TNT: Clean Your Craft Tools – I’m In Love! 4

Hey Friends!  Are you having an AWESOME 2015 so far!??!

I know it feels like a clean slate and a fresh start to many, so I thought I should share a Tip video on CLEANING up your craft supplies!

I discovered years ago that using Essential Oils, Borax and Baking Soda make some of the BEST cleaning supplies – but that whole thing is for  for another time…

Check out this quick video!



I use Essential Oils from Doterra, Youngevity and Young Living – I will say you need to make sure the oils that you use are a PURE Therapeutic Grade….just any scented fragrance “essential oil” will not do!

Enjoy the Moments!


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4 thoughts on “TNT: Clean Your Craft Tools – I’m In Love!

  • paula

    Thanks for the tip. I have been using Tub of Towels and they work great. I bought a giant size tub on Overstock for a really good price. I think they are also carried at home improvement stores. They also remove spots on fabric. Tub of Towels are amazing!
    Where can you get the essential oils?