3 Christmas Scrapbook Pages and a Special Message 24

Hey Everyone,

Continuing to say Merry Christmas!  I had a lot of fun on Saturday while it was snowing playing for an hour during my kids nap time in my Scrap room…. These are three of the pages I made and while the video isn’t step by step how to make them, you should be able to piece it together fairly easy because they are simple little pages.  The “hardest” part was picking colors for the layers of my Russian Stacking Dolls.


Cricut Cartridges Used for These Pages:

  • A Child’s Year (of Course my FAVORITE!)
  • Winter Woodland – so fun for this time of year – and I am finding useful other things for it too I have to share later!
  • Paisley – I love this “newer” cartridge Paisley, the layers can be annoying and take time, but they also are a lot of fun.  ESPECIALLY for fun extra dimensions and embellishments – so great and awesome!!! 🙂

Towards the end of the video I show a close up of all three pages as well too – so stick around check them out too! 🙂

Paper was from Best Occasions and My Mind’s Eye Christmas Pack 🙂  Love them!!!! 🙂


YouTube Preview Image

P.S. –

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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24 thoughts on “3 Christmas Scrapbook Pages and a Special Message

  • Cindy

    Great video Meagan! Merry Christmas to you and your family! I cant wait to get your dvd on Christmas day!! Im sure it will be very useful and great ..just like you! Thank you and enjoy the season.

  • Jennifer Phelps

    My husband gave me the DVD today and told me of the story, that was hilarious! Thanks so much for making my birthday so special. I guess being a Proverbs 31 woman, you are familiar with Lisa Turkirst? I went to one of her seminars last year, she is wonderfull! That is so cool! Thanks again for the great birthday gift! Jennifer

  • Jennifer Phelps

    PS. I just watched the video, oh my gosh, I can’t believe you gave up your own copy! Thanks so much for making my birthday extra special. I really appreciate the special message because I home sick in bed today, too, so it really makes my day!! Thanks again!

  • Evelyn

    That was so sweet of you to give the DVD for a special Birthday present! And your pages are great, I’m going to have to make some time to do more for myself. Merry Christmas to you and your Family!

  • Sharon Harrison

    You are so wonderful and this site is awesome. It has made such a difference in my life. Happy Birthday Jennifer! You have a very special husband. Thank you for all your work and ideas. Have a very merry Christmas.

  • Gloria Westerman

    Megan you are so sweet. What a wonderful gift for Jennifer from you and her husband. Happy Birthday Jennifer and a Merry Christmas to all.

  • Cherie

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pages with us! They are fantastic! I envy you being able to make winter/snow pages as we very seldom see snow here! 1986 was the last time we had snow! Please send me some snow so I will have a reason to make beautiful snow pages! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  • Debbie

    I love the pages!! I have winter woodlands and for some reason never thought to use it as a title like that. I love it!!

    Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!

  • Kathy Burrow

    Merry Christmas Meagan. Love your scrapbook pages especially the little stacking dolls. Very sweet of you to help make Jennifer’s birthday special.

  • Lisa Sturgill

    Merry Christmas to You and your family! I just watched your video on You Tube, and loved your pages. I absolutely adore the Paisley cart, and can’t wait to get it!!! (OH yes I will LOL). I also wanted to say that You are incredibly sweet to help the Hubby out! Happy Belated Birthday Jennifer, hoping you are enjoying your video!!! (which I know you are!) Thanks for giving of yourself this Christmas season, because that is really what it’s all about!

    God Bless, and a Happy New Year!!!!

    Lisa Sturgill

    PS. Speaking of these wonderful Christmas Birthdays, My DH and I will be celebrating our b-days on the 29th and 31st!!! We love having our b-days close together, makes for a fun celebration!!!

  • Barbara

    I follow your e-mails and really enjoy them. Happy Birthday, you YOUNG THING! I’ll be 59 in a couple of months – it’s all about attitude, and your’s is great!

  • Kansas A

    Wow! An hour! I wouldn’t be able to pick out the colours in an hour. 😉 The pages look wonderful… and I have two of the three carts so I just may have to give them a go. Thanks so much for posting.
    Happy birthday to Jennifer too. 🙂
    PS I love your blog but one thing bugs me (and don’t hate me for pointing it out!!) the word “because” is spelled wrong under “Cricut Cutting Guide,” but everything else is GREAT!! 🙂