Change.Your.Life 2014! Tonight IS The Night! 9

That’s right my friends! I’ve been sharing about this for a while and the night you’ve all been waiting for is FINALLY HERE with the LIVE Goal Achieving Video Course!  This course is LIVE tonight only then will be available in 3 Parts through to anyone who joins for Free!

I am ready to help you make 2014 your best year ever with life changing ways to help you achieve goals, start a new business, grow your current business, or simply help make your personal life more enjoyable!

It’s time to join me in something huge, something life changing, something to take you from the rut and depressions of everyday life to something encouraging, helpful and fabulous!

I know the pains of everyday life that can come, the blues, the scarcity of “how is this going to work?”, the tears of what its like to raise kids, the stress of feeling like there’s never enough time…..but….what if we can take steps to change ALL of that?

What if there are simple steps and actions to take to feel like there is a reason and purpose to EXACTLY why you are living the life you are living?

What IF I can show you how to start from nothing and create a business that brings in $200+ or more with minimal hours in your busy schedule.

What IF I could show you encouraging ways to make TIME for yourself to grow and feel happy again?

What IF I could should you ways to start your own blog or crafting business just to feel like you have a purpose doing something you love?

What IF I could give you tools to help you expand and grow from right where you are at, in any stage of life???

Well my dear friends, I am here to tell you, I am here to help!

One of the biggest questions I get asked here at AboveRubiesStudio is, “How do you make money doing this? or How do I start a blog/business doing what you do?”  Well I’m going to tell you that and so much more!  I’m going to take you on my 10+ years journey of goal achieving and marketing from the Hair Salon, to Medical Field, to Internet Marketing, Crafting, Television, Blogging and even weight loss.

We are going to learn how and why so many people never succeed at the goals they set and how you can grow in the purpose and feel satisfied in your life with small effortless actions!

It does not matter what dreams you have for your life, or goals you’re ready to ACHIEVE not just think about – we are going to concur them and the fears that hold you back from taking actions towards them!
This Thursday night January 9, 2014 at 9:30pm Eastern Time we are starting our FIRST FREE LIVE Goal Achieving Life Course!  

You’re already going to be notified of where to go and what to do when you join the MAILING LIST!

I also wanted to give you opportunity now to invite friends who maybe struggling and to also prepare your mind for what is about to come!  I want you to mark your calendars for tonight 9:30pm, set cell phone reminders, have a new notebook/smashbook and pen ready to go, and be open and have a heart ready to enjoy life.  To find joy and thankfulness and purpose in every situation you find yourself in right this moment!

I’m so excited you took the time to follow AboveRubiesStudio, now the next step to enjoying life is to join us and be ready to grow!

With Love and Thanks!
Enjoy the Moments!!!

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9 thoughts on “Change.Your.Life 2014! Tonight IS The Night!

  • Dee

    Hoping to make it home on time to be here!! I have VFW Ladies Auxiliary meeting tonight and hoping it’s over in time for me to attend this live too!! Looking forward to it!!

  • Deborah Horn

    Like a child at Christmas! Cannot wait to open a present to a better presence! YAY!
    Thank you Megan for being our shining star and leading the way! May God richly
    bless you in this new endeavor.

    Hugs and lots of them,

    Debbie Horn

  • Betty Welton

    I hope I can stay up this late. I go to bed early and get up real early. I’ll drink a coke that will do it. I went to these type of seminars when I was younger and believe me they changed my life, they help make who I am today. I owned a business ran it for 26 years, supported my self an a child real well. I now am enjoying retired life crafting and loving it. If you want your life changed, pay attention to this seminar. Bless you Megan.

  • Dee

    Please tell me you are going to tape this so it can be watched later. Want soooooooooooooo much to see it but have to work tonite! Thanks!

  • Barbara

    Downloaded the book by Dani Johnson “Spirit Driven Success” to my Kindle Fire last night. Nothing I didn’t already know about my Faith, but still a good read/reference and I’m not finished yet. I’m enjoying the Bible references and it will be part of my daily Bible study. Looking forward, thank you Megan.