Snow/Weather Day Home Activities for Kids! DIY Pinkalicious Wands with Ribbon and Cricut 7

DIY Glitter Wands Kids are home from school today and most likely tomorrow as well so we have been reading, coloring and doing as many “non-messy” crafts as possible (i.e. I don’t want to paint, clean glitter, wipe them down, clean up spilled glue etc….)

Jena got Silverlicious for Christmas so we read that as well as a few other Pinkalicious books and she decided a star wands like Pink, is exactly what she needed! Off to the craft-room….(it’s kinda like the Batcave, only glitterier and cooler! lol)

Pull out that MESS FREE Glitter Paper (AMERICAN CRAFTS is the way to go on glitter paper!), the Cricut with the Artiste Cricut Cartridge, Glue Arts Adhesive Squares and we are ready to make something Pink – or Blue-alicious! 😉 😉


YouTube Preview Image



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7 thoughts on “Snow/Weather Day Home Activities for Kids! DIY Pinkalicious Wands with Ribbon and Cricut

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Hi Megan, Great project. I am having problems getting on the list for your class. I have been trying to sign up since you announced it but it says I am already signed up. I am afraid I am going to miss the class. Can you help? Thanks.


  • April

    I am hoping to make a big change this year!

    I have been struggling with my weight since I can remember. I was always “chunky.” Then, I gained 100 lbs. quickly after giving birth to my first child over 20 years ago. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I fell on the way to a final in college. This caused a knee injury that no one was willing to diagnose. The injury became an excuse not to exercise, so I continued to put on weight. Gain weight, knee gets worse, don’t exercise, put on more weight, repeat. I am now 200lbs over my “ideal” weight. The task of losing weight was daunting over 20 years ago, now it is impossible to express how I feel. Overwhelmed just doesn’t even come close. The statistics are against me too. I think I heard the percentage of people who overcome obesity is in the single digits.

    This year, I finally saw a doctor who was willing to operate on my knee. He doubted that it would relieve any pain because he felt, as many doctors before him, that my relentless pain was due to my excessive weight and nothing more. He was different and actually listened to his patient. He operated on my knee in September and, although not perfect, it was the best my knee had felt in over 10 years!

    I have never shared my story with anyone before but I feel it necessary now because I hope it will keep me from hiding from my plight (hiding, as if a 350+ woman could hide from her reality). I have gathered up the resources I feel I can afford, both financially and emotionally, and hope to start an exercise regime come this next Monday.

    I know God is willing me to start, I hear Him speaking to me daily. It’s just hard.

    I am thankful to you for starting this and feel quite blessed to join in. I have followed you for a couple/few years now. I hope God continues to talk through you, to not only help heal me, but others. It can always be worse. God bless you and yours.