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I just discovered Make the Cut this afternoon – I know some of you are probably thinking, Megan, where have you been?  I know I know – I’m busy!

But HOLY COW I LOVE IT!  Well what I know of it, I have been messing around with it a lot, and I’ve always liked Sure Cuts a Lot a whole lot, but I am really enjoying exploring this avenue today 🙂

If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, let me tell you, It’s a software for your Cricut that is very similar to Sure Cuts a Lot, only from what I can tell so far, it’s been even easier to use and gives you a lot more functionality.  Know this is after only 30 minutes of playing with it and I am making this judgment call…mind you this is my judgment call and I am not forcing anyone to share my beliefs.

But you can try out a free download version here Make the Cut

I have not actually used it with my Cricut yet, I can’t make any suggestions or answer many questions.  I am just sharing something fun and new that I came across today and just had to share it with my friends 🙂

Again, it’s called Make The Cut and it’s software you run on your computer for your Cricut.

I can tell you, Above Rubies Studio will be looking into this further and can’t wait to give a full report!  Looks like a TON of fun and something again that will only expand my creative options with the Cricut!!!  WoooWHOOO!!! 🙂

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41 thoughts on “Make the Cut Cricut Software

  • Sole`

    I’ve already spent the money for SCAL and the upgrade for SCAL 2. I’m not even bothering with a new software. If it does have some new amazing features then hopefully Craftedge will get the message and improve their software.

  • Cindy M

    I’ve been reading about it and watching the ScappyDew videos it looks really good. I too have Scal2 and love it, so I’m still debating over this, I’ll have to recover from Christmas and think about it awhile.

  • Doreen Marchetti

    I bought it as soon as I heard about it even though I just bought SCAL. I thought SCAL was confusing and feel MTC will be fabulous when Andy adds all the neat features he is working on.

  • Lori

    I just purchased SCAL and haven’t mastered that…. but if this software is easier to use, I would certainly buy it. I will be waiting for your recommendations. Thank you Megan:)

  • Susan

    Just bought and downloaded this software but there are no tutorials. Once you master it, can you prepare some videos to help get the most from it? It looks interesting and worth the money, but need some help to get started!
    Thanks. Susan

  • Lesley

    I recently bought the Cricut and am on several list serves, hoping to learning more about using this machine. Saw some really good reviews for the Make The Cut software, and bought it! After Christmas, I should have some time to play.

  • Karen Varney

    I just bought SCAL2 this month, after debating for over a year. Then, yesterday I hear about this. I would have waited a little longer for sure if I had known that another program was in the works. Makes me sick!!!

  • Megan Gravener

    Robin B. – Yes this was your fault! LOL 😉

    Karen V. – Not to worry! SCAL2 is AWESOME 😉 I just like talking about the new things tooo – remember is doesn’t mean its a need 😉 😉 lol! I wouldn’t be too sick over it – I think SCAL is great! 🙂

    Lesley – You’ll have to let me know more of what you think! I’d love to hear!

    I will let everyone know more of what I think after the new year – hopefully I will have some time to play with it and make a few quick videos – it looks like a lot of fun 🙂

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  • LittleN

    Have been reading all the chatter out there about Make The Cut, but I think I’ll hold off on purchasing it until there’s more info. I assume like SCAL this program is also not approved by Cricut and will void your warranty. Not sure I want to take that chance just yet.

  • Deidra Grant

    I have the Make The Cut software and it’s the best. I almost bought the Sure Cuts Alot, so glad I waited. Do try the free trial you won’t be disappointed.

  • lisa kingan

    is it easy to use. i didn’t buy scal because i could not figure out the free trial version. i am computer stupid sooooo i will wait for reviews

  • DarcysDesigns

    If anyone wants a 10% coupon for Make the Cut (mtc) you can use ours: DWD-22TT And, we are putting together a free file shopping spree for anyone who uses it…see our site for details.

    And, did you hear…the developer has already included the shadow feature for the next update. Woo hoo!

    Happy Cutting!

    Darcy :o)

  • Barbara

    I agree with Susan! I looked at the opening page and hadn’t a clue WHAT to do! Also, HOW do you “transport” what you accomplish on the Make The Cut to your Cricut? (I would ask the same question about the SCAL!) Thanks!

  • Brandi

    I can’t wait to get some detailed reviews from you once you play with it. Been debating (and waiting for Christmas to be over) buying SCAL….now I will wait and see what you think. I have the trial of SCAL and it does seem kinda difficult to use. Gonna go download the trial for MTC and check it out.

  • Cathy

    I just got my Cricut Expressions for Christmas. I knew I would need to go to a software program to do more. I am eager to find out if Sure Cuts A lot or Make the Cut is the choice of the experienced. Looking for ease of use, lots of options and a great value.

  • Jeanne

    First off I want to THANK YOU MEGAN!! All of your videos have helped me sooooo much. As for the MTC I am glad I waited on the SCAL. I will be purchasing it as soon as I can find out if it voids the warranty. Again thank you so much for helping us!

