DIY Play Dough and Foot/Hand Casts for Kids

Hey Friends!

Today’s Tues Tut is fun with the kids! I can’t believe they go back to school a week from Monday already here!!!  Maybe that means I’ll finally get all these videos edited and up online! 🙂 YAY!  But I am going to miss them!  We’ve done a lot of fun projects together this summer, not as much traveling and activities as I had hoped, but stuff like this really help build memories and preserve them for a long time!!

We made our own DIY Play Dough (I can not stand the smell of store bought, its the one thing in life that makes me truly GAG!) and then made foot casts of all three kids for a set of memories to last!!!


Whats one way you seek to preserve a memory in time beyond a picture?


Want to talk about more ways to create memories and projects that last?

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