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I LOVE my Cricut Cartridges, I now have a rather large library of cartridges, and even though I continue to build, I still have my five favorites as of December 2009.  I’ll let you know if it ever changes, but for a while now these have been and become my favorite cartridges.  Here is why!

Top 5 Favorite Cricut Cartridges:

  • A Child’s Year – I love (ACY) because it has many features and functions including a font, a Card Creative Feature, and shapes/images for all events and occasions.  I don’t even think you need a child to use this.  It’s simply beautiful! 🙂

  • Stamping Solutions – this is by FAR my favorite of the Solutions Cartridges.  While solutions cartridges generally don’t offer you a lot of extra creative features, this one has many great phrases and images that work on a variety of scrapbook pages and cards.  I also do enjoy the shadow feature on this cartridge because it allows me to add more dimension to all my images or phrases.  I use this cartridge a lot and if you take a look at it, I think you’ll see why! 🙂

  • Paper Dolls – I love the Paper Doll Cartridges (PDDU or EDPD)!!!  While they do not offer me my favorite “card” feature, I love the different things you can achieve with thiscartridge on my Scrapbook pages or even cards.

  • Stretch You Imagination (SYI) – This is yet another very versatile all seasons and events cartridge.  This has everything for your Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter seasons with adorable images and my ever favorite Card Function.  You can use this cartridge for weddings and for new babies, birthdays … it’s a lot of fun.  I like using the “stretched images” on my scrapbook pages as borders, they look so cute.

  • Storybook – This is great because it is more of a font cartridge, and I just really like what it has to offer.  I find myself using it a lot when I scrapbook.  Using the frames on this cartridge is really great and I enjoy the different options for the font as titles and other things.

I would love to know what your favorites are and I would also love to know what ONE Cartridge you would like to learn the most about.  So in the comments section of this post, let me know!  Tell me your favorite Cartridge, tell me the one you want to get the most next, tell me what you want to learn more about….

I want to continue to share a resource fit for YOU, not just what I feel like doing…so keep giving me your feedback!  I love continuing to grow and I hope I can aid in some small ways to your crafting growth!

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53 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Cricut Cartridges

  • Cindy M

    Hi Megan! It is very hard to choose a favorite cart, but I guess it would be doodle charms, I still use it all the time. I only have around 25 carts so my wish list Is very large. I recently got ACY and would like to learn more about how to incorporate the images onto scrapbook pages, not sure when it comes to what colors to use. Thanks for all you teach me. My DVD should be here anyday, can’t wait!!

  • dawn mccarty

    I love PDDU and The other one also. But i would really like to see some animal kingdom. I have that cart, but have not used it that much. I want to get the stamp cart also it is on my christmas list.

  • JessicaDA

    I just got ACY and PPDU as Christmas presents from my in-laws. I haven’t played with them a ton yet, but of the ones I’ve had for a few months I’ve used Joys of the Season a bunch and LOVE Ashyln’s Alphabet. My mom has almost permanently stolen my Doodlecharms (at least I know its getting LOTS of use!).

  • maricella cruz

    I also got the ACY cart on black friday and love it but my for most favorite i have to say is a solutions cart also it;s HOme Accents i just love the flourishes on it but i have to say i don’t use it as much would love to see more vidieos using this cart

  • Sharon

    My favorite cart is A Child’s Year…with the Paper Dolls carts following right behind. All the extras on them are fantastic. I’d love to see why Stamping Solutions is one of your faves…I haven’t seen much done with this cart. I’d also love to see a comparison of the Christmas carts…I need one and I’m not sure which one would be best. Thanks!


  • Amanda Mueller

    Which ones don’t I love. Ok I would have to say Lifes a beach but I have used the Disney one’s the most. My collection just keeps growing.

  • Rhonda H

    I’d like to see more about ACY, Storybook, Serenade ( I just got it in my Black Friday Expression!!) and Home Decor! I hope to get the ARS DVD in the mail TOMORROW!! Woo HOO!!!

  • Amy

    I use my Stretch Your Imagination cart for everything! And since I use it with my Design Studio software I can make it look different each time and my pages don’t look repetitive.

  • Lisa

    I would like to know what is the best christmas cart out there. There are so many and have no idea which one to buy. I have only had my create for four months and I only have six carts. so I havent a favorite just yet. I have stretch your imagination on my christmas list. Any info on any carts is great for me the newbie.

