Minecraft Theme Giftcard Holder Card 3

I have so many tutorials I am behind on actually sharing – this one was from just before Christmas – but because it’s Minecraft and so popular for birthday parties, everyday notes and more – I thought I should share it for today’s Tuesday Tutorial.

Isiah loves the game Mincraft and even had a Minecraft themed birthday.  So for the iTunes gift card I got him, I decided to make a little special Creeper card…(fair warning – I know NOTHING about Minecraft and Bensen/Jena don’t play or anything – but – I really wanted to do something special for him)

I love when kids favorite things are easily recreateable in simple square form! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Minecraft Theme Giftcard Holder Card

  • Lisa Kay

    Stinkin Cute! My son LoVes minecraft… Minecraft is great for kids imagination… I love watching how he builds his houses and buildings… Thanks for the idea…

  • Karol Hall

    Cute I will have to try this idea for my grandson he loves Minecraft.
    Can you tell me what you use for your paper trimmer? I am looking for a good trimmer to cut through chipboard and this looks like a pretty strong trimmer.
    Thank you