complete some of those chores. I will definitely be stopping to get my diva drink of the day to relax a little while working. Thanks again. You have a wonderful day

  • Elizabeth

    This post reminds me of Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts and her blog aholyexperience.com Each moment has things to be thankful for even in the midst of pain. Thank YOU for the reminder! God’s blessings and healing be yours today dear friend 🙂 You continue to be in my prayers.

  • Cynthia Guy

    Megan-My heart goes out to you! 🙂 I wish you were still in PA. I miss you. Know that if you were a lot closer, I’d be bringing you a meal. Though I could buy those camping meals. and ship them to ya! 🙂 JK

    Know that if you need anything…just encouragement or anything. I’m a phone call away. or just an email away. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Megan!

  • flowerdisco

    oh sweet megan, i am so sorry you had to go through a lot lately but it is like you say it. in every dark night there is a new morning and a calm feeling after a storm. and god always know better.
    so happy you are feeling better.

  • Lynn

    Hi Megan,
    Although I’ve never written before, I’ve been a member all summer and have been following your artistic and personal web pages. You’ve been through a lot and I applaude the way you try to look on the bright side of things. I know it’s not always easy! Your honesty and faith touches us all.

    These words are pinned to the design board in my studio: Think of everything you “have to” do to get through a day, as everything you “get to” do . . . before your turn is over. : )

    Wishing you a blessed day,

  • Brenda

    Love all your positive affirmations and your wonderful attitude. Pray for a swift recovery for you.Hugs & Sunshine, fromMurphy, North Carolina, a beautiful spot of heaven on earth.

  • Elaine S.

    I’m so glad your recovery is going well. I do love Culver’s too – but it’s CUSTARD, not just ordinary ice cream – so think and creamy. My fav is actually plain vanilla. The best!

    • Jeanne

      Can we participate in the Scrapbook weekend if we don’t buy a Mystery Box? I didn’t know if I had time do challenges so did did not get a box. How do we do this if it is possible?

  • Teri Lawson

    Thanks for reminding all of us that there is always things to be thankful for. God is so good! Hope you are recovering more and more each day. I can’t wait for the Cropped Event and I am excited that I finished the first two challenges! God Bless.

  • Cathie Rigby

    I agree with you….the blogging community is so loving and supportive. Love that you see the positive in life…..I find it has made my life more rich and fulfilling and I appreciate your reminding me of that! Hugs & blessings being sent your way..Cathie

  • Shari

    How do you do it??? I think you are the strongest woman I “don’t” know…LOL. Such an inspiration and a wonderful example of a good Christian friend. We would be such good friends if you just lived a state or two closer…I am in Michigan. I know you are going through so much, much more than we know. I pray God continues to give you the strength, courage and ambition needed to climb these mountains. Just know, even though you can’t see me (us) we are here for you. I wish I could bring you a meal, or babysit for you, run some errands, etc. but since I can’t just know that I am praying for you. God Bless Megan.