  • debbie wallbank

    I would like to echo Lisa’s question about which Christmas cartridge you like the best. My favorite is probably Storybook – I love the font, the shapes and flourishes. I reach for it almost every time.

  • Mary Rievley

    Hi Megan, Well, I only own about 15 carts and I have to say that I use Doodlecharms the most. I love it. I can’t think of the name of the one I want to know more about. It is an alphabet one – like old time Roman lettering.

    To Lisa and Debbie: I absolutely love Joy of the Seasons.

    Megan, you are a real blessing just posting ideas and projects to us. Thank you again!

  • Shirley D

    I really have to think what my fav is….Storybook because of the font. I would like to learn more about Stamping Solutions…thinking about getting that one and have been looking at Stretch Your Imagination.

  • imafarmgirl

    1, I’d like to learn the most about Graphically Speaking. There is more unknown territory in this cart…
    2. My favorite is Story Book
    3. The next one I would like next is one they haven’t made yet-a manly one! 4 wheelers, tools, rough and tumble stuff… you get the idea.

  • miriam

    It’s hard to choose my favorite. The ones i use the most are, storybook, home decor, child’s year, and paperdoll dress up. My number one used cartridge (which still surprises me at how often i use it) is Plantin Schoolbook. This cart has a bit of everything. I love the gift bags!

  • Monique

    I love my PDDU and EDPD. I make alot or cards with SYI and of course WildCard. Because I was married on Valentines day SweetHeart is pretty special for to me.

  • KimJ

    I also love the PPDU and EDPD carts as they are so versatile. I do not have ACY or SS yet but those are 2 carts definitely on on wish list! TFS

  • Renee

    I love Home Accents, Accent Essentials, Storybook, Winter Woodland, and Pooh Font. My next five favorites would be Doodlecharms, George, Tags-Bags-Boxes, Mini-Monograms, and Wild Card. My next 5 favorites would be . . . I think you get the picture. lol They all hold a special place for different reasons.

  • ShawnfromMn

    Your list is the same as mine!! I just got the Lyrical Letters cart – have been wanting it for a while. It looks so versatile with more than one type of font and it appears to have a card feature. Have you done anything with LL? I would love to see some examples. Will play with it today.

  • marcia

    I think mine are EDPD, PDDU doodlecharms and stretch your imagination, but I only have 13 cartridges. I think the cartridge I thought I would use the most but hardly ever use is walk in my garden. 🙁

  • Diane-MaMaK

    My favorite is Design Studio because I can customize any of my carts! I am still a bit unskilled at using the Wild Card and would like some beginners tips on this cart. Just received my CRICUT A to Z DVD in the mail and watched it all the way through, while making notes and freezing frames to take a detailed look at the projects. Spent two great hours enjoying. Thanks!

  • Maryellen

    Hi Megan, Thanks for sharing your “favorites” with us. It always help to have other opinons
    when there is so many products to choose from.
    I have 4 cartridges and my favorite so far is
    Doodlecharms. There is such a variety of images
    to choose from. I also love my Wild Card cartridge too but it’s time consuming to use as I’m still learning how to use it.
    Thanks for all the helpful videos you make.
    Your little boy is so cute!
    Maryellen 🙂

  • Jennie Barger

    It is kinda hard to pick my favs, but here are a few – certainly not all inclusive! Lyrical letters has so many fonts and extras – it’s the only cart that I paid $50 for because I wanted it when it first came out! Wild Card is so fun – lots of cool cards and envelopes!! Tags, bags is great for favors etc. Just got Sweet Treats and I love it! Since we homeschool, I like 50 states and My world – they are great for making visuals! OK, I’m done for now! 🙂

  • Dreama

    My all-time favorite is A Child’s Year. I love nostalgia and things of yesteryear so that’s probably why. I remember doing so many of the things on there myself as a child and again with my own children. Yes, I’m a little ‘sappy’ but that’s OK. I’d love to see anything with this cart. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the info. on Joy to the Seasons. I will check that one out. Like I said I only have six so I am asking for alot of cricut carts for christmas. I guess six in four months isn’t too bad???!! LOL. I do have snow friends I really like it but man is it teadious work putting them little men together. But I still enjoy the final outcome.

    Thanks Mary Rievley for your post.

  • Liz Stoddart

    M<y all time favorite is Wild card. I also like story Book and Winter Woodland font. I like SYI, LL, WIMG and Home Decor. It's really hard to choose. Where can we get picturesque? I've been wanting that one.

