Scrapfest Mall of America, MN 2010 22

I can’t even begin to tell you all what kind of BLAST we are having out here!  Kids are LOVING everything, I am like a kid meeting people left and right and I’m just enjoying being with my hubby out here too!

Today Genna and I went to the Mall nice and early from St. Cloud and got in line for registration, which we waited 45+ minutes, but worth it.

Met up with Shawn and her hubby and had a wonderful afternoon just perusing and checking out Archeiver’s and chatting with people like Kimber McGray, Summer Fullerton, Jennifer McGuire, Sally Lynn MacDonald, Rebecca Peck and Tim Holtz!!!  Stinkin’ LOVING LIFE! 🙂

I have some GREAT videos and interviews with above mentioned people that I will be editing and sharing soon, but here are a few pics from the day so far! 🙂

Tim Holtz

Genna M. from Crafts Direct

Rebecca Peck from Fiskars

My Fantastic Family!

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