How to Ombre and Chevron Trend Your Scrapbook Layouts 6

This tutorial is gonna walk you all through some fun with Chevrons and Ombres – Don’t know what that is? This is the perfectscrapbook video tutorial for you šŸ˜‰


YouTube Preview Image


Let’s Talk about What Else is Going On!

Just incase you missed it there are some BIG things going on right now! Let me

break it down for ya!

Ombre Scrapbooking

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  • Still going through teeth issues and work – (super frustrating) – but wanted you to know just incase I get a little spotty here the next week or so – you know why!
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6 thoughts on “How to Ombre and Chevron Trend Your Scrapbook Layouts

  • Nel Konkle

    seems to me the way you cut paper is the easiest way to do it, I really like the colors you used I don’t usually use those shades but did like it a lot. Sorry you are still having problems I understand, going through issues myself. (takes a while, never thought it took so long to get and finish)

  • Pat Couch

    Hi GF! It seems like your physical problems are never going to end, huh? I’m amazed at how you continue working at treating us to all your clever ideas. I particularly like the style and colors of this ombre page. I am SO glad you just glue and stick instead of all the measuring. I have always done that, too. It’s about loving the layout and not the exact size, right? Thanks for allowing us to scrap lift your ideas,

  • Karen

    Wow I love today’s tutorial, I’ve been seeing the ombre style everywhere, and have been longing for more inspiration on the subject, thanks for sharing, I love the simplicity of your layout, mine never turn out so clean, because I usually have to try and fit a larger number of pictures I end up adding alot more stuff and papers,

  • KitnM

    Love the ombre style and color choice! Did you mention that you had done a tutorial on how to make the flowers with Viva Decor? I would love to see that re-posted for us! Or can you tell my where to find it in your video file? I looked but didn’t find anything that sounded like it may be correct. Hoping your dental work is coming to an end and that you are feeling better. Thanks for all you continue to do for us!

  • Sheree

    Wow, those aren’t my colors either but I love what you did. I would have used pink probably and made it sticky-sweet. The oranges make it like refreshing sherbert!

    Also, I too want to get crafting back on TV! We have this CR8 channel but sorry, they put travel, fishing and cooking shows on waaaay more than any crafting shows. THEY HAVE OTHER, FULL TIME NETWORKS FOR THOSE! I’ve had to resort to watching HSN for scrapbooking, card making ideas and Jewelry TV for that kind of crafting. I’m also paying to watch Craftsy shows. Thanks for your efforts!