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Ok, so I already did my Top 5 Favorite Cricut Cartridges, now I am going to share my top five favorite and most used “tools” with my Cricut Machine.  I know you are thinking, what do you mean by tools, I’m not talking about the cartridges, blades, and the cutting mats, as far as I am concerned they are part of the Cricut Machine.  I am talking about the extra things that I use with my Cricut to either make life easier, or save money to make things, like my mats, last longer.  Some of you may or may not be aware that Provo Craft does make a little “tool kit” for the Cricut, while I like all the tools in the tools kit I only use a few of them, so let’s talk about what my five are not all in that tool kit! 🙂

So let’s get started with my list:

  1. Crafter’s Companion Stick and Spray and Stick Away – I did a video showing these recently, and I need to tell you.  This is the BIGGEST Money Saver for the Cricut I have found!  I love this stuff!!  I used to be a fan of Zig Two Way Glue pens to restick my Cricut Mat, but I started using this and I think it lasts longer and it’s less messy on my mat.  I still think that the Zig works awesome for areas to touch up, but for re-sticking my whole mat, Crafter’s Companion is really my BFF! 🙂  Here is the Video on How to Restick Your Mats – just in case you missed it!
  2. Bone Folder – I love my Bone Folder and I have the one from the Cricut Tool Kit that I use the most.  I find myself using it sideways to even scrape extra little things off my cutting mats and work space.  I use it to score my paper and fold my papers to get great creases, exactly what a bone folder is used for.  But really I love be because I find myself using it for many other things.  Ever think of using it to position your letters by letting a tiny bit of zig two way glue dry on the tip and then place the letters or small cuts where you want them to be, helpful! 🙂
  3. Fiskars Finger Tip Tweezers – I use these all the time, even though I don’t think I show these in my videos very often…I really like using these finger tip tweezers on my Cricut Projects because I feel like they help me place things where I want them to be and they help me remove those little excess pieces of paper get stuck inside those intricate cuts.  I really like cleaning up and weeding out my vinyl with them too.  You can get them for as cheap as $2.00 at AC Moore with coupons and such 🙂
  4. Ruler – Any ol’ ruler will do one comes in the Cricut Tool Kit which you will see me use often, but any ruler works just find when it comes to your Cricut!  I use my ruler a lot when I am working out sizes for cards and other things.  When I do something like a layer for my cards, I measure them out from time to time for adding extra embellishments and such – general tool that’s around, but it’s very handy for Cricut users. 🙂
  5. Baby Wipes – That’s right, simple baby diaper wipes are one of my favorite tools that I always have on hand when I am using my Cricut.  I use it to wipe down my rollers from time to time.  To quickly qipe off my cricut mats when they have extra lint on them, wipe off little marks from markers or ink when I am really getting into crafting.  I also use baby wipe to wipe of my blade from time to time BUT – BE CAREFUL!  Cricut Blades are SHARP and while they can get paper build up in there and need to be cleaned out and wiped off occasionally, just be careful not to cut yourself. Canned air also works really well to clean out the blade housing and then you do not have to touch any part of the blade until it’s time for replacement.

So maybe that gives you a few tips and again the insight into what I like to use and have most fun with.  Can you tell me what your favorites are?  What makes your Cricut Experience Easier?  What money saving tips can you share?  Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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14 thoughts on “5 Top Favorite Cricut Tools

  • Mary Rievley

    Hi Megan,
    I love every tool in the Cricut tool kit. I use them all. I would like to get the spatula. That seems extremely helpful. I wish I had a money-saving tip to give, but I’m extremely happy to read about resticking mats and the baby wipes.

  • Cindy M

    Megan these are some wonderful tips!! I especially like the one about the zig 2way put on the end of the bone folder, will definitely try this one. I have a score pal that I took my first mat that I wore out and trimmed it to fit, cleaned off the sticky and placed inside the score pal and use it as my workspace for my LO, I have limited work area, this keeps all the pieces together until I decide where to place them on the LO. Thanks for all your wonderful tips!!

  • Kansas A

    Great tips! I’m wondering if there is a Canadian store that sells the sprays because it’s not shipped internationally? Or does anyone know of an alternative? I used Goo Gone to take off the adhesive, and it worked well, but have yet to find the sticky spray.

  • LiveLaughScrap

    I love the tip aboput the Zig glue on the bone folder. I have never thought of that. Also can you show a pic of the Fiskars Finger Tip Tweezers? I don’t have an AC moore around me, do you know where else they can be found?

  • Lisa

    Hi everyone. I have to say that so far the spatcula and baby wipes are my must haves when I use my cricut. the baby wipes helps my cricut items as well as my fingers when they are full of Zig glue. lol.

  • Lisa D.

    Hi Megan. Some of my favorite tools are just about everything in the cricut tool kit, the spatula, baby wipes,a speedball (to make sure my paper is stuck to the mat well), the cricut paper cutter and the Fiskar paper cutter.

    Thank you for the tip on using the baby wipes to clean the cricut and blades. I hadn’t thought of that.

    BTW. Thank you so much for making the DVD. I learned so much.

  • Monie

    I have another tool that I picked up not knowing how valuable it would become, it is the Quickutz, Quicstik. It has a supply of sticky tack covered by a cap, that keeps it clean and fresh, along with a pointed end that can be used for positioning. So I can pick up the smallest of embellishments and move them around with just this one tool. the sticky tack is not an adhesive but I can place my items right on a dot of glue with it. I have seen them at Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann’s. I got 3 in a pack from Qvc a few years ago and they never run out.

  • Bobbi

    I haven’t gotten my Cricut expression yet but as soon as it gets here I will be ready…I am doing a ton of research and your sight is the greatest. I live your videos too..Thank you

  • Barb Worthington

    I really did enjoy your new video on DVD, it is very helpful, especially since the writing on the cricut keys is so small that I can’t see it. It has been very difficult to learn. I do feel like I know the basics now, thanks to you. Keep up the good work.

  • Cheryl

    Thanks for the tip on reusing the mats, it can get very expensive replacing them. They seem to wear out pretty fast. I just got mine for Christmas and am on #3! I though about doing that because I use that glue with my Slice but didn’t know if I could take off the old glue from the mats. Thanks A Bunch!!!