  • CricutCrazyLisa

    #1 Tags bags boxes and more
    #2 Winter woodland
    #3 Paper Doll Dress UP

    #1. Animal Kingdom
    #2. 50 States
    #3. The cute winter collection and Christmas and, and, and, and.

    I would love to see some projects with Jasmine which was one of my first and the least used!

  • Sole

    I love Storybook, Wild Card, and of course my Potpourri Basket cartridge.

    I think I would like to see a real looking animal cartridge or a real looking person cartridge (someone has svgs like this on etsy). I don’t like cartoon looking ppl or animals.

  • Sole

    P.S. someone said they pre-ordered Picturesque…how do you do that? Who is selling it for a reasonable price?

    You can get it on ebay for $100-200 but there is no way I am paying that.

  • Ginny

    I have so many…I love them all. I think I have about 45 right now. Do I use them all??? No Silly but, I love looking at them and thinking about all the possibilities. Life is a Beach is one I use a ton. When I have craft parties…every one seems to enjoy that one too.

  • Carmen Lucero

    Hi Megan,

    My all time favorite is Storybook because of the fonts and the labels. I use it a lot to make cards and word books. The second is PDDU and PDED to make cards for kids. And thirdly is Hanna Montana – love the different fonts and note and girly stuff.

    I just got the Calendar one and would like to learn more about it and how to make, well, a calendar for next year.

    Thanks for asking.

    BTW I just received my Cricut A to Z CD and I will open it up on Monday and see what I can learn!


  • Suzan

    Hello Megan, I just finishe watching your recent DVD and LOVE IT!Had to say that first.
    The three cartridges that I find myself reaching for most often are Accent Essentals, Wild Card, and Jasmine. On Jasmine I love the script font,and on the other two I love everything about both of them…lol.
    My cart that I plan to purchase next are, Lyerical Letters, Picturesque, and Stamping solutions.

  • Marjorie

    I love them all. I like A child’s year, Wild Card, From My Litchen, Snow Friends, Christmas Noel etc etc. Got the hint the list grows. Gypsy Wanderings, Blackletter for the font Storybook too. Indie Art A new arrival, and don’t forget the Paper dolls, and Everyday paper Dolls, and Beyond Celebrations, My Community and My World, Going Places because it had a subway on it. As you can see I love them all. But what I would really love is if Provocraft would come up with a 70’s theme cart. both my husband and child rollerskate I would love to make a scrapbook page, so if anyone reads this past the hint to Provocraft. hehehe.
    Meghan I can’t wait for your DVD.

  • Melissa

    Thanks for your suggestions. I am a fairly new Cricut owner, so I’ve been trying to get more cartrdiges. I just got “A Child’s Year” (at Walmart for $40) this weekend, on your recommendation. I love it!!!!!

    My other faves are Storybook, Accent Essentials, and Ashlyn’s Alphabet.

  • Brandi

    I just got the Tear Drop cartridge and I just love the swirls in the letters for doing cards and pages. I also love the shadow blackout feature on it combined with Happy Birthday sayings…looks really sharp on a card! I just ordered the Indie Art solutions cartridge and I can’t wait for it to get here!! Little skulls and guitars and stuff….awesome!!

  • Tracey Auger

    I have about 30 now and it’s hard to pick a favourite for me. Right now I’ve been making a lot of Christmas cards with the Snow Friends. I also am doing a Cars and Winnie the Pooh 12×12 pictures for gifts. I would have to say though they are all my favourites.

  • Shauna Wicks

    I really like wildcard. I am a card maker (among many other things) I used this cart to make my Christmas cards and envelopes. Also really like Beyond Birthdays. The next one I would like to get is Paper Dolls. I have 2 carts I feel have more potential than I am getting. Plantin SchoolBook especially the end cap feature I am not sure I understand how to use that. Accent Essentials I believe has a lot of potential but I need help in seeing it. I have used it as embellishments, but I am sure you could give me some really good ideas on other ways to use it. I also want to say THANKS for your Cricut Cutting Guide. I used it and that was the first time I had cut through my paper and not marked up my mat. I was so thrilled I will never cut again without the guide.

  • Kim

    I have 20 carts and I like Life is a beach, walk in my garden, everyday paper dolls, create a critter and wild card. I get most of my ideas from u tube and I expand from there. Cannot ind any videos for the new cartridges spring cottage. What I am eyeballing now is disney and friends or mickey and friends whichever one it is.