Why $500,000.00?!?! Questions Answered! And Tuesday Tutorial 1

money questions Hey All! It’s Megan here introducing something Nelson Ortiz  has prepared that I wanted to share about our Kickstarter Campaign!  I’m super excited for you to see this because I am all about understanding and education and I feel it gives you guys a little more insight to what is all going on!  So without further ado – I’ll let Nelson share this with you! (**Tuesday Tutorial is at the end of this note!)


For 1½ years, Above Rubies Studio, Ambient Light and Brooklyn Bridge Films have taken every step necessary to shape, develop and produce a program pilot that encompasses Megan Elizabeth’s vision and outlook on crafting for a budget of $0.00.  A great deal of hard work on a pro-bono scale has been dedicated to this project and now we are trying to bring it to the next level by bringing it to you.


For many, a task such as this is new territory, and sometimes what goes into producing a program is lost in translation. Typically a show of this style costs on average $85,000 – $130,000 per Episode…pretty large numbers when you think about it. Well, how does that money or the money we’re trying to raise get distributed? Great question. So here’s a little 101 on production:


There are many varying factors that go into producing a show and it all starts with Pre-Production.

Producers, in our case Ambient Light and Brooklyn Bridge Films, are in charge of developing a budget and organizing all of the components that are necessary to produce each episode. The list looks something like the following and each line has a fee associated based on a vendor/freelancer day rate pay scale.

Necessary Production Needs:

Pre-Production Costs – Finding all necessary production elements and developing a budget. Brooklyn Bridge Films is handing this aspect and will carry it through the production in a Line Producer capacity (basically a Line Producer oversees the budget and makes certain that it is used and distributed in order to facilitate every facet of production)…seeing that all elements are in place on the day of filming and that everything runs smoothly and within the budget confines.

Production Costs– Director, Director of Photography, Still Photographer, Producer, Associate Producer, Writer, Production Assistants, Makeup, Wardrobe, Audio, Grips, Engineer, Media Manager, Props, Set Construction, Studio Rental, Travel Fees, Location Fees, Permit Fee, Equipment Rentals…oh and yes The Host…Megan: hate to break this to you – you don’t get all $500,000…sorry!  (Insert Megan note: SAY WAHH??? LOL! Just Kidding!)

-Post-ProductionOnce the episodes are filmed or as they say in the can, we then must take the footage through a Post-Production process. This involves taking all of the many hours of footage and organizing it into one cohesive episode. This requires the rental of an edit suite, the editor who will be in the chair making it all happen and making it look “TV/Web Pretty”. He will also be joined by a graphic artist that will assist in developing and streamlining all of the graphics you will see and read on screen during each episode. Another step of the post-production process is the final sound mix of the program in order to make sure not only the picture quality is pristine, but the audio is as well. Ambient Light is in charge of the Post-Production process and in collaboration with the Director assigned and Brooklyn Bridge Films, will be working very hard to bring you a great program.

Wait there’s more……..

-Marketing: Once the episodes are completed they unfortunately don’t sell themselves and need to be advertised and that’s where marketing comes in…buying ad space in a local or national crafting magazine or buying ad space online…many possibilities and avenues when it comes to marketing.

-Incentives: Some have asked: “Wow, if I donate this amount is this all that I get for an incentive?”…well let’s think of our goal here. We’re trying to give you the best product we can deliver and we’re trying to give the crafting world a much-needed voice.  All we’re asking is for your help to make a dream that has been in the works for 1½ years come to fruition.

We hope this gives everyone a clearer sense of what it takes to pull something like this off. We appreciate your support and please if you have any specific questions that have not been address please feel free to contact the producers at  Nelson@brooklynbridgefilms.com


Here is a Link to Learn more about Kickstarter and Enjoy the Moments video Series!

I truly want to thank each one of you that have even taken time to pledge just $1.00 and thrilled with those who believe in us enough to contribute hundreds more! There is a month left for us to reach our goal and I believe with enough excitement, faith and sharing with can make this dream a reality – and I thank you! 🙂


Today’s Tuesday Tutorial is actually Brought to you by Square1Masterpiece.com

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Enjoy the Moments my friends!!! Let me know if you have any questions or comments just let us know! 🙂

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  • Pam

    What is the cutting guide app? I still have my Cricut Expression, but am now using a Pazzles Inspiration. Is the app have info for the Pazzles, too? Thanks.