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Hey Everyone – Just the other day I posted the news that one of my amazing friends/followers decided she was going to host a little “Cheer up, Get Well Megan” Close to My Heart party!  I was SO touched and many of you were too! Here is an UPDATE and Nuchi has listened to all of you, and extended the party! Read the details below and if you would like to be entered to WIN or Pick up some fabulous CTMH goodies, do so Here!


1) Go to my website, which is
2) Click on the JOIN button next to where it says “Thanks and Get Well to Megan Party!”
3) Look through all of the wonderful Close to My Heart products, and order anything you want.
4) You will receive 1 entry to the Giveaway for making a purchase—no matter how large or small.


Nuchi’s Latest Announcement:

Megan–your kids are SOOOOOOOOO adorable! Thanks for sharing this with us!


Here’s an update on Megan’s online Thanks and Get Well Party!

You guys are all AWESOME!!

Megan—there are so many people who really care about you. One woman emailed me, “How do I place an order to show love for Megan?” I had to fight back tears when I read it. Then for some strange reason, although most people’s orders went through with no problem, Murphy’s Law kicked in and this same woman had SO much trouble getting the order placed! I was on the phone with her numerous times to guide her through it. No matter how difficult she found it, she was determined to do it and stuck it out. I told her she’s a role model for all of us in life—no matter what obstacles come her way, she doesn’t let them stop her! (Kind of like someone else we know who’s going through dental agony but still makes videos so she won’t disappoint anyone, even if she has to do it on the floor and without makeup.) 🙂

Meanwhile, some people were not happy that I made the online party so short—only 3 days—and felt they wanted more time to be able to participate. I can’t change the dates once they’re set online, so, while Part 1 of Megan’s party is winding down, get ready for Part 2!

I set up a Thanks and Get Well Megan Party 2 so that more people have a chance to get in on it. This time you have about a week–until July 9. You can celebrate the 4th of July by participating in Megan’s party! 🙂 There is a new Stamp of the Month in July called Live Out Loud (only $5 with any order over $50), as well as a Perfect Pair–a paper packet and coordinating embellishment FREE with any online shopping order of $75 or more during July!

Orders for Megan’s Party 2 will still qualify for the Giveaway and Megan will still get all the Hostess Gifts. Which brings me to the fun part—Megan, go to my website at and start picking out what you want! You have a lot of free gifts to choose!! Please email me at so we can work out the details. Let’s hope this will be a good distraction for you from your dental ordeal.

One more thing—to make this more interesting, I’m doing an EXTRA Giveaway for anyone who posts on Facebook or their blog about Megan’s party. Send me a link and you’ll be entered to win a free set of Close To My Heart rubber stamps! (Be sure to include my email address and website in your post–see my signature at the end of this comment–so they’ll know where to reach me if they have questions!)

Also, anyone who books their own online party in July (minimum sales of $150) will get an extra gift from me, and so will Megan! That’s besides the Hostess Gifts you will receive from your party, and the 5 extra entries into the main Giveaway (for over $50 worth of stamping and scrapbooking supplies). Be sure to email me to book your party before you enter your order so it can go toward your party. I can’t change your order once you enter it online.

Good luck everyone in the Giveaways, and Megan—start choosing your gifts!

WOW! Thank You! I’m So Touched! Here’s an Update and a How to on Jewelry!

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