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I have amazing great news!!!

I was able to work out a few amazing things with incredible amazing people, rework my personal schedule and open up our Diamond Mentorship to even MORE ladies who are READY – ready now – to take their life to the next level!

I am so very honored and thrilled to be bringing this program to your home and I can’t express the excitement enough over announcing my continuing education in Breakthrough Intervention Counseling and Coaching.

This means, that I am able to take my experience, my heart, my love for you, and over 12 years of personal success in business, corporate management, direct sales, professional counseling and coaching education, Tony Robbins certification, award winning skills in recruiting, sales and more to truly teach you the practical and technical skills you are needing to see business, life and balance then way YOU want it – not the way someone else defines it for you!  Let’s find your purpose and joy in life!

We can really break down what your goals are that make you happy – the grand picture you have on what a happy life looks like for you – knock out the fear or roadblocks that get in your way and create a specific roadmap that gets you to your own personal happily ever after….for real.

Diamond is a full mentorship program that gets you unlimited access to all LifeAboveRubies content, courses and features, but this is really about the specific and specialized one on one attention in your twice monthly 1 hour direct one on one call and training with Megan Elizabeth.  This is the perfect time for you to get really focused on your specific needs and goals.

You are provided with additional support to Diamond Member Levels to insure the highest level of attention and details to achieving your success. You are provided additional help to make sure all social media platforms and blogs are set up properly and effectively.  You will get through hurdles, and be encouraged on every level and set you towards the goals you’ve always dreams of achieving!

You also receive a very special Success Kit (including a Passion Planner) mailed to you with your 6 month commitment to this program.

With this mentorship you will receive an initial welcome email package with how we can best dive into your success.  We also send you a Plan Your Coaching Calls with Above Rubies sheet so that you are able to track your progress and help us target your specific and exact needs before each call.  We also dig deeper on personal development – so we really make sure we have a good grasp on your values, fears, hopes and dreams so that we can fully help you have a full breakthrough to actually achieve with heart and purpose!

I am completely committed to YOUR success, getting to know you and your goals and we want to be sure you are a good match for a successful mentorship so,  we have set up an application approval process. (See below)

I want to talk to you about a few success stories the hundreds of Rubies and Diamonds (as I now call them) I have worked with personally over the years have shared:

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to grow in life and reach goals? I would highly recommend investing in yourself and your future….. Angela S.

I am so thankful for this program.  I know have a direction and a working website.  I have more motivation and encouragement to get things done than ever before and I am seeing more income than ever before…I highly recommend any and everyone join this now….. Deb M.

I can’t believe the growth I have seen in my social media from just one call with Megan.  Instantly I was able to go put into practice what she said and it worked! Immediately!  I have never really had much of a following before and I was worried I was too old to even start living my dream, but Megan has shown me it’s possible and I even earned back my initial investment in one week! I could not be happier and more thankful I decided to start with her!…..Tanya B.

Loving this!!! So informative!! So real!! No hype, real tools! …. Lisa M.

I am blown away at the tips and ideas I have already gotten that have transformed my social media alone….. Sara M.

Megan has a style of teaching and motivating me to believe I really can do this.  She makes everything she does seem easy and I just feel blessed to get a peak into her secrets! …. Elizabeth M.

Megan, I am seeing what huge asset this is having this training!  I am now able to look at those who join my team and understanding a little bit better how to lead AND gain new team members – WOWSERS! …. Kat E.

I have has the great pleasure to work with Megan for about a year now. I learned right away that she has such a strong desire to not only achieve her own goals but to share with everyone how they can do it too! She has a big heart and strong morals. She has helped me realize that I can do things I didn’t think I ever could. When you watch Megan’s videos, she has the most beautiful and warm smile that will hit your heart every time you listen/watch her. Thank you Megan for everything you do for me and for everyone around you!!! Mwah! …. Kim M.

Thank you for your awesome classes, I am really learning so much and cannot wait to find out more about social media from you. …. Kathy T.

Anyone who comes in contact with you in any way is affected! Period! I watch you every chance I get. You are so inspiring, upbeat, funny, silly, honest, helpful and cute. You should read each of those words slowly and with thought. They are all YOU! We all wish we could have you! Personally, I would like you in my family, as my friend, in my state, all of the above! One of a kind you are My Friend! … Julie S.

I have been enjoying blog posts and especially videos by Megan Elizabeth AboveRubies Studio for many years now. What an encouraging and talented woman she is. I greatly appreciate all of the crafting advice and tips over the years and I love how honest she has been with her followers through the ups and downs of our lives. I honestly TRUST Megan Elizabeth and hope that all of her dreams come true as she continues to share what she has learned with us so that ours can come true as well…. LeeAnn B.

I love your enthusiasm for all things-crafts, teaching, sharing…it makes is easier to just jump right in with you. Thanks! I would love to be part of your 500. Need to get out of this ditch I’m in….Kelley S.


Ready to Apply?

You simply fill out the application HERE, within 48 hours you will hear from a member of our team either asking you a few more questions or with approval of you application.  Once approved you will have only 36 hours to accept the offer and submit payment for your mentorship one on one.  This insures fairness for all applicants.

Approval on Diamond level membership is based on several criteria.

  • Desire to succeed and commitment to yourself and goals
  • Readiness to make a real difference in your life and business. A committed decision must be made!
  • Desire, willingness and openness to work and accept directions
  • A general idea of what it is you really want and the willingness to get very specific.
  • That’s about it – We love to help people on ANY level in life, business to the success they want to achieve.  So it’s not about what you know, or don’t know to work with Megan, it’s about your openness and commitment to be more!

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