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Hey Everyone!

I received several submissions for “Feature My Tuesday Tutorial” and I wanted to share two of them with your right now! I also have a few “Picture Tutorials” of things I have been working on to post here!  I do love doing videos, but, right now, this is just what I need to do. Thanks for understanding!  I still create even when I’m down, just filming, editing and making it all I want it to be on the blog end isn’t always easy.  So let’s take a look at two Videos!

First one is from Cathie R. who made this adorable Turtle Shaker Card and the second one is from Lisa R. and I think this is a very clever idea for those $1.00 party pack games!  Take a look!   I know you all will find inspiration from both of these videos.  Which one will you create first?


YouTube Preview Image



Now for a Few of Megan’s Recent Creations:

I’ve been preparing for CHA and also making a few hings for around my house – so I thought I would share a few pics and some ideas with you!


First I’ll post the pics of the Sparkle Light Studded Shoes I made for the show – YES I will wear them, but when I’m not, I’ll display them in the booth (#1039 if you happen to be coming)

I had picked up these shoes last year at Express for only $4.99 and thought, yup they could use some bling!  Sparkled heel shoes are all over Pinterest right now so I couldn’t WAIT to give it a try with the smooth shine of sparkle lightz.

I used my I-Bond cordless Glue Gun  Yes I LOVE it and adore that it is cordless because who wants that cord in the way? It is my quick grab go to. It doesn’t always seem to get as hot as fast as a plug in (prob because of battery life/strength) but it is so nice and convenient. Perfect for crops because you don’t always have a power source. It’s just great….

So I used my I-Bond (lol) and Glitter Glue Sticks to adhere the Sparkle Lightz right to the shoe.  I usually use my Mini Adhesive Squares for Sparkly lightz, but I needed something that would bond better to the faux suede of the shoe, so I felt like hot glue was a def way to go.  There are some “glue strings” which to me is a huge downfall of a hot glue gun, but, it still turned out GREAT! Honestly, what do you think?

I did add an extra little “light” on the front of the shoe too. Pattern isn’t perfect, it’s def a Megan DIY just do it project, but I LOVE them!

Finally here is another project…well just thing…I’ve been working on – It took only a few minutes and I took photos of every step. I could have turned it into something much more DIY, but I really put it up just as personal reminders and encouragement, and that’s what I’m hoping this “tutorial” will do for you. Help you let go of a big project perfection, and give you freedom to do things in your home for short term purposes that are still cute and meaningful!

I used to have a piece of twine at my old house that went from when end of my kitchen window to the other and i would put up notes and Bible verses, Goals and quotes to look at as I watched kids play outside or do dishes etc..

Well my window at this house isn’t conducive to that exactly, but I do have a nice amount of space under my kitchen cabinets that look into my living room, so here is what I did!

  1. Select the scrapbook paper that speaks to you  – something that isn’t too busy and trim out cards 3″ x 4″ (or size that works for you) with your paper Trimmer. I use my Fiskars Rotary trimmer and I can stack 3-4 sheets at a time in that.

  2. Round all 4 Corners using WeRMemory Keepers Corner Chomper.
  3. Ink Edges using the ME Ink Edgerz like the Rainy Days In pad, it’s a super soft gray that is just fabulous for any color scheme with just the right shadow and silvery softness.
  4. Write out your Bible Verses, Quotes, Goals, etc using Bic Super Fine Mark-It Markers (this way when you are done with them on your wall, you can put them in your scrapbook layouts and things because they are acid-free markers!
  5. Use the Glue Arts Wall Art Adhesive Cartridge for your Glue Glider Pro.  This adhesive is removable and won’t damage your walls but has a good hold to keep your one layer projects in place.  Truly works well (although if the area you hang them gets moist/steamy, like above a stove, they may fall off wall.)


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19 thoughts on “Featured Tuesday Tutorials and Megan’s Recent Projects!

  • Barb S

    Thanks Megan! I’m always wondering where to put the inspirational notes that I like to write to myself. I will be searching for spaces all over my house now!

  • Linda W

    I love the idea of “blinging” your shoes, what fun! Thanks to Cathie R. and Lisa R. for the cute shaker card projects.

  • Rita Alexander

    Great tutorials Megan! I keep you and your family close in my thoughts and prayers as you are going through this trying times with your health issues! I pray you get feeling better sooner rather than later! I just wanted to mention a quick tip I learned years ago about glue gun strings…..use your hair dry set to hot and it will melt and blow away unwanted glue strings! It is one of those things I learned and I am so glad I did! Hope this helps you or someone else!
    Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

  • Lisa Reynolds

    Awe, thanks so much for featuring my video! Hope you are quickly recovering Megan. Great bling project! Encouraging notes posted around the house is a super idea. TFS

  • Janice

    Really cute tutorials. Loved both of them and would be just right for any of my grandchildren. Thanks so much. Megan get better soon and thanks for still posting.

  • Georgie Horn

    I’ve used the little game pieces before, but kept the back side, for instance: at Halloween, I used the Halloween games. Now I know how to take the back off, thanks for the helpful tutorial.

  • Debbie C.

    The shoes are awesome, I can’t wait to add some bling to my shoes. Now I know just what my kitchen window has been missing, that will be fixed this weekend!! Love the tutorials by Cathie & Lisa. Thank you for being there. Things will get better for you, remeber God only gives you what you can handle.

  • Mary Ann Huntington

    Best wishes Megan and hopefully you are healing just fine. The two cards are so cute. Your shoes are really awesome.

  • MommyMe

    Thank you Cathie and Lisa! I love both tutorials. Thank you, Megan, for featuring them. This was a fantastic idea. Megan, I LOVE the shoes…I’m sure you’ll feel a smile creep across your face just putting them on! Love the “inspirational banner” idea, too. Wishing you well!

  • Audrey

    LOVE, Love, Love, the shoes, I am truly a bling girl so I need to get some of your sparkle lights! Hope you are feeling better, have been prayng for you!

  • Rebecca

    These were great tutorials! I really enjoyed them! I think your shoes are going to look fabulous when you wear them at CHA, Megan! They look fabulous now! I, too, hope that you are feeling better and continue to pray for you!!!! 🙂

  • Doreen

    I hope you can steer me in the right direction. I’m looking for a viedo on how to use the cricut paper doll cartridge. I have the expression 2. I’ve cut out a black out doll…but how do I cut the close and hair to fit the size doll. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
    You can reach me at dwask2010@yahoo.com.

  • Jennie (Java Jen)

    Awesome tutorials, Megan!! I LOVE the shoes!! You will definitely be noticed at CHA! 🙂 The cordless glue gun is on my wish list – I’m just having a hard time finding it! Thanks for all you do!

  • Nuchi Draiman

    You’ll definitely be a Rock Star at CHA in those shoes, Megan!!


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    We all care about you and want you to get through this ordeal quickly and as painlessly as possible, and get back to happy crafting!

  • DeeDee Tibke

    I think posting a viewers tutorial is a great idea. I would love to see that continue. There are so many talented crafters out there. I love to see what others are doing. Love those sparkle lights. Thank you for keeping this going through your difficult time. I live in Arizona now but lived in Oshkosh for years. All my family is there. I come visit every year. I’m coming in November again and would love to meet you in person. You are very creative. What I love about your website the most is that you use all products from different companies and keep us updated on what’s out there. Thanks