Our Giveaway Winner! Something for Everyone!

CONGRATS to the Winner of the DiffEyewear.com Sunglasses and Passion Planner!

Erin J.

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A Little Something for Everyone!!!

Discounts continue just a little while longer with the special Above Rubies Coupon Codes at


Coupon: MEGANELIZ10 (10% off your purchase!)



Coupon: RUBIES15 (15% off Order) or Free Shipping RUBIESfree

Welcome and Thank You!

I also just wanted to take another moment to THANK all of you who supported AboveRubies during the special shopping season!  Your selections at both www.AboveRubiesCrafts.com and www.AboveRubiesBeauty.com my children and I are super blessed and thankful for!!

I also wanted to WELCOME a few new Rubies into LifeAboveRubies.com !!!  This JAZZES me up more than anything and reinforces so much why I have made this focus shift into this marketspace to truly help other women-entreprenaurs take action and get the technical and practical skills to build their business and live their lives the way they want them!  <3 SO – WELCOME!!!


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