Look Whats Here! 15

Look what was waiting for me when I got home!!!!!

Guess what…lots of videos in works and even had fun filming two Cricut Imagine videos with Genna this weekend in Minnesota. They will be posted this week!!!

Thanks for checking in! See you soon!!!

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15 thoughts on “Look Whats Here!

  • Milly D

    Horay for you ,your Imagine is here. Looking forward to the videos of all your creations with the Imagine. Even if I don’t have one the creative ideas can work for the Cricut, I hope.
    Have fun with the new toy! TFS

  • Kathy Burrow

    Yea!, my Imagine was waiting for me last night when I got in from Branson.:) BUT, I have to go to work this morning and can’t play.:( Oh, well there is always tonight.

  • Karen Worrell

    I got my Imagine last night, also. Played with it once last night but plan on playing more today. I love it!! I think it’ll be so great for making cards and scrapbook pages. Can’t wait to be inspired by your videos.

  • linda

    if you belong to the cricle, you can get a free cartridges lories garden i think that the name, cause you bought the imagine. i don’t have the infro in front of me but i will try to post it later .

  • Ohhh Snap

    oooooooooo :D. Can’t wait to see what you make! I have to wait a while to get my own, but my sister (Sis O’Snap who went to CHA with me) is making me some cuts to play with especially Kate’s Kitchen and the Eiffel Tower from Imagine More.

  • Natalie McBroom

    Hey gals, I got my Imagine on the 17th and I did the required printer line up and print and cut callibration which uses two sheets of paper, then I did one project which use one piece of paper. So that’s 3 pieces of paper on the mat. I tried the next day to make another small project and that brand new mat had already lost its sticky! So I called PC and they are sending me two mats. They said they noticed during production that the mat was losing stickiness fast and so changed the tackiness thereafter. So some of the Imagines are going out with the bad mats and some with the good. Make sure you call them ASAP if you lose stickiness and don’t add any sticky stuff on your own as you don’t want to void the warranty on this new machine!

  • Penny

    Megan, please let us know when you will have a DVD ready to release for the Imagine. I have not opened my box yet because I have not had time to go through all of the setting it up. I am trying not to think about all the posts with problems and sure hope it works fine once I open it.

    I would feel better about using it IF I knew you had a DVD on its way to us soon!!