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There is so much happening in my circle of friends right now and I need to share all of it with you!

Kickerstarter Campaign

First has much more to do with me and this incredible blessing I have of working with Ambient Light and Brooklyn Bridge Films and a Kickstarter Campaign that they JUST launched and we so much need you for!

Here is the Link

Here are a little more details from me!



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Ambient Light, Brooklyn Bridge Films and AboveRubiesStudio have teamed up and are in the process of creating a Crafting Series all about Real Life and Real Crafting! This is going to be INCREDIBLE, but we can not, (I stress), can NOT do this without YOU! We have launched a Campaign on a website called KickStarter. What is kickstarter? Well it’s a place where business, musicians, artists and more go to raise funds to make or create their projects! We filmed a pilot and have done many other things together that have had costs to us in the tens of thousands of dollars, but we want to do MORE! And that is why we need your help! Kickstarter is going to allow us to raise funds for the Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Release of this video series on Crafting and, you guessed it, Enjoying Life’s Moments! Every dollar pledged gets added to our goal fund and if we meet our goal, your pledge will be used! If we can’t meet the goal, we can’t produce the series and your money will remain yours to keep – so really it’s a can’t loose situation for you!!! There are also amazing crazy incentives for certain dollar amounts pledged too – so make sure you check that out!  Even just pledging $1.00 towards our goal will help immensely spread the word and help us get this going! (But remember you won’t be charged at all if we don’t reach our goal!) 

I can count on you right?  Pledge $1.00 (or more if your heart desires) now right here!

How About Winning an iPad Mini from Square1 Masterpiece?

Most of you may know – I have been working as a spokesperson for Square1 Masterpiece for a few months simply because I love their printable, removable, repositional adhesive backed fabric! Well they are starting a HUGE Sweepstakes that I wanted all of my friends here at AboveRubiesStudio to know all about!  Follow all of the details at  and use the rafflecopter app found below, on facebook or at
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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9 thoughts on “Official Launch Crafts Television Series and Win an iPad Mini!

  • Kittrina Flory

    i love receiving your email’s there is always something interesting to read. Your videos are wonderful and give me so many ideas. keep up the good work

  • Kris

    I’ve learned so much from you, Megan Elizabeth, I’m eternally grateful. It’s the least I could do to pledge for you! So I’ve pledged and shared on facebook and will continue to spread the word in any way I can. Let’s do this everyone!!!

  • gretchen

    I have to tell Megan that you are very crafty and with beautiful ideas. I love that you have the CDs to show me a lot of things on working my Cricut and gypsy. God Bless you and your family.

  • Sandy

    Dear Megan,
    I purchased items from your 31 Party. I wondered how well did your party go and when will we get our orders? I haven’t able to follow things lately because I’ve been in the hospital for a week recovering from almost dying, I was just hours from dying. So, I thank God for my life. Congratulations on your new endeavor.

  • Dianne Bell

    Wondered what happened to yoiu, I missed your site. It has been many weeks since I have heard from you. I wish you well on this new business and hope all goes well. Hope the kids are thriving and happy and well adjusted to their new place. Good Luck with this new venture.

    Dianne Bell =