Epiphany Crafts Punches, Epoxy and Hand Made Rings 22

I’m so happy you decided to check in today for the Epiphany Crafts Tuesday Tutorial!

Have you ever wanted to make your own Bubbled Epoxy stickers or Boutique style Custom Jewelry?  Well Now you Can!

In this video I’m going to show you one of CHA’s HOTTEST new products that all the rage and that is the Epiphany Crafts Button Studio.  You’ll be able to customize any project with that extra flair and personalization fast and easy with this cute little punch and matching epoxy overlay stickers.  Epiphany also has a GREAT line of coordinating products that go with the punches and shapes to create fabulous personalized jewelry from photos, your favorite paper and so much more!  Take a Look!  What do you think?!?!

Also you Can check out the Be You. Fancy Pants Design Paper Collection Here also!


SO Tell Me! What do you think You’d Create or Epoxy First with the EC Button Studio???

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22 thoughts on “Epiphany Crafts Punches, Epoxy and Hand Made Rings

  • Nancy A

    Megan these are just too cute, I love it ….if I had one, my first project would be making rings for my grand daughters they would love them!! thanks for sharing with us…

    • Judi

      I took a photo of my friend’s new grandaughter, reduced it down and made a ring for the proud new grandma! The latest thing in bragwear!

  • Dorinda

    What a great idea for kids crafts. Love it!. Where did you purchase your crafting paper cabnets? I love
    the shelves and draws it comes with.

  • Linda W

    You are not going to believe this! Yesterday I just made 30 refrigerator magnets without the Epiphany Crafts gadget. Maybe if I had an EC, the process would have gone faster, LOL. I created kaleidoscope flowers in Kaleidoscope Kreator of pictures of flowers I took. Next, I shrunk each kaleidoscope flower into 1″ circles, filled an 8.5 by 11 sheet format in Printshop Pro and printed it. Then I used a circle punch to punch out all the kaleidoscope flowers and glued each one onto a squashed bottle cap. Finally, I put a domed epoxy circle over the flower prints in the squashed bottle caps. I love the way the epoxy domes make whatever is under it stand out so grandly.
    If I had seen this video first, I definitely would have purchased the EC to make the process somewhat easier.

  • Rebecca

    Love the ring! I would wear a piece like that. I really adore the new ideas that you bring to us. BTW, I just sent some new people to Above Rubies this weekend from a Cricut class where she just showed us Layers. I really stressed that they should get the Cricut A-Z DVD for a REAL class and told them all that they would learn. I also told them about the Cricut Cutting Guide and all of your amazing posts. I hope that is okay with you! I really appreciate your site and all the work you put into it! I just wanted to share!

  • Judy Menke

    I immediately had ideas for the use of this product flooding my mind. What a fantastic way to personalize cards and for sure custom jewelry pieces for family.

  • tucsoncarol

    I have two of these, the small oval and the medium? square. I don’t have them right here so I don’t know the exact sizes, but I love them. I have decorated my purse-sized agenda (calendar) and matched it to the large wall calendar in the kitchen. Now there is no question what is an important date, the glassy raised surface leaves no doubt. I love these.

  • Carmen Elrod

    Megan~ those are so stinkin cute! I just love them and may have to go get one of those punches. I havent noticed them before, so Thank YOu for introducing them to me~
    Have a great day and Just BE You!

  • Sherol-Ann

    I just bought a button studio recently and I love it. All the cool projects that can be done with this one simple product makes it a must have for the scrapbooker or crafty person

  • Tonia Carr

    I would love to try my hand with a headband with those as the decorations or as the center of a hairpiece for a little girl. The whole system is awesome with endless possibilities! Thanks for the video!

  • MommyMe

    Tons of possibilities for quick embellishments! I always appreciate all the time you take to introduce us to new tools and ideas!

  • Audrey Roseman

    If I had one of these I would make some really pretty rings for the girls at our local Children´s Shelter here in Mexico. The girls just love fun things like this and it would be great fun to actually do a class with them! There aare 58 children that live at this shelter ranging in age from infant to teen age girls. These children have come from abuse, abandoned and neglectful families. I go and pray over the shelter as often as possible and each child´s individual bed. Thanks for the fun and inspiring video!
    God Bless

  • dianne davis

    WOW, all 13 of my grandbabies(boys, & girls) would LOVE to make stuff(rings, decorate picture frames, scrapbook pages, endless list of ways to use these items!!! where do you get the rings at??? I assume that the punch thing will be available at Michaels craft store, or Joanns, if not where???
    Sounds like Audrey Roseman needs alot of these items for the shelter. I wonder if we could get the shelters address, or other shelters addresses & maybe everyone could send a few things their way????

  • Connie W.

    I’m blown away by your ideas Megan! I am always on the outlook for small gift ideas to use in Women Ministry as well as teaching other gals new crafts to make . I just love your tutorial videos! It gives me the opportunity to learn as well as reviewing new craft tools and techniques. I love, love, love that paper. Thanks so much for sharing… 🙂

  • June Palasek

    Awesome videos, I love the ring idea. I’m thinking of getting the information & doing them for a little niece I have – even make up some extras for her to give to her friends in school or use for little gifts. Thank you
    for the information.