Live Announcement of Winners and OTHER Special Goodies! 12

Our Winners Video!

Talked about all the 12 days and the giveaways, the parties and the WINNERS!  AND lots of other awesome things too!

Here’s the deal though – I’m leaving the Grant a Christmas Wish from our #2014MustGives open until tomorrow! I had a little mistake in sending out my VIP Member email and not everyone was notified about leaving a comment on the Blog Post called 12 Day Bonus Grant a Wish post HERE  I’m leaving this open for comments until 6:00pm by letting me know what ONE THING on the Holiday Must Gives list you most want and I will select a winner (or winners 😉 ) LIVE tomorrow night at the event 9:30pm Eastern Time right HERE at Livestream.



A word about the Winners:

Because of the nature of this kind of giveaway – all winners announced were randomly selected through rafflecopter.  Because rafflecopter makes things so easy – I will email all the winners by 6:00pm Eastern time Dec 10 and I will need to hear back from you with details described in your email by December 12, 2014 5:00pm Eastern time.  So if you hear your name or a variation of it of check the email you entered with to see if I sent you a message so you don’t loose your prize!




Also mentioned tomorrow night I am live again with – you can join and follow along too! Just stop by at 9:30pm Eastern Time!

AND the Close to My Heart SPECIAL Bonus and Deal of the Decade!!!

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12 thoughts on “Live Announcement of Winners and OTHER Special Goodies!

  • Luria

    OMG Megan,

    I am so excited. I was one of the lucky winners of the 12 days. Thank you so much for sharing some amazing projects over the last 12 days. I feel so blessed right now to be able to enjoy all of the crafts and information you shared with all of us. It really was great how you put this all together. There really was something for everyone. So again thank you. You totally ROCK.

    Happy Holidays and may God Bless you and your family.


  • Bobbi Ann

    WOW I am a winner.
    Thank you Megan and all who made the 12 days so much fun.
    I really enjoyed watching your videos.
    I always learn something new from you.

  • Luann

    I Won! I Won! Thank you so much, Megan, and the rest of the consultants, for another great year of giveaways, tutorials, gift ideas, etc.! I especially love the idea that you are giving back to so many great charities. You get what the true meaning of Christmas is and I appreciate that a lot! Thanks again and may you have a very blessed Christmas!

  • Linda Reynolds

    Love all the things you show on your blog great work! Keep sharing your wonderful ideas thank for a chache to win you awesome 12 days of Christma. Giveaway.

  • Peggy whisenhunt

    I missed it so glad I can comment here. My wish for Christmas is to find sources to help me master my explore machine, and learn all I can so I can master it. I never mastered my imagine machine because I needed hands on teaching. So hoping I will be able to master my explore and have more time to create with it.

  • Laura Breyman

    I might be a winner, not sure. You said Laura Brey, but my name is Laura Breyman. I’m hoping it just cut off. It was for the essential oils. I sent an mail to the contact me page, but haven’t heard back. I’m sorry for thinking it might be me, I guess I’m just hoping!!