  • Annette

    To Jeanne: ProvoCraft tells you that it voids your warranty with these software programs to scare you. There is no way they can tell whether or not you have these programs unless you upload your computer information to them or even tell them. Nothing is actually downloaded in the cricut itself, it’s just reading what to cut through the software. Also on top of everything else, your cricut only has a one year warranty anyway. HTH.

  • sdmoore

    Wondering if any of you that do have it, if you’ve had trouble with firmware updates/upgrades? And also want to know about warranty issue? Does look like a great thing!

  • Annette

    To sdmoore: I’ve bought it and had no trouble with the firmware updates/upgrades….also about the warranty, look at my previous post to Jeanne. The warranty issue is NOT an issue at all unless you tell them that you have this software. Also, I never thought ANYTHING could outdo SCAL2, but this software DID JUST THAT. I’m loving it. I also love the fact that Andy the developer of this program has promised FREE upgrades and improvements to all purchasers. You can’t beat that!

  • Deanna

    First, THX! Your tuturials are awesome! I was almost convinced I had to get SCAL (got Cricut Create for Christmas) but after reading the comments, I may hold off until there are more reviews on ‘Make The Cut’. One question: can you use either software on more than one computer (for example you PC and a laptop?) My daughter is getting a new laptop and I am planning on taking over her old one, but it is not 100% reliable so I’d like to use my PC (in our basement and not where I scrapbook) for more involved project planning, but the laptop for quick projects just because it is handier. (I NEED A CRAFT ROOM!!! LOL) I’d welcome any suggestions

  • Annette

    Deanna, YES you can have it on more than one computer! The only thing they ask is that you don’t use the software on both computers at the same time. That’s not a problem for me, I’m not THAT creative! =)

  • Kathryn

    Seen SCAL for awhile now, but never took the plug. MTC looks much easier from what I have seen some people show on their sites. Would love to see some major tutorial video’s done on the software, so I can see if it is easy enough for someone like me who is not computer savvy.

  • Leann

    I have been on the fence with SCAL tried the trial version inkscape was to confussing for me. Not a computer person. When I saw MTC downloaded the trial version I bought it the next day. I am so loving this program even without the tutorials I was able to figure it out and that is good for me.LOL

  • GrandmaD

    I’m on the fence still also. I have tried the trial, but I still don’t understand some stuff. I’m really thinking this is what I want though. Maybe I’ll get it sometime in the near future.

  • Jenny

    I got SCAL Inkscape and DS shortly after getting my CE…used SCAL and thought it was wonderful…Inkscape was a bit harder, but this MTC is absolutely wonderful, the learning curve is low and the software is almost intuitive…very easy to use…have not actually cut anything with it yet, but so far it is way better than the other programs…If any of you are still on the fence, get off it…well worth the purchase price…

  • Gina

    I got my Cricut Expression for Christmas and a few cartridges, thinking this is going to get expensive.
    Then bought SCAL ver 2 and am having a blast! There are lots of free SVGs out there and way cool wingding fonts. Have not even used inkscape yet.
    And this is from a “not so techno” old lady !

  • Gina

    I will look into MTC after it has been around longer and bugs have been worked out. I was able to hit the ground running with SCAL 2. I Didn’t try the free version just jumped in. I didn’t buy DesignStudio or download inkscape yet.

  • Linda Weisholz

    I’ve been using SCAL 1 and Inkscape for quite some time now. I’ve upgrade to SCAL 2 a couple months back when I read about the upgraded version. At first, I was a little disappointed because you couldn’t open SCAL 1 files in SCAL 2.
    I found out that’s because SCAL 2 has improved so much it has a different format. It”s a good thing I didn’t save too many SCAL 1 files. The two intricate mesh designs I created in SCAL 1 that I really want saved for future use, I was able to recreate in SCAL 2 without too much difficulty, since I had saved most of the raw elements I created in Inkscape. I am still learning Inkscape, it’s great for cleaning up certain traced images. I find the program easy to use and it’s great for designing elements that are not available in my collection of Circut cartridges or my growing collection of SVG files.
    Using Inkscape is definitely a learning process,
    but well worth it if you create your own design elements.

  • Audrey

    I have been debating about this program for the past couple of months and after reading up on it, it is time for me to purchase it… I do alot of projects for our local volunteer fire department and ambulance corp and this is going to be great to use for all of that..

  • clarissa

    hi! i purchased Make The Cut as an early 13th birthday present. I have the Cricut personal cutter and i’ve worked MTC and the Cricut and it seems to work… but apparently it won’t work for any Cricut users any more… and now i’v e spent £40 on it and it keeps doing a cross accross my cut work! So i have to keep pressing ‘cancel’ just in time. but i find that cartrdiges work better that a lot of the softwares for your computer. i tried SCAL and it did’nt work for me. Though make the cut is very easy to used and looks fantastic – it keeps dodging up and ruining my cards! Just thought i’d tell you before you rushed into buying it… and Make the Cut are’nt very good for cash back guarantees…