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New Close TO My Heart Chalk It Up Quick Card Its a sparkly crafty kind of day today!  I love the new Chalk It Up Work Shop on the Go kit!!  Chalk it Up is a top 5 of the new collections in the 2014 Annual Idea Book with Close to My Heart (Check it out HERE)

I first said I was making a layout – then went into making a card – the card is first and the layout will be posted tomorrow! So make sure you come back because it’s using the same WSOTG Kit and its’ super duper cute! 🙂


I’m so excited to creating monthly Workshops along with these kits for you all to play with – Who is interested in participating – I’m thinking about creating a sign up list for each month – and we will need to make sure everyone orders the correct WSOTG Kit to correspond with what I’ll be showing live.  If we have enough participants I will throw in bonus incentives and prizes…but we will need to have enough committed to the Classes.

If you are interested in this and would like to purchase the list of WSOTG Kits I will create with you – please leave a comment with your email address in the form completion box so I can get in touch with you, or just pick up as many of the WSOTG kits as you wish now! (My classes will not be for all)






Cropped 2.0 IS SOLD OUT!!!!!!!  We ended up adding over double the amount of level 3 boxes by ordering more product, but we simply can’t order any more – sooooo – everyone gets to just wait patiently until August 22 – 23 when we will just have a blast!  Those who missed out on getting in on this event by picking up their box, I’m so bummed out because I would love to have everyone be a part of this fantastically fun time!

Hopefully, you’ll join us for a workshop in the near future! 😉


ByMeganElizabeth.com and Precious Gems Teams

We are still rocking it with weekly live chats for a while every Thursday Night at 9:30pm Eastern time….these weekly events will not go on forever, but they are going on through September as we are gearing up for a 30 Day Challenge!

Whats the 30 day challenge???? 30 day challenge

Starting September 1st I am taking these amazing gems on a daily journey to create habits for success in 3 areas of life!

  • Personal Development (Feel encouraged and inspired all day)
  • Health and Body (Feel energized and great with total body boost)
  • Business & Income (Goal is to see how many can earn up to $600 in 30 days)

Its going to be intense!  – It’s going to be fun! – It’s going to be difficult at times, but we are going to KEEP GOING and create new habits towards success in 30 days!

We are going to do this by:

  • Creating a Simple Blog Platform with Mailing List
  • Creating a Pinterest and Instagram accounts that rock
  • Learning to create projects/graphics to post 2-3 times per day
  • Creating a Brand & Customer Experiences
  • Daily inspiration and fun
  • Making New Friends The Social Way
  • Removing Excuses
  • Being thankful and showing it
  • Clean Eating/Body Cleanse – 30 day habit changes (we aren’t dieting, but I will show you how I cleanse)
  • Take Action!

There are 2 ways you can join the challenge

  1. Join http://ByMeganElizbabeth.com today HERE
  2. Join one of the Precious Gems Teams found HERE

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6 thoughts on “Hello Card -Chalk It Up – New Close To My Heart 2014 Idea Book

  • Amy Saxon

    That card is so stinkin cute, I don’t have those exact products you used but I think I’m going to try and create a card similar to that using what I do have. I am so bummed that I am going to miss out on Cropped but I just think that doing that, becoming a new CTMH consultant (soon), and going to college full-time (along with being a full-time mommy to my adorable 4 year old) is about all I can handle right now…sorry Megan!!

    PS I absolutely LOVE how you say folder (it’s almost like you pronounce it without the O) so stinkin cute!!


  • LeeAnn Sinclair

    Cute card, Megan……No matter how many times I look at it my eyes see a frame around the center instead of layers with the green on top, even after watching the video and knowing how you made it. Funny how the eyes see things differently from the way they are sometimes…..I have been enjoying your videos and hearing your voice for so many years now that I’m too accustomed to the way you sound to hear anything unusual about your accent (if you have one at all). You just sound like YOU ! I have to say that you don’t pronounce your words “funny” at all. 🙂 I’m really anxious to see more of the images and possibilities coming our way with the new Cricut cartridge. I’m thinking it’s going to be a must have item for me.

  • Pam Brouillard

    Hi Megan! I don’t think you have any accent. You sound fine to me. I am interested in the new 2014 catalog. How do I get one of them? Also, I am interested in your Essential oils and what ones do what things. Could you email me? Thank you! By the way, I ordered one of your special kits. Can’t wait to learn how to do this! Thanks again! Pam Brouillard

  • Linda Bilobran

    Hi Megan,
    I am sorry to bother you but I have a question. I have had a Cricut V2.43 Expression for many years but I do not use it as much as I should. I get very frustrated when I can not find an image i would need. I personally own 38 separate cartridges, and still find that I am missing images. I am housebound, stuck in a wheelchair and have a very limited income for crafting. But lately I have been thinking more about making cards for children in hospitals or soldiers in need of contact.If I were able to scrape the money together, which cricut machine would you recommend so that I could download the specific images I need?
    Vaya con Dios,
    Linda Bilobran

  • Treava

    Megan love your tutorial. I would love to be added to your workshop kit classes. Please let me know which one will be next so I can order my supplies.